How sync an Outlook Express blackBerry Smartphones gets impossible to read the error of application data

I have a BB Flip 8220 and try to use Outlook Express as my Contacts Organizer.  I started Outlook express 'vanilla' and have only a folders in Outlook Express.  I have 34 files in my BB Contacts.  When I run synchronize (and again, I am doing this one way, the Express for BB) I get the error "Unable to read application data", "Treatment device address book", "Label 34 of 34 Records".

I read a lot of threads.  I checked the RIM.log file and it said one-way synchronization.  Clues on how to solve this problem?  I'm on Desktop 4.6, I have to go to 4.7?

Please notify.

Thank you.

Well, I solved the problem.  What I did was run a backup using the desktop mgr software, I then ran a restore, but I used the advanced option so that I could open the ipd backup file and select just the database of contacts and push than my computer to the device (using the copy button of right arrow in the middle of the Advanced window thingy).  I restarted and then sync and it WORKED!

Do the backup and the restore must have fixed the file corrupted on my phone.  Wonderful.  I was nervous, but it worked well jst.

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    I never learned what was the error Code, or even which RIM could provide an answer.  The solution was to find the list in my Outlook Contacts with a corrupt field.  It turned out to be a record that had no reserved space for an image.

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    ernj wrote:

    I tried this and then the phone off and on again to make sure that the memory erased.

    Which does nothing.

    Reboot: The BlackBerry device powered time, remove the battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

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    When I click on cancel, I can't access the configuration. When I click ok, the error 'com.rim.bis.client' contains a different version of the "net_rim_bis_client" module, which is also used by "Email Setup Application". If you continue, "Email Setup Application" may stop working correctly. Move forward? When I click on no, the entire download is canceled and I can't access the configuration. When I click on Yes, the device will not start and I have to reload the operating system.

    The update, I want to talk can be found at

    I tried all sorts of workarounds to extinguish my connections to update via the web; all with the same frustrating result. FOR ALL USERS, DO NOT UPDATE TO OS6 UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS RESOLVED.

    Anyone has a solution for this problem or does anyone have a contact in the RIM that can sort this question about ASAP?

    Hey Bimal77
    Have the same problem with you until I have try to check the box to enable permissions, scroll to the end of the list with custom parameters and click ok. It worked for me.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Intellisync: Cannot read the registration of application data

    Intellisync worked, but it still fails.

    RIM.log says:

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    On 1/15/2010 2:48 PM
    Synchronize Device Address Book with Microsoft Outlook Contacts
    First System: Device
    Second System: Microsoft Outlook
    Second System File Name: Address Book
    Conflict Resolution: Notify
    Input From First System:
    READ "Hotline"
    27 more READ statements here, but not shown here to maintain confidentiality
    READ "Smith"
    Total Inputs From First System: 30
    Field mapping used for translation:
    Device Microsoft Outlook
    First Name ---------------------- First Name
    Middle Name --------------------- Middle Name
    Last Name ----------------------- Last Name
    Title --------------------------- Job Title
    Company Name -------------------- Company Name
    Work Phone ---------------------- Business Telephone Number
    Work Phone 2 -------------------- Business Telephone Number 2
    Home Phone ---------------------- Home Telephone Number
    Home Phone 2 -------------------- Home Telephone Number 2
    Other Phone --------------------- Other Telephone Number
    Work Fax ------------------------ Business Fax Number
    Mobile Phone -------------------- Mobile Telephone Number
    Pager --------------------------- Pager Number
    Internet Address1 --------------- Email1 Address
    Internet Address2 --------------- Email2 Address
    Internet Address3 --------------- Email3 Address
    Address1 ------------------------ Business Address Street 1
    Address2 ------------------------ Business Address Street 2
    City ---------------------------- Business Address City
    State/Prov ---------------------- Business Address State
    Zip/Postal Code ----------------- Business Address Postal Code
    Country ------------------------- Business Address Country
    Home Address1 ------------------- Home Address Street 1
    Home Address2 ------------------- Home Address Street 2
    Home City ----------------------- Home Address City
    Home State/Prov ----------------- Home Address State
    Home Zip/Postal Code ------------ Home Address Postal Code
    Home Country -------------------- Home Address Country
    Notes --------------------------- Body
    User Defined 1 ------------------ User Defined String 1
    User Defined 2 ------------------ User Defined String 2
    User Defined 3 ------------------ User Defined String 3
    User Defined 4 ------------------ User Defined String 4
    Salutation ---------------------- Title
    Web Address --------------------- Web Page
    Direct Connect ------------------ Radio Telephone Number
    Categories ---------------------- Categories
    Picture ------------------------- Contact Photo
    Birthday ------------------------ Birthday
    Anniversary --------------------- Anniversary
    Nickname ------------------------ Nick Name
    Home Fax ------------------------ Home Fax Number
    Unable to read application data record.
    Translation Canceled!

    I have much more than 30 entries AddressBook on my BB.

    Is this telling me #30 is bad?

    I found the wrong address book entry. It was recently added by FaceBook. He seemed OK, but IntelliSync doesn't. I wish that there is a way to sort the address book of BB by the update...

  • Can't sync Contacts Outlook from blackBerry Smartphones - w / BB

    Try to synchronize the address book (Contacts) BB with MS Outlook Contacts via PC connection cable. Set - up apparently failing because the synchronization of data with the "BOLD" Wireless is turned on.  Cannot find the parameter referenced on the device to disable (OFF).  What should do?

    Contacts > Menu > Options > contact lists > Select email account > wireless sync > No.

  • Sync of DM of blackBerry Smartphones 'are not connected to the internet.

    I have the BB Curve 8330. I HAD DM 4.3. I bought the new computer, with Windows 7, and I downloaded the latest version of the DM. Now the message says that you are not connected to the internet. I did a lot of research today, and I do not understand much about the proxies. The only thing I see is that I listed port 80, but I see no other. I don't know if I need these two ports, and if I do, I do not understand how to find the address and add the other port. I know as little about proxies that I don't even know if I am this wording of the questions correctly! Sorry! I hope someone can help without a really complicated solution!

    Sorry that I was not back to meet and finalize this - had some seedlings to make! Finally got between this rain! I digress... Well had a few other issues with my new computer, HP have called and got help from them - couldn't even send and receive emails more. I'm embarrassed to say that the problem with my timing and electronic mail was Norton Antivirus! I had to uninstall it - that you can't even do it right on your computer, you must go to their website and get a special tool to uninstall it and when it was all finished, my e-mail has started working again and so did my syncing. I can't believe that a program like this can cause so much havoc. I know there are a lot of threads that say to deal with your antivirus, but there was a trial version on my new computer that I had not subscribed too, and even the trial were exhausted. I had checked all my settings on anti-virus, but it didn't matter. I had to uninstall all.  Thanks for your help anyway. You always learn a lot that you go when you run into problems. My own Kaspersky program is now installed, my BB is in sync, work e-mail, and seeding is finished - everything is good!

  • BlackBerry smartphones get IMEI number (without the camera)

    Hi Forum!

    My 9000 "BOLD" was stolen and I did not write the IMEI number. In order to report the theft to the police, it would be very useful to have the IMEI. In fact, I thought that this number has been stored in the backups that I did (using the Desktop Manager). But I couldn't find something like the IMEI number in the files.

    Is there a chance to retrieve the IMEI of some log files? Where should I look?

    Is it possible for RIM retrieve the IMEI when I provide the PIN code? I am a private customer, you are not a business customer and did not the BB via BIS or BES.

    Thank you and best regards, Stefan

    Knowing how much effort of the police will be trying to find your phone (which will be almost NONE), I would just, you switch to another and don't look back.  The chances of getting you back in working order are slim to none.

    Sorry to be so negative, but stolen cell phones are a low priority for most police forces.

  • BlackBerry smartphones get Word memos into the storm

    I have Word .doc memos I want on my BB Storm. How can I get them there?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    You can use a PC for the transfer of information between the PC and the media card.

    Basically you focus for the BB and PC USB. Don't use office

    Manager. Go to 'My Computer' on the PC and the BB will be displayed as a flash drive.

    Then you can "drag and drop" files on the BB.

    Use the following settings in the option of memory of the storm:

    Card support ON

    NONE encryption mode

    Media transfer protocol WE

    WE support mass storage

    Auto enable mass storage support when it is connected TO

    Thank you


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    Hi team,

    I am facing this problem on my BlackBerry 9780, where all emails arrive in the 'Messages' box, I want that my forthcoming mails in the mailbox respective only.

    What are the settings you need to do.

    respond with the right support.

    thanking you in advance.

    ON OS6, go to your Messages folder > Options > Inbox management and select accounts are included in the main Inbox.

  • BlackBerry smartphones getting special characters on the letters: torch

    Normally on a PC, you use the alt key and the number keys to set a certain brand on a letter, that is to say an accent sign an e. How do I do that on my BB torch

    On your torch, with the help of hard slide on the keyboard, press and HOLD the desired accented letter or a special character and do scroll the trackpad horizontally (on the side) and you will see the special characters.

    On the touch keyboard, simply touch and hold the contact for a few seconds and the replacement characters will be displayed, to choose.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones getting an icon on the home screen

    I had to do a restore and lost an icon email recently added on my homescreen.  The e-mail account is always installed on the phone, but the icon has disappeared.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Go to options, click Advanced options, host Routing Tables, enter. DO NOT CLICK on any list.
    Press the menu key and select sign up now.
    You will receive a verification email. Then go into the settings of e-mail and send service directories.
    You will receive an email by account. You should now have the icon to email back.
    Thank you


  • How to stop outlook express does not send emails more because of an email earlier had a wrong address

    Sorry if this is an old topic but I can't find any info about it:

    Sending 6 or 7 emails via outlook express, if you have a bad email address none of the sent emails after will go that they all sit in the Outbox queue behind the bad email. is there any how to make outlook express send other emails and just let the bad email? It is very annoying because I don't get to see the real prospects and know its happened when people say that they did not receive the email

    Is the message with the wrong address still in the Outbox?

    It is a question that is more how your ISP handles these messages. Some will accept the message and send you a Mailer Daemon note that the message has been delivered. In this case, it left your Outbox.

    Other service providers Internet will not accept the message to all who let her in your Outbox and blocks all future messages. There is no setting in OE to get around the policy from your ISP.

    Does that help?

  • Last night my operating system not found a set file and reloaded among other Outlook express things - is it possible to recover the address book, folders and emails?

    Last night my operating system not found a set file and reloaded among other Outlook express things - is it possible to recover the address book, folders and emails?

    original title: Outlook Express problem

    Hi John,.

    Try to locate your data from outlook express:

    Click on start-> Run & paste-> %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities

    You will see the folders as {xxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} click-> Microsoft-> Outlook Express, you should be able to locate the DBX files, these are the outlook database files. Ideally, you should see inbox.dbx, Sent Items.dbx... check the size of the file.

    Now to get it back on outlook express, open outlook express-> click on tools-> Options-> maintenance-> the storage location.

    Click on change location, and then select the location that you have your data in.

    For the address book, see: click Start-> Run and paste the following:

    %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

    Address book with wab extension, these should reflect your Outlook Express user name.

    I hope this helps.

  • I do not use outlook express and still get msg, oe can compact the message. How to stop

    I do not use outlook express and still get msg, oe can compact the message.  How do I prevent this every time that I turn on computer to come.

    You must tell Windows Search to stop indexing OE.

    In the control panel. Indexing Options. Change. Clear the check box for Outlook Express.

    If you see the prompt again, let the compact once to reset the counter and it should be.

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