How the news of the site connection in contribute key?

I am trying to access the files for my Web site using ftp protocol software so that I can copy the whole site and transfer to a new host. However, I have read where I thought the files should be and theiy are not there. Designers who initially downloaded from the Web site and created the key I used to gain access through Contribute - have lost all the information that they used. I checked my computer for .stc file, in which case I still have the saved key, but I have not found. Therefore, the only way I see that I don't want to know exactly where the site is hosted in fact is to find out what information Contribute on my computer uses to access the website in all the recent, successful updates. Can anyone help me find where my site is hosted.
Thank you. : confused;

Hey - I answered my own question! I found how to do everything in 'Sites to administer '. For your interest, the details that Contribute uses are the same ones I used already then I tried something else. Using ftp software, I walked back through the directories and found that there is another "web folder a few levels back and, hey presto, it's where were my files." Phew!

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    All the emulators fail at something, so it is always best to test the real devices when you can.

    That said, Chrome and Firefox are quite close. One of the things bigger than don't miss the emulators in the browser is the function of auto zoom of smaller devices. Be sure to include the viewport with an initial scale of 1.0 and you should be fine...

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    Contribute is not officially tested with IE 11. Normally you shouldn't have problems with editing of Web sites, but we have seen cases where the connection details are missing on the Contribute start page. You can click on "Home Pages" on the top to see the link.

    Kind regards


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    Thank you, HD!

    When you build your tablet or phone version Muse adds for you device detection code. You don't have to do something more.

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    Hi elischneider,
    You can disable the sharing option of password on your Vista computer to use the printer/fax without entering the login credentials each time.
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    Hi guys,.

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    In fact, it is caused by the metro UI. CMD cannot be started in this condition. I tried to skip the subway and then, it works very well. Anyway, thanks a lot for your answer.

  • My msn I whant to talk about how the site works on windowslivehelp... When I write about what ive done is "we do not find that you produce.

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
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    • "Bad password or Id" error messages
    • Recent changes made to your computer 'reinstall, delete cookies and all. '
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    Your post makes no sense.

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    which shows the query by example.
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    In a given thread to say con1 performs a db operation and then once, con2 is used for another operation db for more than 10 seconds.
    The con1 object will be always available for the operation of the db, or we take a fresh connection to the pool?

    Thank you

    Published by: user779368 on May 30, 2011 06:29

    If you are waiting for a query/update complete, it is not idle.
    WebLogic knows you're busy. It is only to have a connection and
    really not using which will cause WLS to resume.

  • How to make the site root-relative links work in DW and the server?

    See details on buggy behavior DW image link, below. My question is:

    (1) how the site root-relative links work in DW and the server? Or...

    (2) how to reliably automate change of hundreds of links relative to the root of the form

    /images/image.jpg relating to the document?

    In other words, to

    .. /images/image.jpg or

    .. /.. /images/image.jpg or

    .. /.. /.. /images/image.jpg etc... According to the location of the directory.

    The old format (/images/image.jpg ) used to work properly in my previous Setup of DW 8 but appear grey in DW after 'redevelopment' of mac cs5.5 DW. (they look good on the server, but it is difficult to change the image-heavy pages locally when they are all gray).

    I tried to change the files to how DW creates relative links root now:

    /public_html/images/image.jpg, which is a flow of root very easy, attractive, since there is a one-to-one mapping. These look great in DW, but are detailed on the server!

    I looked at the "Advanced" site configuration, and it seemed that it would be possible for the nuke part /public_html/ of my server info... but it also seemed that there was the potential to do damage, modification of these parameters, which are automatically generated from our server connection settings, which seem to work.

    The "links from the document / site root" toggle... did change how DW interprets existing links, or simply change the value by default when you add a link?  I did 80% of the file... before paper links I wondered if relative to the root is not better?

    Of course, it seems less ambiguous for all these pictures if theres a way to make the relative root works for the mode of creation of DW, DW link checking and server.

    Summary of the buggy behavior: (see the test with images here)

    'old style' link of the root of the site


    Design veiw in DW: broken (grey w / broken icon)

    Check DW a link: "external link" (i.e., unverifiable, + file might appear orphaned)

    Browser: good

    Ease of switching: n/a (existing format)

    'new style' link site root


    Design veiw in DW: good

    Link check in DW: good

    Browser: broken

    Ease of switching: easy

    Link to document

    .. /.. /images/img_book/WScover120x150_NEW.jpg

    Design veiw in DW: good

    Link check in DW: good

    Browser: good

    Ease of switching: hard (how to automate)

    Absolute link

    Design veiw in DW: broken (grey w / broken icon)

    Link check in DW: external (i.e., unverifiable, + file might appear orphaned)

    Browser: good

    Ease of switching: n/a... not a real option

    Thank you!

    Similar discussions on ' / '.

    Think of your site definition is set up wrong.  public_html should not be to anywhere in your local site.  It is up to your remote site under the directory root definition.  See screenshot.  In my example, the root directory of the server is htdocs /.  This is where you put public_html

    Nancy O.

  • Manage the SITE info

    Salvation of the Australia,

    I have a new PC and reinstalled MX2004. I have a backup of all the files of the site etc, but how do I copy the info from the site/connection without having to manually configure each site again?

    Enjoy your wisdom.

    Cheers from OZ

    customOZ wrote:
    > I have a new PC and have re-installed MX2004. I have a backup of all the
    > site files, etc, but how can I copy the info from the site/connection without
    > having to manually configure each site again?

    If you still have access to the old machine, download - export from the old machine and import into
    a new.


    Peter Connolly
    Skype ID: acutecomputing

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    The look of the site very well on the web and MUSE and preweiw in the browser and it is used to look perfect in the editor of BC

    But today, when I was clicking the button change the appearance of the site "coded" (in every sense, but only in the editor)

    This is how the site is supposed to look (the way it looks everywhere, but in the editor)

    Here's how it looks in the editor

    Anyone know what is happening with this?


    Sorry for the late reply!, I see the problem is resolved because I checked the url of the site in Internet Explorer, and it shows the contents of the site do not thin like mentioned in the shared screenshots.

    Thank you


  • How to access a remote site in dreamweaver

    This may seem like a simple question, but I just downloaded DW as a trial and want to try before you buy. Now, I did the remote site configured and tested, and he said: it can connect to my remote site. But I now want to go on the site, connect you and make the change in the pages of the web site that are stored there. None of the stuff is stored on my PC at home. It's all on the remote site. So, how do I change it? How can I connect even? DW seems destined to work on files on your PC at home and then publish them to a remote site. My problem is all ON the remote site.

    No file menu.  FILES (F8) PANEL or window > files.  Should be on the right side of your screen.

    And Yes, you MUST define a Local Site folder in DW or it will not be able to manage your site, links and assets for you.

    DW advise to directly edit files on remote server.  A slight screw-up could cripple your site.

    Nancy O.
    ALT-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists

  • How to disable the automatic connection to the site

    I created the new site with Site Studio. Now, when I'm open this site in the browser, he puts on the connection. I want to put some text button and log in on the home page, but why CS ask password when I just try to open the home page? How to remove this dialog box that appears?
    Thank you!

    If the site is to ask for authentication which means probably one of page resources/images/css/js/model/whatever is a secure resource.

  • How to prevent the sites suggested in a new tab?

    I love the new tab that allows me to see the tiles of the sites I go to most. I used it for about a year now and I like that I can open a new tab, and most of the time, simply click on a tile to get where I want to go. However, since one month, the first tile on my page, which is usually Google - suggested sites. The first time this happened, I had already clicked on it because I'm so used to being here, Google, which really annoyed me. I went back to the new tab, removed the tile site suggested and then everything returned to normal. So, for a month now, I had to remove the first tile on my new tab page every time I opened a new tab so he could get out. Now, however, it won't go away, no matter how many times I delete it. Once he went, the first space of tile remains empty for a few seconds before putting up a new site suggested. I have searched dozens of places online for how to stop the tiles site suggested to appear in the first place, but the only one that came remotely close to answering my question was so complicated that I couldn't follow him.

    Can someone give me explicit instructions, easy to read, I hope that step by step on how do I turn off the tile site suggested on new tabs? Thank you in advance.


    I recommend that you take a look at this article that will guide you in how to disable the Sites suggested in the page tab.

    You can also "lock" a tab (like Google) to this page. A guide on how to do this can be found here.

    I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look at another solution for you.

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