How to access my contacts list for edting

I want addprior comments on my contact list, but I can't seem to find the appropriate list to enable this


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  • How to access my contacts list?

    I managed (?) installed Skype on my Galaxy Tablet and connected using my account of my version of the laptop computer name. But I can't find my list of contacts. How to access it! Even my picture is to go!

    The problem is solved - quite odd without any intervention from me! I have just connected once more, and this time everything worked OK. Thanks for trying to help!

  • How do access you the list of programs that start when you start your computer?

    How do access you the list of programs that start when you start your computer?

    Saturday, January 19, 2013 19:48:16 + 0000, Psylly wrote:

    How do access you the list of programs that start when you start your computer?

    First of all, note that you should be concerned all the programs
    starts automatically, not only those who enter in the system tray.
    Not all the programs auto-start manifesting by an icon in the
    Status bar.

    On each program, you don't want to automatically start, check its
    Options to see if he has the choice of not start (make sure you)
    Indeed choose not to run, not just a "don't show icon.
    Optional). Many can easily and better be arrested like that. If that is not
    work, run MSCONFIG from the start. Run the line, and then click the Startup tab.
    Uncheck the programs that you do not want to automatically start.

    However, if I were you, I wouldn't do it just for the application of
    the minimum number of running programs. Despite what many people say
    You should be concerned, not with the way that a lot of these programs
    you run, but who. Some of them can degrade performance severely, but
    others have no effect on performance.

    Don't stop all programs to run willy-nilly. What you need to do
    is to determine what each program is, what its value is up to you which
    the performance cost is its running all the time. You can try
    Internet search and ask questions about the details here.

    Once you have this information, you can make a smart informed
    decision on what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.
    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • My names Contact list for Windows Live "disappeared". My ISP says it still resides in my computer, but only Microsoft can allow retrieving the list. What must I do to get these names?

    My names Contact list for Windows Live "disappeared". My ISP says it still resides in my computer, but only Microsoft can allow retrieving the list. What must I do to get these names?


    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live; This is why it would be better suited in the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.

  • How to copy my files to email contact lists for transfer on my laptop after repair of the manufacturer.


    My laptop almost 3 year, shows signs of age and I have to send it to the manufacturers to replace a keyboard and the reader of cd/dvc. I'll have to save all my pictures and documents on a portable player so I can copy them to the repairedcomputer once it is returned to me. I also have a load of saved bookmarks which I want to keep and I think that it is also possible. My biggest problem is I use Thunderbird as a filing system for all important emails and keep my email contacts list and I wish I could copy them all when I clear my computer so I can copy them on my laptop newly repaired.

    For most of you, this task is as simple as copying my photos or documents, but I get very confused with profiles etc in Mozilla. I wish it were as easy as a file, copy of emails to... but not yet. I would appreciate help on this.

    Crush the Thunderbird profile folder ends the new profile. So, you have just an old.

  • Retrieve a display picture on BBM (HOW!) - THIRD ATTEMPT contact list

    This is my third attempt on the fourms but I have no help at all... My main goal is to recover the PICUTURE OF A CONTACT IN BBM CONTACT LIST.

    First of all, I registered with the BBM application.

    Now that I'm logged in, I need to get the Contacts list only for BBM.

    I could not do... I need someones on this sample code.

    In the BBM for the contacts API, it is affected as follows:

    So we suppose to use the ContactService class. To retrieve the list of contacts of bbm but dose not show how the process works. The documentation is very badly written...

    If someone can provide an example application where it get s picture BBM CONTACT COULD BE A GRAND!

    Attachment is a The link below is to an example application that shows how to access the user BBM contact list and display all the information about a contact, including their avatar image.

    In the near future, it is made available with the rest of the examples of Code Cascades.

    bbmcontacts sample

    Let me know if you have any questions about the sample.

  • How to transfer my contact list from my iPhone to my iPad air2

    I was chatting with Apple 3 times and I'm not getting anywhere... I have an iPad air2... I have a Mac and an iPhone 5s... How to transfer all of my contacts, including the name, address of e-mail and my phone iPadAr2 2 numbers... I tried to use iTunes but miss me something... y at - it an easy way to do so that when I use my iPad Air2 and I click on contacts, all the information is on my contact list?

    Thank you

    Problem is solved :)

  • Outlook Express 6.0, what steps I must take to separate contact lists for my three e-mail accounts

    I currently use three email addresses in Outlook Express 6.0 - had some problems with my computer recently and now - all three of my email addresses are using the same address book.  I don't want that (2 e-mail addresses are working partner - the other is my personal)... Please clarify for me exactly what steps I must take to separate contact lists addresses of three?  I can't afford to lose any of them and keep them 'shared' is simply too risky... Please... anyone?

    The address book is a wab file and there is a backup of it who has a ~ inside so if you're looking for * ~ * conclude that.  See here for more information about the address book: you can export the list as CSV files as well.


  • Does anyone know tell me how I do I contact Adobe for email?

    I need to know if my plan was cancelled because I clicked Cancel button plan unwittingly. I change nothing visually in my account, but I'm afraid my account will be cancelled at the end of the month. In addition, always pay the fine which says that the contract.

    Please check that your creative cloud membership appear correctly on your account page.

    If you need assistance, you can contact support:

    FAQ: How to contact Adobe for support?

  • How to access a custom property for the attribute and command in .vm file?


    I have created custom in OPM for attribute properties and also apply only to assign properties.

    But if this value in the .vm file access?

    I've accessed the help

    $attribute.getProperty ("ScreenProp", "default")

    but it is not functional but is even worked for the custom property screen

    It already is the answer in my first answer in the thread How to access custom in the .vm file properties :

    $control.getProperties () .get ("PropertyName")

  • How to fill out the list for inserts in the procedure?

    I want to populate a list for a string of inserts.  All pads are the same except each iteration will change by this list.

    inserting into table X (A, B) values (1,2);

    In my case, I want to change the value each time column 2.

    So, something like this:


    v_species varchar2 (10);

    CURSOR spec_code_cur is

    This is an example of my list... I need to get into the cursor.  I thought to use the double, but it did not work.  They do not live in any table yet, so I can't question.








    FOR v_species in spec_code_cur


    insert into nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off)

    values ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1',v_species, 'ON');




    The desired output would be for inserts run as:

    insert into nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off)

    values ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1','ACGL', 'ON');

    insert into nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off)

    values ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1','AGCR', 'ON');

    insert into nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off)

    values ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1','ALINT', 'ON');

    insert into nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off)

    values ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1','ARTR2', 'ON');

    insert into nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off)

    values ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1','CEDI', 'ON');

    insert into nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off)

    values ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1','CEVEV4', 'ON');

    I thought that the dual purpose was to pull information from "thin air"... but it does not work.

    Thank you.

    If you pass the input as a single string set, you can do that.

    WITH T1 AS)


    SELECT ' INSERT INTO nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off) VALUES (')

    || CHR (39) | ' 450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1' | CHR (39) | «, » || CHR (39) | REGEXP_SUBSTR(COL1,'[^,]+',1,LEVEL) | CHR (39) | «, » || CHR (39) | ' WE '. CHR (39) |') ;'

    FROM T1



    INSERT INTO nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off) VALUES ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1', "ACGL", "ON");

    INSERT INTO nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off) VALUES ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1', "AGCR", "ON");

    INSERT INTO nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off) VALUES ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1', 'ALINT', 'ON');

    INSERT INTO nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off) VALUES ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1', "ARTR2", "ON");

    INSERT INTO nrtx_taxa_list_items (txlstdef_cn_fk, symbol_fk, on_off) VALUES ('450DB4460A7449B0E0440003BA9ECAD1', 'CÉDI', 'ON');

  • Z10 blackBerry how to erase my contacts list?

    During the synchronization of my new z10, I imported by mistake a lot of unwanted contacts from my outlook.

    How do I remove from this list of contacts unit of my 10 z & leave?

    Hey Ashwin_ljantkar,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question.

    The easiest way is to create a backup of your application Z10 BlackBerry via BlackBerry link (click the BlackBerry down and backup now).

    Then do a security wipe by going to settings > Security > Security wipe.  Please note: this will delete all data off the BlackBerry Z10.

    Or you can manually delete contacts one by one.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • How to access the Recovery Console for "fixmbr" with Toshiba Recovery DVD?


    I searched but did not find all related messages, I start a new thread.

    I have to fix the MBR and normally you can do this via the recovery XP and then Console "fixmbr". As you may know Toshiba Recovery DVD know only in a sense - the way hard "format hdd or first partition".

    * How can I fix the MBR on the standard MBR MS when no original XP installation disk/DVD is usable - Toshiba Recovery DVD are available
    tried the XP CD from my office... but you know... it doesn´t work.

    Additional information:
    I deleted my HARD disk partition table and cannot access the first partition to a partition that would be very useful that I could try to recover this partition later - but I can't. My A200 SatPro also comes without floppy disk but can boot from USB.

    Thanks for any answer!

    Best regards

    Post edited by: alphasig - updated and corrected typos in page

    Yes, the thing with the recovery console fixmbr should do the trick, and I am a bit surprised that your XP from your other computer disk does not work.

    You are not able to boot from it, or what is the exact problem? Because you will not be able to repair with your recovery disk.
    Advise you to try another original XP disc, may borrow from a friend and try again. You may need to change the boot priority to operate.

  • How to access the Page bean for handling Fields

    Scenario is,

    I have a page Fragment on delimited from the workflow and the page Fragment contained text entry boxes that are not related to any column from the database.  I put my stream of delimited tasks JSPx on page as a static region. Please help me about this how can I access these boxes comments presented on the Page of Data Manipulation in the bean to manage.


    Please see the thread for details suggested below:

    What can do us for inputText fields in a bean for the data entry of user page jsff?

    You can create a variable of bean and who associate with the inputtext.

    You can bind the text of entry to the beans using the element binding.

    See you soon


  • How to access the CSS files for the plugin Enkitec-database file directory navigation bar



    Hi I am faced with the same question that:

    Enkitec vertical list Navbar appears momentarily until it is formatted by CSS and it seems OK.

    It is really annoying and makes pages look stupid. This problem is identified as a performance problem and can be solved by putting the support of Plugin files in directories of files instead of the database.

    I created a directory on the database server: D:\102175\Kav\Plugin

    I created a Directory pointing to the file directory database:

    CREATE or REPLACE directory PLUGIN AS "D:\102175\Kav\Plugin".




    I also copied the CSS etc support plugin files in the files directory.

    In the Apex plugin I changed the prefix 'file' #PLUGIN_PREFIX # D:\102175\Kav\Plugin

    Now all the Navbar formatting disappeared and now the navigation bar appears only in form of vertical list.

    I also tried to use the PLUGIN as 'File prefix' same thing.

    I'm not Apex or Web expert so I'm sure there is something that I misunderstood.

    Hope some of you are able to help out me.



    Hmmm, well it does not matter if you do the mapping. The embedded PL/SQL gateway is well integrated in the database in PL/SQL.  All your resources (images, CSS, javascript, etc.) are still be extracted from the base in order to be served to the client. Those in the file system are not in use after installation.

    This is going to be heavy.

    I think you may still be able to make some optimizations by moving the assets of plugin for a name that is mapped by the gateway.

    In your apex installation, take a look at apxldimg.sql see how records and assets are added.  You can then add the plugin files.

    See if that helps.

    In addition, you can follow the comments of Patrick on the post you are referencing and move the inclusion of files to the top of the page AND change the plugin so it does ' t add any more files.  Now in theory, you can skip the download folder and the image and add the plugin assets as standard apex post and reference them with #WORKSPACE_IMAGES # #APP_IMAGES, or # (if you add specifically for an application). But you still want to include them at the top of the page.

    Sorry... I know it's a lot of things to take and much heavier than expected.

    Thank you


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