How to access the BIOS on Portege ct 3010

I have a ct Portege 3010.
When I had, it had Windows 98 installed on it, but I wanted to put Linux on it, so I could learn that.

So I tried to get into the Bios to boot from my CD but could not get into the Bios or really do anything. Thus, in a final attempt, I reformatted the hard drive.

Now, I can't not in what either.
Can anyone help?

I tried every button I thought me could get into the Bios and even tried to hit all, no one can seem to hit me.



To access the BIOS, you must use and press ESC immediately after that Portege was the power upward.

But if I understand you right, you want to boot from the internal CD/DVD drive.

Well, you can also try to press the C key.
This would allow the start-up of the STRANGE.

On the other hand, pressing F12 button would you used to activate the start on-screen menu.
Then, choose the CD/DVD drive to boot from the CD-ROM.

Check it out

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