How to activate the utility "Flash Cards" at Windows startup?

When I start my computer with a start or restart, the FN keys do not work. I need to start the program "Restart flash cards" title in the Toshiba Utilities so that the keys are working again.
How can I put this program in the startup list of Windows?


Have you tried to uninstall the Flash Cards or VAP (value added package)?
Do this!
Uninstall the VAP and Flash memory card Support utility.
Download both the Toshiba page tools (in some cases its necessary to install only VAP).
After installation, restart and test again

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    After checking my specs on the site Web of toshiba, here are the details on my graphics card: -.

    Manufacturer: NVIDIA;
    type: NVIDIA; GeForce; 9700 M GTS supporting TurboCache; technology
    memory: 512 MB dedicated VRAM (up to 1 791 MB of total available graphics memory using the TurboCache™ technology with 3 GB of system memory)
    memory type: GDDR3 (800 MHz) video RAM (resp. RAM video and system memory combined)
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    I want to know if I can turn on my integrated graphics card. I know that clicking on powersave suppose to turn off my 9700 m and go to the integrated card, but the laptop did not want it actually disabled.
    Like, watching a video or a game of battery the difference between "Powersafe" and "Balance" is not that much.

    The computer seems to work at full power.
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    Hi mate

    I'm a bit confused of m.
    Because you ask about activation and deactivation of the graphics card (integrated).

    First of all, there is ONLY a single graphic chip!
    It s a GeForce 9700 M GTS graphics card.

    The graphics chip supports the 512 MB GDDR3 own (he dedicated video memory s) and it s is always available!

    In addition, the chip supports shared system memory. It depends on the available main memory!

    For example:
    * With the help of Win 32 bit system *.

    System memory: * 2 GB *.
    Dedicated video memory: 512 MB
    Shared system memory: 767 MB (using 3 GB of RAM you 1279 MB)
    TOTAL available graphics memory: 1279 MB (1791 using 3 GB of RAM)

    System memory: * 4 GB *.
    Dedicated video memory: 512 MB
    Shared system memory: 1279MB
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    * With the help of Win 64 bit system *.

    System memory: * 2 GB *.
    Dedicated video memory: 512 MB
    Shared system memory: 767 MB
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    System memory: * 4 GB *.
    Dedicated video memory: 512 MB
    Shared system memory: 1791
    TOTAL available graphics memory: 2303

    As you can see the use of Win 64-bit and 4 GB of RAM would be better for the graphics card as the use of the file Win 32 bit with 4 GB of RAM

  • How to disable the Toshiba Flash Cards pop up?


    I have a question:

    When I move my mouse over the top edge of the screen, a series of shortcuts for the various parameters appear as mute, lock, power Plan, etc...

    It's really boring when I watch movies, because I see a thin white line at the top... so I would like to know if I can somehow turn off these icons? so, they do not appear? I don't use them anyway then...

    Here is a screenshot to make it easier for you if you do not understand my ramblings :)

    Thank you!


    You certainly talk about the Toshiba Flash cards and this feature can be disabled in;

    Start-> all programs-> Toshiba-> Utilities-> settings for Flash cards.

    Check this, and you will find the required option.

    Good bye

  • How to upgrade the wireless network card in Windows Vista


    Please how can I update the wireless network card?

    Thanks for the help


    I suggest you try the steps from the following link to update the wireless network card drivers.

    a. right click on the Start button and click on Device Manager.
    b. display all devices on one.
    c. right-click on the WLAN driver and click on Update.

    Display us the results, once you try the steps above.

  • How to activate the automatic locking function in windows 7 when the machine is idle for say 10 minutes

    I know one of the ways to do that is by going to the option customize then go into screensaver... options and, apart from that it is there another way to do...

    Not that I know of,

    There is no other than the screensavers timer. and the resume session logon screen.

  • How to activate the stylus and touchscreen Windows 7?

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    If this screen does not have a sensor to detect the pens or touch, you need to go buy a new touchscreen compatible.

    But if it worked before, then you probably have a driver installed.  Go to the website of the company that builds your screen, and search for downloads.

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    Furthermore, the title of your post is not very descriptive.

  • How to activate the LCD in Satellite C850-B374 sensor after the BIOS update?

    Hi, friends

    I m currently a customer satisfied with Toshiba since April 2013. I've been using laptops since 2007 after using different brands, I found Toshiba to be good.

    I recently updated the Bios from 6.0 to 6.50 of the Toshiba service station.
    Update was successful and the computer works fine.

    But after restarting the LCD sensor that activates the power button in this model of laptop does not work. After entering the utility parameter that I came to know that CE of bios version is 6 and bios version 6.50 so how to activate the sensor lcd start automatically while I open the lcd screen


    > How to activate the sensor lcd start automatically while I open the lcd screen

    You want to start Notepad by opening the cover. Right?
    In this case you should enable the option in the system of Windows 8 settings

    [Why my laptop Windows 8 start automatically when you open the cover of the display? |]

    "You need to find the option called: + open Panel - Power On" feature.
    This option must be enabled in order to automatically start the computer when the display lid is opened

  • How to activate the resolutions of wide screen on Satellite Pro A10


    I looked through various positions through the forums, but have not found how to activate the wide screen on a Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 resolutions.
    The 2 following wires offer partial answers:

    The solution in the 2nd post won't work because the A10 has an Intel graphics card, not a Nvidia. He suggested also, modify the INF of the graphics driver, but to extract the driver (SA10B2DP.exe) file includes an installer, but no INF.

    Just look to see if anyone has any advice on how to activate the resolutions such as 1440 x 900 or 1680 x 1050.

    Thank you


    you mean on the external screen, Don t you? If you have an intel chipset graphic why Don t you download the drivers from the website of intel.
    Maybe it offers a resolution of the external display.

    I don't know if the res external can be set to widescreen on this chipset as the drivers are somewhat limited...
    Can you describe what monitor you have and how you connect it to your machine. (d-sub or DVI)?

    Would appreciate some reactions :)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro A100 - how to activate the shortcut keyboard-support on Vista?

    Hello. I've recently updated my satellite pro a100-828 to windows vista, and things work well to a large extent with two exceptions:

    1. I can't figure out how to activate the shortcut keyboard-support: media-keys to the left and the fn keys do nothing. There seems to be no shortcut keyboard-utility for windows vista in the drivers * tion. So what to do?
    2. the standby electricity utility is not available, which is good because of the power saver new vista. Except that I can't dim the screen, so the battery does not last me too long. How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards


    These problems can be solved in a few minutes. You only need the added package Toshiba. It contains the driver for the FN - key, Toshiba Power Saver and more useful tips.

    Here you can download: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good luck! :)

  • How to activate the S-video port on a satellite M30X 154?

    Hey does anyone know how to activate the S-video port on your laptop by Satellite SM30X-154?

    If I press the FN + 5 keys the only options I get is LCD and no S-VHS option. My TV is set up for this I have Watch DVD through the cable.

    When I connect the cable to the laptop, nothing happens!


    Sorry, my A100 Tosh has a Geforce 7600, I don't know what is your GA.

    But on mine, I have a NVidia Control Panel, where I can configure dualview,
    normally, which allows me to choose between the builtin LCD and the external monitor (VGA Port).

    When a TV is plugged and not recognized, I can apply recognition there.
    Relative to the opening of the Panel, the TV is also available.

    Maybe I could help you.
    If this isn't the case, note that the settings of windows your TV is not available.
    Try to go to the User Interface of your graphics card...


  • Why and how to activate the windows Defender?

    Defender goes in a loop when I try to open and then times out. Did not find how to activate the manuallt. Am unable to see Tools option


    read this information on the Defender:

    ·                         If you use microsoft security essentials avg avira mcafee norton etc they disable the vista version of windows defender by default

    the basics of Microsoft security has its own version of windows defender

    and other anti-virus programs use their own particular type of application to scan for spyware and malware

    It of nothing to worry and is the default action, which is designed for them to do

    If the above does not apply to your machine to read the information on the below link on how to disable the windows defender service in vista or make an autostart to enable

    and here is the method to remove it from startup in vista

    and this is how you would normally activate or disable windows defender in vista from within defenders of own and options tools


    and if you need to change startup programs read this information on the other methods of doing it without using defender

    using msconfig read this tutorial;

    How to use MSCONFIG in Windows Vista

    Here's how to use MSCONFIG in Windows Vista to disable some unnecessary programs that load automatically at startup

    and also try this program;

    This utility, which has a knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs configured to run at system startup or login and that the entries in the order of processing windows. These programs include those in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other registry keys. You can configure Autoruns to show other locations, including Explorer shell, toolbar extensions, helper objects to the browser, Winlogon notifications, auto and many start-up services more

  • How to activate the led of the failed drive?

    Hi all

    We have logic equal dell box its out of warranty. I support this box remotely. I need guide people data center to replace the failed hard drive.

    Please tell me Q) how to activate the led of the failed drive? same as 'netapp. "

    I noticed that BUI under members, it is 'Flash option LED Lights' in fact, what is the usefulness of this option? if I start the lights, they can recognize the failed drive?


    Please help on this application...

    Thank you




    In the GUI, if there is a failing drive, when you click the Member, the status page will show you the location of the defective drive.   Or if you know the number of the drive, you can move your mouse over the number of the disk and it will show the status.   For example, if the failed drive is number 5, highlight you as shown below and you can determine the location of the defective drive.

    Kind regards


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    I can't fill a demand for services with ASCAP because I've not enabled popups. So, how to activate the pop-up windows?

    You can uncheck the block pop-up windows under the Orange Firefox button > Options > Options > content tab.

    See more details here

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