How to add a new certificate to the keystore jre1.6?

Hi guys,.
I ' new n in Java programming and I am trying to add a new certificate in the keystore jre1.6 but I am facing a little problem! "When I try to run the below command line, I get this massage.
The file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect. "

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\keytool" - "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\security\cacerts" - import - keystore file D:\cert.cer

Thank you

Step 1. change the location

CD C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\security

Step 2, certificate of installation by specifying the following settings

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\keytool" - import - trustcacerts - keystore cacerts file - storepass changeit - noprompt-alias codcert1-file D:\cert.cer

Alias must be unique, you can give a name


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    Setting preferences in Mac OS X, I could ' t help noticing the huge amount of languages available in the Mac OS X El Capitan. Located in same languages like Klingon, Navajo and Latin - and of course, this looks like a great tribute to the rich diversity of languages in humanity. However, Mac OS X El Capitan still missing a language - my own. How can I add another language to the language and region of the Panel? How Klingon and Latin is?
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    Rui Valente

    You just 'Add' a language. You would have to edit all applications to create strings of replacement for all menus, dialog messages, buttons, etc., that it doesn't translate from one language to the other. Each application has a list of strings mapped to the display string for each supported language. The localized string replaces the generic string in the user interface element.

    You can try to contact Apple and volunteer to locate the operating system, they would have confidence in you (unlikely) or hire a person to validate your work.

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    You can use \n like you did to indicate a new row or \r (carriage return). If this does not work, be sure to set the Multiline field on the Options tab of the field properties dialog box.

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    I have an ASO cube with 18 dimensions and I want to add a new (regular). When I add this new dimension he asked me that data all have cleared out before the restructuring can take place. If I click Yes then I would lose all data, regardless of the fact if I export Level0 or not. Because when I tried to reload the export in the cube, he gave me a cause of error all the sides were not present export. Does anyone know how I would be able to accomplish this task?

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    You can try this work around solution.

    (1) export data from Lev0
    (2) delete the cube
    (3) add the new regular dimension.
    (4) add a default member Reg00 in the new dimension and save.
    (5) open Lev0 data in a text editor, insert 'Reg00' at the beginning of the file and enter.
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    (7) load the file changed with a rules file.

    You can check all your history data will be loaded the Reg00 of the new regular dimension.

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    If the program is not listed, you can force it is always the default value using a file that is used.

    Since it's Adobe Acrobat, here is how to do it.

    1. Do right click any Adobe PDF file and choose Open with, choose the default program, and then search for and select the program Adobe Acrobat is the default value.
    2. It is not really a step 2, but at this stage, that the selection will be used whenever you double-click on a PDF file.
  • How to add a new type in the windows media library or change a category name. I am running Vista.

    I searched all aid and nothing is mentioned.  I would like to add a few new categories, not all have to go to the unknown.

    Hi Red00head,

    Welcome to Windows Vista answers Forums!

    You can add additional items to the list by right-clicking library in the navigation pane and selecting show more views.

    You can consult the following links for more information about adding items to the Windows Media Player library.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    I was able to add the button on the table toolbar, however, I can't add it to the option from the Action Menu.

    If someone has done this before then can you please help me?

    Thank you

    Akshay, please indicate which version of jdev you use.

    Do you mean that you have a table that is embedded in a panelCollection? then the panelCollection have a menu of facets that you can activate by dropping a menu as a child a menuItem. This menu will appear next to the other menu existing menu. The property of action or actionListener menuItem points to the same action button points to.



  • How to add a new line at the top of manual tabular form

    I have a manual tabular form. I am trying to add a line at the top of the form, instead of the new line of being displayed at the bottom. any ideas are appreciated.

    Thank you

    If you did a manual tabular presentation using a select statement as follows:
    Choose option...

    Union of all the
    Select... of double

    Try to simply reverse the two select:
    Select... of double
    Union of all the
    Choose option...

    I did this in an application, and it works.
    (I've never tried with sorting...)
    Stefano Corradi

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    Please note that I don't know to associate the types of files - as mentioned there are a lot of different file types, and I want just Notepad ++ appears in the list of the menu.

    Have you tried right clicking on such a file in Windows Explorer and the value of this file (temporarily) as the default application?

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    How can I add a new site under the heading 'Favorites '?


    He will explain

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    Just enter the title of the accordion section and drag it into the right position.

  • How to add HP Photosmart 5520 to the HP Solution Center

    Can someone tell me please how to add my new HP Photosmart 5520 in the HP Solution Center.

    My other printers HP added autumatically when I installed them, but this one did not.  I have spent quite a long time and can't find anything on how to do it.

    Thank you



    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    You must install the full features software for your printer: Printer Wizard (the new name for the Solution Center) is installed as part of the installation of the printer software.

    General instructions to install the printer software

    • Open drivers HP & downloads
    • Enter your printer model information
    • Select your printer in the list of the 'results '.


    • Enter your operating system from the menu drop-down
    • Click NEXT and scroll down
    • Find the category driver - software product installation
    • Select the base driver, e-print, or a full features software
    • Save the *.exe installation package (s) on your computer

    The files will probably save in the "folder"downloads. "

    If it is available, you can download print and scan doctor and / or other programs of the category-utilities


    Install the utilities / tools first. bit installation packages are smaller in size

    • If you have control of "Admin", you can highlight the package and "double-click" to install it, otherwise just right-click, select run as administrator and install.


    •         Look at the bottom half of the main Web page for your printer for helpful videos help with the installation of the printer software!
    •         Scroll through the list of videos back until you find the video that best fits your situation.
    • Connection USB: download and install the driver software before connecting a USB cable.
    • Ethernet: connect the printer to the network and (optional) assign the printer IP address to the router. Once the printer is connected to the network, make sure that the printer is on, and then install the printer software.
    • Once the initial installation is complete and functional, check / install category - updated

    There is valuable information about the Web site, including Manual, pages How-to's , Troubleshooting and SOLUTIONS section and alerts and notifications for your printer.  Be sure to take a comprehensive look at what's available.  To bookmark the page.

    Click on the Thumbs-Up Kudos to testify and say thank you.

    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

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  • I have a corrupt user profile. Windows XP. When I add a new can be the same, or should be different. And the user's profile should match the user ID?

    Corrupted user profile

    I have a corrupt user profile.  Windows XP. When I add a new can be the same, or should be different.  And the user's profile should match the user ID?

    If the profile has recently become corrupted, you can probably get the same user by performing a system restore operation:

    "Windows XP problems if your profile is corrupted"
      <> >

    Otherwise, you will need to create another user and copy your data.  The simplest procedure is here:

    "How to recover damaged Windows XP user profile"
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  • How to add a new boot entry?

    How to add a new entry to boot to (re) install Windows? EasyBCD does not work for me.

    Hi, Sylvester

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community. I understand your concern and I am happy to help you.

    To create a boot entry for the second partition, you must use bcdboot

    Assuming you're in C:\Windows:

    1 bcdboot e:\windows

    2 bcdboot c:\windows

    When you restart the system, you will be presented with the start menu in Windows with two inputs for Windows 7. If you select the entry that starts in C:\Windows, you can rename the entry for this partition with:

    bcdedit/set {current} description "Windows 7 (Partition 1)"

    What makes the operating system starts at the start of the default entry in the start menu:

    bcdedit/default {current}

    As a result, the default OS at the first startup in Start menu item

    bcdedit displayorder {default} /addfirst

    Or you could make the OS at startup the first item in the start menu:

    bcdedit /dispalyorder {current} /addfirst

    Now, restart and select the second item in the start menu which should be called "Windows 7". Once started in E:\Windows rename the BONE started at startup:

    bcdedit/set {current} description "Windows 7 (Partition 2)"

    Check that the start menu works OK and save the data of the bcd to a partition that has no operating system installed on it:

    bcdedit/export D:\Saved_BCD_Settings\SavedBCD

    If you make a mistake later you can restore the menu boot bcd:

    Bcdedit /import D:\Saved_BCD_Settings\SavedBCD

    I hope this helps. Back to us for other queries. We are happy to help you!

  • Where can I find out how to add a new contact in windows Live Mail?

    Original title: Live Mail help

    I'm new to Microsoft Live Mail.  Where can I activate using simple?  For example, where can I find out how to add a new contact?

    There is a little blue ? the question mark button in the top right, which will take you to page here to help Windows Essentials.  You can discover all the tutorials available.

    To add a contact, click Contacts on the left, then click on 'new contact' on the toolbar.

Maybe you are looking for