How to add bookmarks to the IE Favorites list?

How to add bookmarks to the IE Favorites list? I can find them on recently added bookmarks, but they are not listed when I click on IE Favorites.


Firefox bookmarks are stored in your Firefox profile folder, they are not synchronized with the IE Favorites.

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  • Why not just make the Blue Star add bookmarks to the Menu "Favorites"?

    Why is the easiest option to add a bookmark must dismiss this bookmark to the phantom Zone?
    I guess that very few people want their bookmarks to be added to the section "Unsorted Bookmarks" directly by default, so why the star do this by default? I have given anecdotal-search engine to support my claim, with many people asking a semblance of this question I'm wondering now, and even more that involve people get confused and asking a version of ' where my favorites gone? "after using the icon star, to ignore the"Unsorted Bookmarks""section", if we can call such a 'section '.
    I looked in the preferences of an option to change it so the Blue Star would automatically add them to the "Bookmarks Menu" instead of sodding them to Nowhereland, but I'm either missing or it is not there. I did Google for a bit, but I'm tired of dogged by similar information but largely unrelated, or the aforementioned confusion.
    I know, I know, I * can * "right click", or I * could * 'double-click' the star icon and change the folder, but why should I do first? It removes the convenience of the "convenient" option
    So, the star is, mock me, laughing at my multiple clicks wasted, ignoring that there no mortality of its own to meditate and still somehow with this lack of information against me.
    All I wanted was a better way, and it's right there in my face, close enough that I can * click * it, but still far enough away to make fun of my simpler desires.
    Thank you for what I guess has your time and review and any hypothetical help you can try to offer.

    You can use the shortcut Ctrl + D (bookmark > bookmark this Page) to have the page my favorites in the Menu folder bookmarks.

  • How to add bookmarks to the new tab page? Move a bookmark only opens the page in the new tab.

    Just like the title says, I have problems of setting up my new tab page. I drag a bookmark (I tried the combo, the bookmarks toolbar and the library) to one of the rectangles, then opens the bookmark in the tab rather than pin it there. I tried with my normal configuration and with all the addons disabled, but the same thing happens anyway.

    Are links to web pages on the internet because you can't pin local pages?

    Make sure that you are not Firefox running in permanent private browsing mode (don't remember history).

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Firefox will be: "use the custom settings for history".
    • Uncheck the box: [] "always use the navigation mode private.
  • Add bookmark to the new tab does not

    I was trying to understand how to add elements to the "new tab" page in the latest version of mozilla. This latest version, on the new tab page (hit the + tab), my shortcuts are missing but three and they are images all much larger than before.

    When I click on the Hardware tab in the browser, nothing happens. SO I can't switch to classic, empty or improved.

    When I followed the instructions of mozilla for the bookmark, click Show all and try to drag in the new tab page and the rejection, the brand book opens in a new tab instead of create a new shortcut on the new tab. That's what I'm doing: add my favorites back to the new tab page. I use it all the time. Help!


    Don't know that if that answers your question, but with the latest update of Firefox, the number of tiles is now determined on the size of the screen - if zoom you or enlarge the window you have several tiles appear.

    If you want to set a fixed number of tiles, I believe you can do it with the following extensions:

    You can also see jscher2000's Solution here:
    It requires the add-on from the elegant but will decrease automatically the tiles on the page:

    With more tiles, you might be able to add your bookmarks in them. I think that you must drag your bookmark in a cage for her to pin on the tile, or between tiles.

  • When I add bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar are supposed to appear in the menu as well?


    When I add bookmarks to the toolbar bookmarks, they do not appear in the menu and vice versa when I add bookmarks in the bookmarks menu, they don't appear in the bookmarks toolbar?
    I thought that the bookmarks are supposed to appear in both places any bookmark that I insert under?

    Thank you

    Thank you for this! Somewhere else I read that it's their way of working? I'll have to be more careful when I add bookmarks I don't go looking in the wrong for something bookmark. Now, I think I'll keep most of my professional Favorites under the menu bar and the most visited bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar.

    Much appreciated!

  • How to put bookmarks in the left side of the screen forever?

    I use every night, 64-bit laptop.
    How to put bookmarks in the left side of the screen for good to keep them here? I couldn't believe how you hide this option. Other browsers requires a simple click.

    To open or close the bookmarks bar, do one of the following:

    • CTRL + B
    • tap the ALT key, the Menu Bar temporarily displays, click on view > sidebar > bookmarks
    • Hold DOWN the ALT key while pressing the VEB keyboard letters

    If the bookmark sidebar is open when you exit Firefox (Firefox button > output OR file > exit), it should be there when you restart Firefox.

    Also see->

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  • Computer crashed recently, used the version 3.6.15, now with 4.0, how do I bookmarks from the previous version that was on the old computer. All files of this computer on the new computer under HD1?

    Computer crashed recently, used the version 3.6.15, now with 4.0, how do I bookmarks from the previous version that was on the old computer. All files of this computer on the new computer under HD1?

    bookmarks.html contains no bookmarks, this file is no longer used to store.

    Are you sure you're looking in the right folder, you are possible to search in the installation of Firefox rather than the profile folder folder. The following link provides details on the location of the profile folder -

    If you do not find places.sqlite you may not have access to your old profile folder.

  • How to add programs to the start of the file using Vista

    How to add programs to the start of the file using Vista

    Hi Harry,.

    Oddly enough, you can actually do it in msconfig except if it is already there and simply not checked as opposed to not being do not at all (although you would think that they would understand this option).

    The easiest way is to add the program (or a shortcut to the program) in the folder all Menu Programs Startup.   Here is the procedure:  Remember, to do this, you must either a shortcut existing (perhaps on the desktop or elsewhere in the menu all programs) or you need to find the source file (probably somewhere in C:\Program Files depending on what you want to add) and either copy it and add it to the startup folder or right-click on it and create a shortcut to copy into the startup folder.  Once you reboot, this program starts during the initial commissioning process and you will now be able to control using msconfig.exe, if you wish.

    Another option is to do this by using the registry editor.  If you decide to try this, first create a restore AND system restoration point backup of the registry before you begin.  Here is the procedure:  I recommend to use this ONLY if the previous procedure does not work for some reason any as long as that the procedure is simpler and safer.

    If you want a simpler way to manage and control startup programs, you can try it free WinPatrol that change monitors for startup programs if you set it to run in real-time so that you know when to try new programs are added to your Start menu and, for the purposes of this question includes an Add button which opens a link to a window of Windows Explorer where you can browse the program you want to add, click open to select and then add it directly to the commissioning.  If you prefer it does not work all the time, you can simply uncheck the box which includes this program and it will work only when you choose to run (but at the start, will work as an indication otherwise or configured).  It will appear not in the start menu in all programs (Finally, WinPatrol is, but not programs, it adds to the start), but it will appear in WinPatrol (which also lets you manage what you want or not start with checkboxes as in msconfig) and sure in msconfig - but only after a reboot is complete the process of adding.

    I hope this helps.  Personally, I use WinPatrol myself and let it run in real time.  Since I do a lot of installations, it helped me often prevent the addition of a startup item I haven't really need and reduces how many times I actually need to check what is happening out there.

    If this answers your question without the need to repost in another forum, please mark it as an answer.  If this isn't the case, then of course you must republish as suggested above.

    Good luck!

  • How to add text to the file selected?

    I have already updated title but I don't know how to add it to the selected real file (the one in the middle)... I read on some other forums but its still confuse me.  Also, is there anyway to add the effect of movement, as drag in or dissolve almost?

    Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 10.27.40 PM.png

    I mean this in the nicest way possible, but it's very wacky workspace you put in place there. Create titles is muuuuch easier in the standard workspace Edition. When you create / open a title in the editing workspace, he creates a floating large window with the title of all the members of panels. It is about the only time I am ok with windows in the first floating. You will create the title in the window title, and then close the window title entirely. The video for the title will then be in your project Panel (which you can not common to see in your current workspace configuration, but will be very apparent in the workspace standard edition in the lower left). So the best thing to do is to simply drag the title element of the project to sequence Panel (another Panel today, you don't see in your current workspace arrangement.

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    What exactly do you want to do it is not possbile to save to the PDF format?

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    Hi amandab9126792,

    2013 Outlook does not work with Acrobat X because they are not compatible. Please check the compatibility to

    Kind regards


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    Hello, I am a beginner in photoshop.

    I want to add text to my gif as part of the animation, but somehow the text transparent look, even though I already use black color for the text.

    Could someone give me tutorial how to add text to the gif and then do some sort of subtitle?

    Thank you...

    The text layer is 2 layers under the real background layer in your file. Check your layers panel. Click, drag and drop the text layer currently selected in your layers 2 screenshot above or the visible layers, especially to see if your text will appear - it should ideally.

    Settings - when save you for Web & devices, you can customize options preset for GIF on the top right of your dialog "save for Web & devices".

  • How to add text to the Notes?

    Hi all

    I want to add some text in the notes. I create notes with success.

    My note label and name are not apply any script executed successfully.

    How to add text to the note? My script is:

    indesign #target

    myDocument var = app.documents.add ();

    var myTextFrame = myDocument.pages.item (0).textFrames.add ();

    myTextFrame.geometricBounds is ['10', 15 ' p', '50 p', '50 p'];.

    myTextFrame.contents = "Adobe Indesign";

    var insertionPoint = myTextFrame.insertionPoints.item (-1);

    var note = insertionPoint.notes.add (1433299822);

    Note.label = "NewNote";

    Note. Name = "FirstNote";

    Thank you


    try sth. like

    Note.texts [0] .silence = 'some content '.

    Hans-Gerd Classen'

  • How can I print just the file names listed in a window of Windows 7?

    How can I print just the file names listed in a window of Windows 7?

    I found the info in this post...

    Here, a link takes me to an article at this link...

    This article explains then that I need to download and run blindly 'Fix - It' application to obtain the simple ability to print a directory window... but it does not say what I'd do once downloaded the general application of "Fix - It" to get this option which should be part of the Windows 7 basic features first.

    Or, the article told me that I can "modify the registry" (?) in order to get the print option window... but I know that by having a character moved when editing the registry, it can bring down the entire computer and make it completely unusable.

    Those are really the only options to print all simply a window?... in addition to several screenshots and melted together in Photoshop and then print this image?

    Why not just give Windows 7 a 'PRINT' button under 'FILE' as other operating systems have always done... has always done Windows default this feature?

    This seems just crazy... This misunderstanding?

    Thank you


    I tried to copy and paste the name of the window... This time I tried while holding down the SHIFT key and it sticks anything in Notepad.

    This is not what I've proposed.

    • Select the files whose names you want to print. CTRL + A selects all.
    • Hold the SHIFT key, then right click on a file and select copy in the path from the context menu. This will put a list of filenames (path) to the Windows Clipboard.
    • Click inside a document, and the stick.

    Have another go.


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