How to add data to the table?


As it is in question. Can I add data (new items) in table dynamically? I say my table 1 d is size 3, but I would like to add three items. Should I change size table first?

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Hi K,

Ray is right!

Maybe this thread will also help you because there are examples of smal



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  • How to add data to the table using Manager POST for restful Apex application

    Hi all

    I managed to create a service application web Manager restful using GET for the Restful service module. I am able to get the data in row on the presentation of a table row id in the application. But I can't find an appropriate example, how the new data in the table can be posted or deleted. I created a POST handler for a URI scheme and look forward on how to proceed. Any help would be really appreciated.

    Source for the POST Manager:


    insert into ALL_BOOKS values(:id,:book);


    Also created 2 parameters id and the book.

    Hi jerry2134,

    jerry2134 wrote:

    I managed to create a service application web Manager restful using GET for the Restful service module. I am able to get the data in row on the presentation of a table row id in the application. But I can't find an appropriate example, how the new data in the table can be posted or deleted. I created a POST handler for a URI scheme and look forward on how to proceed. Any help would be really appreciated.

    Source for the POST Manager:


    insert into ALL_BOOKS values(:id,:book);


    Also created 2 parameters id and the book.

    Check out the following tutorials OBE, that explains the creation of GET and POST RESTful Web Services and how to use them in the APEX.

    Also what yo mean "looking forward on how to proceed? Do you want to or created for use/consume in your Oracle APEX application hosted RESTful web services?

    If Yes, in your Application, you must create a RESTful Web Service reference -> shared components. Then, create a form/report based on Web Service reference.

    Kind regards


  • How to add data to the table changed in sql developer at Apex and vice versa


    I had tables of database with sql developer. But now, I have modified the database (new tables added + changed the data in the tables). However, in the Apex, I the old database. Is it possible to get the new Apex database with the data of the table changed so this database in both places (sql and apex developer) is exactly the same... Also the other way around.

    Thank you

    The database schema that contains the tables, is it associated with the workspace even you are searching through the APEX product t development?  Why I'm asking is, if they are the same schema, the tables that you MODIFIED should be appear in the sql for APEX workshop part.  Now reports and forms will NOT see the changes (unless you have actually added or updated definitions for column).

    Can you explain what exactly you were doing the SQL Developer to the tables in your schema?

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Los Alamos, NM

  • How to insert data into the table by using the expression builder in the assign activity

    How to insert data into the table by using the expression builder in affect business in BPEl, I use SOA Suite
    Can someone help me please


    I don't think that oraext:query-database() can insert data into the table.

    What are your needs?
    Can not you plan to use the DB adapter with the insert operation?

    Kind regards
    Neeraj Sehgal

  • How to export data from the table with the colouring of cells according to value.

    Hi all

    I use jdeveloper

    I want to export data from the table with a lot of formatting. as for color cells based on value and so much. How to do this?

    You can find us apache POI-

    See this

  • How insert/DML data in the table when the data in the related table changes

    Hello guys!

    I came across a problem that I need to get fixed. Because I don't know how to start and get it resolved I wanted to ask you for your expertise.

    The scenario is as follows:

    I have a table 'a' in my 10g database and a view "ab" which combined table 'a' with 'b' table in a view. However, the 'b' table is a table in another schema Manager database. and accessible (read only right) via a database link.

    Now here it is: whenever the data changes in table "b", for example 2 new sets of data is inserted, I need to insert automatically the 2 values of these 2 sets of data in my table "a". Same procedure for update and delete in table "b".

    The action that inserts data into the table 'a' must be initialized in my database, I have limited access to the other. Can I somehow use a trigger my reviews of "ab" to insert data into the table "a"? Or is it possible to use the "change notification procedure database" using the view as the reference?

    Desperately need help and example of all suspicion/code greatly appreciated. I am very new to Oracle and not very fond of PL/SQL routines. So please be so kind as to give me more details.

    Thanks in advance - I hope you have any ideas how I can get this problem resolved.



    ... it does not, since the DDL operations are not permitted on the remote databases (ORA-02021). I can't create the trigger on a view either. :-(
    So what ways are left to insert data into the table 'a' when the related table changes?

    Please, help if you have an idea!

    You can't perform the DDL (create the trigger...) on remote databases as you can see...
    Try to create this trigger in the local database that will make DML (insert into...) on the remote database.

        CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER local_forward_pt_after_insert
             ON N2K_INV_PT
             FOR EACH ROW
             -- Insert records into table "a"
             INSERT INTO [email protected]_database_sid
              ( INT_NUMMER,
              ( :new.INT_INV_PT_NR,
                :new.GEBIET );

    Thank you

    Good luck

  • How to share data in the tables ' User_ * ' with another schema

    I want to share the data in the table WHERE USER_SEGMENTS with another schema. If I create a view and grant select on the view, when the other schema queries the view data are identical to themselves querying the SYS.user_segments table directly.
    create view sys_user_segments as select * from sys.user_segments;
    grant select on sys_user_segments to A;
    My guess is that the SYS.user_segments table is a view based on the current user.

    Is there a way to share such data without creating a copy of the table?

    Oracle: 10g

    Thank you

    If the ADMINISTRATOR is concerned about B access to DBA_SEGMENTS (or by creating DBA_SEGMENTS views that belongs to a user who has access on top and then grant access to this view of B), it seems pretty crazy allow that kind of database connection.

    If you create a database link belonged to B that connects to A, B is, in substance, given any privilege that has exercises. But it is done in a very, very dark which will no doubt be neglected in the future when someone gets a check. He'll be sitting here to wait that someone (accidentally or intentionally) Decides to exploit the security hole and do something that is causing a problem (by removing all data from a table, grabbing all the sensitive data in a table, etc.). Risks of this almost certainly far, far* far * outweigh the risks of even leaving B to obtain direct access to DBA_SEGMENTS.


  • How to load data into the table of correspondence in OIM 11 g

    I have a lot of data that must be loaded into the table of choice as Codekey and decode. How can I load the data in bulk instead of manually via console Design?

    Is it possible to do? No API IOM or any what SQL query

    Kind regards

    Here's what you need to get.

    psLookupCode - search name,
    psValue - Code key
    psDescriptivevalue - DecodeKey

    The rest can be empty.


    void addLookupValue (java.lang.String psLookupCode,
    java.lang.String psValue,
    java.lang.String psDescriptiveValue,
    java.lang.String psLanguage,
    java.lang.String psCountry)
    throws Thor.API.Exceptions.tcAPIException,
    tcAPIException adds a new entry for the specified search

    psLookupCode - the Code for the definition of research
    psValue - the value that will be stored in the database
    psDescriptiveValue - a descriptive version of the value to be added
    psLanguage - the language for the added entry. Leave blank to accept the default value (en)
    psCountry - country for the specified entry. Leave blank to accept the default (US)

    Throws: tcAPIException tcInvalidLookupException - thrown if the search Code is no tcInvalidValueException - thrown if the value cannot be added to the list of choices (because it's a double, etc.)


  • Insert and add data to the table to a batch file

    Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE Production
    AMT for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production

    My patch to input file looks like this:


    Separate columns look like this:

    A0397 990002 000001

    account amount of IDN

    I'm new to PL/SQL and having a problem changing or adding a record in a table. Don't know how to check if a record exists in the table change if not
    Insert the record.

    If the quantity is 000000 or - the record should be deleted. I have code in place to do this however, don't know how to handle change or add the part.

    Here is the code I have so far and thanks for looking:

    Set serveroutput on
    create or replace directory user_dir as 'c:\dataformats\incoming\ ';


    v_filename VARCHAR2 (100); -The name of the data file
    v_file_exists boolean;
    number of v_file_length;
    number of v_block_size;
    f utl_file.file_type;
    s varchar2 (200);
    lineString varchar (200);

    -not used c_ *.
    c_account ID_REQ_STG.account%TYPE;
    c_quantity ID_REQ_STG.quantity%TYPE;


    v_account varchar (5);
    v_IDN varchar (6);
    V_quantity varchar (6);

    v_filename: = ' PTCLICK. MANUAL.12SERIES.TXT';

    DBMS_OUTPUT. Put_line (v_filename); -the name of the file

    UTL_FILE.fgetattr ("USER_DIR", v_filename, v_file_exists, v_file_length, v_block_size);

    IF v_file_exists THEN

    dbms_output.put_line ("'File Exists");

    f: = utl_file.fopen ("USER_DIR", v_filename, "R");

    IF utl_file.is_open (f) THEN

    UTL_FILE.get_line (f, s);
    lineString: = s;

    dbms_output.put_line (lineString);

    v_account: = substr (lineString, 1, 5);
    v_IDN: = substr (lineString, 6, 6);
    V_quantity: = substr (lineString, 12.6);

    dbms_output.put_line (v_account);
    dbms_output.put_line (v_IDN);
    dbms_output.put_line (V_quantity);


    IF v_quantity = '000000' GOLD v_quantity = '-'
    WHERE account = v_account and
    IDN = v_IDN;
    dbms_output.put_line ('Deleted the folder' | v_account |) «and» | v_IDN);
    END IF;



    dbms_output.put_line ("' no data found");


    END IF; -is open

    UTL_FILE.fclose (f);


    dbms_output.put_line ('file does not exist');

    END IF; -file exists


    DBMS_OUTPUT. Put_line ("' no access!");
    WHILE others THEN



    Looks like a good candidate for a MERGER with an external table.

    The external table:

    create table ext_table (
     account varchar2(5),
     idn number(6),
     quantity varchar2(6)
    organization external (
      type oracle_loader
      default directory user_dir
      access parameters (
        records delimited by newline
        fields (
          account position(1:5) char(5),
          idn position(6:11) char(6),
          quantity position(12:17) char(6)
      location ('test.txt')
    reject limit unlimited;

    Then a simple MERGER should perform all your needs:

    MERGE INTO id_req_stg t
    USING (
     SELECT account,
            decode(quantity, '-', 0, to_number(quantity)) as quantity
     FROM ext_table
    ) v
    ON ( t.account = v.account AND t.idn = v.idn )
      UPDATE SET t.quantity = v.quantity
      DELETE WHERE t.quantity = 0
      INSERT (account, idn, quantity)
      VALUES (v.account, v.idn, v.quantity);

    Documentation related to the MERGER:
    and on the outdoor tables:

    Published by: odie_63 on June 10, 2010 14:26 (added docs)

  • How to pass data to the tables according to the value of the first 4 digits of 7 strings of numbers

    I want to sort incoming data, in several bays based only on the first 4 digits of each string.

    For example, a hexadecimal string may be 41322033333533 which is A1 3353.

    A1 is a sensor. particularly, and I want to send all data from the A1 to a table. I have 8 sensors data and want to send the data to separate the bays of sensor. My sensor names are A1, A2, A3, T1, T2, T3, W1

    I will use a structure of the matter, for loop and a comparison of '=' for the data. However, I want to only compare the first 4 digits of the string and I can't find an operator for this. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.

    With a thread like this

  • How to hide data in the table?


    I'm using LabWindows/CVI 8.5 and I have a question about the use of tables.

    The problem is this: in my table, I have 8 columns.  I have columns of chains, whole, and a column of buttons - so there is a button on each line.  I have some information about each line I don't want to display in the table, however, I would like this information to be associated with other information on this line.  Each line represents a high lack of information from a log file - level when the user clicks on the button, I want to be able to go to the specified file and extract more detailed information about this flaw and display it on another Panel.  "Hidden" information are (1) file identification number, and (2) seek-card value... or 2 integers.  My problem is how to have these 2 pieces of information available for each line, but they have to be seen by the user.

    There are two ways I see this, but I did not really understand how to make no more.

    (1) I could have each key also contain a string that includes the 2 pieces of information (for example, "32:125567"), so that when I click the button, the application can retrieve the string value of the key, analyse and extract integer values from two...  I've done this work - BUT the button actually displays the string containing the numbers!  Is there a way to "hide" this information contained in the button?

    (2) alternative... Is it possible to include columns 'hidden' in a table that can contain information - but these columns are not displayed.  For example, my table is currently 8 visible columns.  Could I somehow add a column for file identification number and a column for search-map and have these columns be hidden from view (but still accessible to the application)?  I don't see a way to do this, but I'm still very inexperienced using tables in L/CVI.

    Or you guys maybe you know a better way to do...

    Thank you very much


    Regarding your question 2, although it is probably replaced by my previous post, don't forget that a table can have more columns than those displayed on the screen.

    You can configure your table to have 10 columns, but only 8 shown (button ' size/scroll options' in table in the IUR editor properties); given that you can hide the horizontal scroll bar, even in this case you can store information in the table that are not accessible to the user.

  • How to add icons in the table?


    I'm new to ADF, I created the table with the collection Panel, now want to add icons for operations as shown in the image below for

    new, update, delete. ?

    Any body please tell me how to do?

    ADF Table.png

    Kind regards


    Add the toolbar button is the first step, and then you can change the "Icon" property of the this

    and find the icon you want.

    PS: you best choice a .png image.

  • How to add items to the table


    I have a general question about powerCLI: How can I create table and add the object to this table later?

    Basically, I select all virtual machines, check something on them using "foreach" and "" matches a condition later with what I need I want to put it (vm) to the specific table ($vms) that I'll use later.

    How can I do?

    Thank you very much!

    Hello, qwert1235-

    You can use something like the following:

    ## initialize a new array$arrVMs = @()Get-VM | %{    ## if the VM is config'd with more than 4GB mem, add it to the array    if ($_.MemoryMB -gt 4096) {$arrVMs += $_}} ## end foreach-object

    But, really, you should be able to avoid the extra code and just do a table of elements you want from the outset, as:

    ## make an array of VMs config'd w/ more than 4GB mem$arrVMs = Get-VM | ?{$_.MemoryMB -gt 4096}

    There are times, however, when adding a table would be necessary.  The first example would do exactly that.

  • How to add data in the column

    I have a column name in the Emp table name now is varchar2 (100) now I only name column name is now I wants to add the name in the column without using the update statement in the column consist of the name I want to add the family name then please advise how to add in column oracle
    help appriciate.

    Thank you

    You need something like this:

    UPDATE table_name
    SET ename=ename||' '||surname
    WHERE ..... 
  • How to add data to the SD card file?

    I use OutputStream to write data to a file on the sd card.

    Before you start coding, I assumed that we can use a similar api seek() but I couldn't find a way to move the file position.

    is it possible to add data using OutputStream or any other method?

    FileConnection.openOutputStream (long byteOffset)

    byteOffset - number of bytes to skip from the beginning of the file when the positioning of beginning of the OutputStream. If the supplied offset is greater than or equal to the current size of the file, the OutputStream is positioned at the end of the file to be added.

Maybe you are looking for

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    There is a bug with the taskbar. Here's a video: I did a disk cleanup to delete all the thumbs and other things. I also reset some things to clear the messy icons (leave a tutorial to another question on this site)

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    I have a partitioned hard drive and when I try to get rid of the partition of my computer tells me that the two are the main readers. When I try to reformat and reinstall windows 7, it can not find all the disks on my computer. I'm so lost. All I wan

  • Windows update error 8024800

    My Pavilion dv6 is not in daily use, so I turn it on ~ monthly updates. All of a sudden I can't run Windows Update! error code 8024800 has. I ran the repair of Microsoft app, which did not work. Found various other corrections via Google, but I do no

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