How to add records PE2850

I have a PE2850 with 2 disk Raid 1 on Windows 2003 (68GB)

I need to add 3 (156GB) drive in Raid 5 for a second disc of Windows

What should I do?


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  • How to add records to a file via the file adapter.

    Hi all
    How to add records to a file via the file adapter.

    I must read data from the database and need to add all the records in a file.

    Thanks in advance.


    I think you have a while loop to hit the DB in your process (as you said you need to extract data from DB 10 times if 1000 rec is here)
    First sopy your DB O/P to a var
    and second time add to previous data. (Otherwise you can directly use Add to start instead of copy and add)
    When the loop ends, you can turn to the file adapter Var.

    Otherwise, you can configure yourFileadapter as it will be aapend current recordings for previous records.

    You can use 'Append = true' in your adapter wsdl file.
    It will add the previous records to existing records in the same file.


  • How to add record and save everything to a toolbar in Dreamweaver?

    How do you add save and save all to a toolbar in Dreamweaver?  By selecting file save all is not very effective.  I am looking for a click of a button.

    Where can you right click and select Save?

    Right-click on a tab document (or anywhere in the gray area dark next to the tabs)

    Economy/Save all Standard toolbar buttons

  • How to add records or how to keep the list in the stored procedure


    I am facing a problem in adding the record in the type

    create or replace
    TYPE               "PROD_SEARCH_COUNT_TBL"                                          AS TABLE OF PROD_SEARCH_COUNT_OBJ;

    Something like that


    cursor curLargerSize
    WHERE PRODUCTID = SUBSTR (: varItem, 0, instr (: varItem, '.') - 1).
    lTbl prod_search_count_tbl;

    lTbl: = prod_search_count_tbl();

    Open curLargerSize;
    extract the curLargerSize in varProductId value;
    When the output curLargerSize % notfound;
    ALFAQTYAVAILWCFCALC (varProductId, varLargeWCF);
    lTbl (lTbl.last): = prod_search_count_obj (varProductId the value, varLargeWCF, 0);
    end loop;
    close curLargerSize;


  • How to add the same name of datagrid records, while I'm by selecting one of the check and click Add end to end

    Hi friends,

    I do flex mxml 4 web application with as3, I am struck upward in the next concept, shar your suggession thereon.

    I use datagrid with 3 columns NUMBER, NAME, AMOUNT. an and a box Add button and a delete button.

    I have two records in the same name in the grid, when I click on a record in the grid and click ADD means of button this year, both AMOUNT WILL ADD records that record with the same name and give this value in a text box.

    How to do this?

    useful suggesssion or sample modal

    Thanks in advance,



    var totalsum:int = 0;

    var index: int = db.selectedindex;

    var selname:string = bd.dataprovide.getItemAt (index) .name;

    var totallen: int = (db.dataprovider) .length;

    for (var i: int = 0; i<>


    var checkduplicate:string is bd.dataprovide.getItemAt (i) .name;.



    totalSum += bd.dataprovide.getItemAt (i). AMOUNT;



    textfield_id. Text = totalSum

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

    Gallot Hiroji | [email protected] |

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

  • How can I add records to un.dwt.asp games - generated page

    help - I'm tired...

    below is the code of a page (test3.asp) based on a model called "catalogue.dwt.asp". I need different recordsets on pages based on this template. f I try to add a recordset to test3.asp, I am told "this change will cose alter which is locked by a model or a translator" - so I can't add the recordsets (though Interestingly, you can see that I managed to somehow add both recordsets immediately before he started saying this.)

    If I try to add recordsets for the model (which is not the way I want to do it anyway), I thought I added the code outside the html tag and will not be copied unless I have add <! - TemplateInfoOutsideHTMLIsLocked - >

    I have bvuilt many other sites where I have this issue as DW / must be something different code sometimes - the bottom line is - how to have a. temaplte dwt.asp that I can build other pages and then add record sets in.

    I would be very DEAR THANKFUL to anyone who can help me put this issue to bed.

    Thanks in advance:

    Code attached

    Thanks for the reply, I'll try to restart

  • How to add an additional bank card

    How do you add a new card to your account

    I guess you ask how to add a card to pay Apple.

    Settings > Wallet & Apple pays > add credit or debit card

    If you ask about adding a map to your Apple ID / iTunes, then you can have only one card at a time is recorded.

  • How to add space to the D: drive while extend space is dimm

    After the installation of cleaning that had become indispensable, although my computer, seams now healthy but his unit became full and forthcoming, not only with repeated messages of "Space bass", but also various errors, here and there.

    Among the choices, to increase its space, I chose to increase or remove files to D:. In doing so, I comfortably shrunk C: by 1.25 GB. But the BIG problem is that there is NO way to add this on the D: drive.

    The commands and options in disk management are therefore very obscure and non-understable that, after 10 days of fighting, I'll have to come to your aid. Please do something as you can so that I can add the space unallocated with my D: drive. Otherwise I'm in big trouble; no updates to come; No downloads are possible. I'm sitting with meaningless fight and nothing else.

    my email: * address email is removed from the privacy * 17 October 2012


    You can't do what you want to do using the disk of Vista management.

    You can't take a little off-C: and nail it on D:

    And are you sure that D: is not your recovery Partition to reinstall the operating system.

    If it is read this:

    Your recovery Partition was photographed on your hard drive during the production of your computer by the manufacturer for all of these reasons.

    1. to reinstall Vista from in the case of a failure of the system, based on individuals or the keys at startup.

    F10 or Alt + F10 or F11 are a couple of different manufacturers use sequences.

    You will need to ask your manufacturer for proper sequence.

    2. to make the recovery disks on if your drive hard breaks down, so that you can then reinstall the operating system on a new hard drive.

    Also ask them how to make records.

    Your D: Recovery Drive is should not be used for backups, defragmented, etc..

    There are backups on an external hard drive.

    To resolve the problems that have arisen with the recovery D: Partition, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your computer to remove all that has been added to it.


    If it is not the recovery Partition, Vista for you options to > save data on D: > D: delete > C: extend into the now unallocated space where D: is.

    See you soon.

  • How to add columns with values of each folder?


    I am a novice to the Disqualification and here my question:

    I want to be able to add the number of columns in the "not null" by registration, as compared to a reference table and return a value.

    For example:


    Agenda Value-1 Value-2 Value-3 Value-4 Value-5
    Article-1blah blahblah blah blahbla

    In this example, the "point-1' has 3 columns populated so I'll compare against my reference data that dictates the number of columns MUST it have completed.» Whether all withdrew, point passes through, but if she does not meet the minimum requirements, it is reported.

    I tried to use the "No. Data Check" tool, which report on the null columns, but I can't understand how to add.

    Thanks for the help!

    In this case, i.e. If you want different thresholds for different records, use a set of baseline mapping family (string) and threshold (number) and use Enhance card on this reference data set to add the value of threshold appropriate to each record data before using the attribute cross check to compare the threshold against the real value.

  • How to add TagLogicalElement (TLE)

    Hi Experts,

    Anyone know how to add TagLogicalElement (TLE) in Documaker product output AFP files?

    Kind regards.

    Hi Nirmal,

    I've never tried, but in seeking documents, I found this. I'm not sure that this will help you or not. :)

    You can add records to EFT (tag of logic element) in the print stream AFP that can be used by some 3rd-party systems archive for archiving of AFP in a way print streams
    similar to the archiving of AFP and Metacode in Docusave print streams.

    You must include the comment records in print streams to index the archives. You can use a DAL script to add comment records in the print stream. Use the TLEScript control of PrtType:AFP group n option to name the script DAL to run at the TLE records can be added in the print stream. The DAL script should call the AddComment function to add a string as a TLE comment record.

    The TLE comment string must include a key and a value. These components separated by a special character. This character can be any printable character as long as it's a single character not found in the key or value of the comment string.

    For example, you could build a comment string using a colon (:)) as separator of the example following):


    The key part of the string is PolicyNum, the part of the value of the string is 7SAMPCO, and the separator character is a colon (:)).

    Here is an example of this script THE DAL might look like:
    cidlabel = "PolicyNum".
    ClientID = GVM ("PolicyNum")
    two points = ':'
    AddComment (cidlabel & colon & clientid);

    Notice that the key part remains constant (PolicyNum), while changes in part of value based on the content of the variable GVM, PolicyNum.

    Add these options in the control group of PrtType:AFP to activate the record holder EFT:
         < prttype:afp="">
    TLEScript = TLE. DAL
    TLEEveryPage = No
    TLESeparator =:

    Description of the option
    TLEScript enter the name of the DAL script to run.
    Enter the character that you want to use to separate the key parties and the value of the TLE of TLESeparator comment string.
    Optional TLEEveryPage. If you enter Yes, the TLE DAL script will be executed at the beginning of each page. If you enter the number, the TLE DAL script will be executed at the beginning of each game shape. The default value is no.

    Kind regards
    Deborah Vandenplas

  • How to add a custom WD screen button to call a workflow in siebel?

    Hi all

    We have an obligation to have a custom button to (after the execution of the rule) summary screen 'Create opportunity', by clicking on it a new opportunity record must be created in Siebel. As we know the link 'Save' calls 'PolicyAutomationSaveSession' incoming to the web service method and saves the session table information and we can change the workflow presessional and post-Forum. But we do not know how he calls the service method and where is the defined mapping.

    Can you please help me on how to add a custom button and how to call a workflow next to siebel to implement this requirement?

    Also is there anything that can help me to add a custom in the display button and add the code behind the button?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards


    There is no easy way to map an arbitrary Siebel Workflow to a button of the OPA. It can be done through a custom action, and with the addition of the code. Here's how it was done for the recording function of the Web analytics that you see in the OPA for Siebel connector.

    1. strip the workflow as a Siebel "Incoming Web Service"
    2. write the code to call the web service
    3. implement an event listener which will execute the code at the right time

    Documentation on the event for the determinations of Web listeners can be found in the "10.3.0 Oracle policy Automation Developer Runtime help" in the section "Events and event handlers" "

  • How to add additional buttons, the fields in the query Panel

    I have a layout where I need to search for employees working under a Manager

    I have a search criteria where I can choose coach in a menu drop-down so that the data of employees under him appears

    Now I need to add a field more in search as assign to the manager who is a drop down

    And I need add two buttons Reassign, Deassign the search criteria

    So that when I select my manager current employees under him if poster and when I select the value of the entitlement and Manager dropdown in search criteria and click on the button to re-allocate employees are they assigned to this new manager... If I click on delete the key assignment those employees will get current Manager deassigned

    And also once the results displayed in table I have to have a checkbox for each record where I can select the checkbox and reassign or deassing only employees

    How to add additional buttons, fields for the Commission to request... I slipped and dropped my display criteria in the query with table Panel


    a query Panel is for query and do not update documents. You can add buttons to the toolbar facet


    but not the query itself on the ground


  • How to add the table radio button.


    I want to update the record if I want that an option of button raduio shaped tabular .There is no option for tabular.
    How to add the table radio button.

    Thank you

    Published by: 805629 on February 3, 2011 04:56

    Use APEX_ITEM. BOX API in the definition of SQL query for the form of tables

  • Add records to a table

    Someone please would be so likely to point me in the direction of how to add all the records in a query in an existing table? See you soon.

    INSERT INTO tablename (colname1, colname2, colname3)
    VALUES (val1, val2, val3)


    INSERT INTO tablename (colname1, colname2, colname3)
    SELECT val1, val2, val3
    Of othertable
    WHERE everything what

    If you have the result of a query to a ColdFusion cfquery or cfprocresult, you can browse the results using cfloop and cfoutput (using the query parameter) and insert the values into the new table, a line at a time, in the loop. Something like that...

    SELECT col1, col2, col3
    From yourtable
    WHERE everything what

    INSERT INTO yourothertable (col1, col2, col3)
    VALUES ("#col1 #", "#col2 #", "#col3 #")


  • Add records in the target table

    Hi all
    I HAV done an interface for a simple source data transfer to the target. When I run it, the records are stored in the target table. Now, I want to launch the interface (for the same or different source table) and add the records to existing records in the target table.

    Kindly guide me, explaining how shud I do the addition in the target table.

    Thanks in advance.


    You can use the IKM control add... it will add records...

    Thank you.

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