How to add: subtitles encoded for digital television.

original title: subtitles encoded for digital television.

Am able to get subtitles for analogue tv but not digital. How can I organize it so I have captions on digital television too?



Turning on the closed captioning is the same for all types of live TV: in Media Center, go to tasks, settings, TV captioning and change the legend display option you like.

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    Windows Live Movie Maker has a legend tool that could be used for the titles of void.

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    Install the language pack. That should do it.

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    On your model and your operating system, simply copy and paste.

    You can install a third party called "Add to Contacts" app works great... find it at or AppWorld.

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    Thank you.

    Mac OS > FInder > edit > special characters > type of service in the lower-right search

    Problem is many fonts do not have this, then you might want to set an exhibitor SM.

  • How to add mobile space for ipod touch?


    My daughter has a 5th gen iPod Touch 16 GB. We're leaving on a long trip for 5 weeks. She would like to have a season of a television show for his iPod for flights, trains, buses, etc.  We are not planning to put a computer with us, and I know that 10 episodes of tv series will not fit on his iPod. Is it possible to store these files and access our trip? Do we need to rely on the good internet connection and stream/download one time?

    Thank you

    If the files do not match you will need to find how broadcast them - this will depend on came the files and if you have a reliable and fast hosting internet etc.

    I assume that you have the files in iTunes on a computer, if that's the case determine the option synchronize movies SD (defined in the "Summary" section during the synchronization). If you are lucky that these files will contain a HD & SD version that can allow them to synchronize. The App store may be able to download the SD versions if they are purchased it, trying to find in your purchase history if the files are HD read each file to examine that information.

    Otherwise try to select the files in the list of iTunes TV series and create a new version via the "File menu > create an iPhone / iPod version'." It can reduce the size enough to stick them on the device.

    purchases on the iTunes store cannot be converted because of the DRM.

    Also consider to remove applications and other files to free up space, assuming that they are less important compared to the videos.

    iOS lists the storage used by the ' settings app > general > use > manage storage ', see if it will give ideas what to empty.

    P.S. I think that the "Camera Connection Kit" can play movies stored on SD cards, but I didn't know - he can work with iTunes not store purchases (have to love DRM). Search here to notice them, I'm sure that others have discussed this. It can be a way to bypass it?

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    You can use the drive encryption BitLocker to protect all files stored on the drive Windows is installed on (operating system drive) and on data drives (for example, internal hard drives). Your can use BitLocker To Go to help protect all files stored on removable data drives (such as external hard drives or USB flash drives).

    I suggest you to see the following link on how to enable the bit locker drive.

    Protect your files using BitLocker Drive encryption

    For problems with the activation of password of your router, I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    Set up a security key for a wireless network

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have other problems with Windows in the future.

  • How to add a function for calculating dragged objects on board animate?

    Hi guys! Need your help! I need to connect the rrotation and animation of numbers in Adobe Edge button animate, I did the button moved and don't know how to do the rest...

    Add a scrins:


    and edge files animate Dropbox - to better explain what I mean

    Turning the knob with extension 'Draggable' of GreenSock. And there is little help I receive from GreenSock:

    Drag and rotate the demo

    and copy the following code:

    Draggable.Create (".dial", {}

    type: "rotation."

    limits: {minRotation:0, maxRotation:360}, / / value min/max limits of the beach



    onThrowUpdate: Calc / / if you want to use ThrowProps, you must onThrowUpdate fn to run your function to throw


    function Calc() {}

    Console.log (this.rotation)

    You can do any calc math with 'this.rotation' to get your serial number of desire as: this.rotation/360

    var R = this.rotation/360;

    document.getElementById("myText").innerHTML = R;


    But I can't take it aboard an animation to make an entire animation

    Thanks in advance for any help! Concerning


    Draggable.Create (".knob1, .knob2," {type: 'rotation', throwProps:true, bounds: {minRotation:0, maxRotation:270}});}})

    Draggable.Create (".knob1", {}

    type: "rotation."

    limits: {minRotation:0, maxRotation:270}, / / value min/max limits of the beach



    onThrowUpdate: Calc / / if you want to use ThrowProps, you must onThrowUpdate fn to run your function to throw


    function Calc() {}

    Console.log (this.rotation)

    You can do any calc math with 'this.rotation' to get your serial number of desire as: this.rotation/360

    var R = this.rotation/360;

    SYM.$("AmperText").html (R);

    document.getElementById("myText").innerHTML = R;


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    Thank you!

    We receive usually messages from people who are in a table with Kim's wife and ask how to use Photoshop® to get out them!  But if you are sure you can bear the shame, then just add a new layer and paint in the box reactive with white.  Use Gaussian blur to help blend.

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    I am looking for a better approach / best practices to accomplish this task. I need to be able to implement, for the less resizable (sliding on a dividing line) TableRow. I understand that this is a little more difficult to maintain the height of each individual TableRow because they are virtual and reused. My first goal is to have all TableRow resized (eliminating the need for individual line sizes).

    I am able to set up my own TableRow expanding TableRow - and I managed to retrieve a reference to the skin of the TableRow and adding a line of separation (Rectangle) and capture mouse events to effectively resize the row height by dragging.

    My Question is this: without implementing a new TableRowSkin - how can I force the line of separation at the bottom of the TableRow? Currently - I just added the node Rectangle (divider) to the list of children of the TableRowSkin - causing the dividing line be positioned on top of TableRow (which gives a vibe when resizing - the line should be on the bottom).

    I feel I'm hacking at the question without being aware of the intention of the JavaFX developers. The intention of the row height resizes to be implemented by providing a new skin? It doesn't seem to be an easy way to accomplish this task using the existing TableRow or TableRowSkin.

    I can post the code if requested example - but I'll need to condense the example of a small enough standalone file.

    If the answer is Yes - "put in place a new skin" that's fine, but this task can be difficult without the source code of advice :) [Tip... Tip..]

    Hi jkaufmann,

    If you want to add the vertical panel resizable on every row then you need to implement the cellFactory() for each cell in columns.

    There are a few steps that makes this possible:

    D ' apply the cellFactory for all columns. You can addListener for the ObservableList of TableView.getColumns ().
    -Add resizable Panel either rectangle or someone you like then check setCursor (Cursor.V_RESIZE) for this Panel. To make the rectangle/node always thoroughly and then use BorderPane layout
    -Now add a few events on Rectangle/node
    -create two variables: start, end
    -setMouseClicked (help to set the starting value: position of y)
    -setMouseDragged (change the cell height according to the change in y ie. end-start.) And also update the end value according to the current position of y)
    -setMouseReleased (Finally, reset to 0 for the start and end value)

    -Now add a few lines and test them. It works smoothly

    Hope this will give you some tips

    Thank you.

  • How to add a field for the multiple file upload in WebApps?

    I create a Web application for the user to record certain information with multiple images. I only see a single uploader.

    How can I add multiple image uploader and how do I create an upload field instead of a custom file upload image?


    There is no other type of upload for web applications field.  You will need to use the 'image file type"to apply to multiple file upload fields in the form of web application in this case.

    Kind regards


  • How to add extra memory for Satellite P100-257


    I have a P100-257 with 512 MB memory. How many memory slots on this machine? And if it has 512 MB already - how many slots free rest?

    Where is the name of module of memory (specification) for my machine - buy a good?
    Thank you very much.


    The P100 has memory, two locations where the Module of 512 MB is one of these locations. This means that you have 1 free slot which can be equipped with an additional memory module.

    You can also exchange the 512 MB Module and put 2 x 1 GB in your machine. (For example)

    And you can buy a Module DDR2 533 Mhz (PC2-4200) or 667 Mhz (PC2-5300) to update your computer.

    Welcome them

  • How to add hard drive for HP Envy Phoenix 810-135qe CTO.

    My previous Pavalion motherboard failed and I ordered the current desktop.  I have the hard drive of the defective system.  He had the same operating system, windows 7, 64 bit, like this again.  I know some information about adding HDD to envy again.  No info on the motherboard or connections.  P5 and P6 power connectors are avilable for additional hard disks.  I see there are some open sata connectors on the motherboard, but need more info and direction on which one to use, or if things do, etc..  before I add the hard drive.

    Use any header open SATA on the motherboard that you want to use. As long as you don't make changes to the current boot order in the BIOS and save the changes, it will not count.

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