How to add the blank page to existing Document in Adobe Dc

How to add the blank page to existing Document in Adobe Dc Pro

Hi thashrifs16749461,

You can add a blank page using Adobe Acrobat DC by following the instructions below:-

(1) open your PDF in Acrobat DC.

(2) choose the form of option "Organize the Page" of the tool pane on the right as shown below in the screen shoot.

(3) now, at the top, you will see all the tools to organize the page, click "Insert" & select 'White Page' in the drop down menu to insert blank pages.

* Shortcut: If you are using a windows computer you can use the key "Shift + Ctrl + T" to insert blank pages.

In case if you have any problem or have any questions please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

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    Kind regards.

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    remove this

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    It should work fine.

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    It should be the other way around

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    The Panel to the artboard is new to AiCS5. In CS4, a new work plan can be added by doing one of the two:

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    I hope this helps.


  • Add the new page number with gaps in indesign extension app

    Hi all

    I develop an application for extension adobe indesign with adobe flex 3.4 sdk.

    the application object is to publish the document to a remote server.

    I did well all options.

    now I am facing problems to Polish.

    the problem is,

    (1) adding new page

    Let's say that a particular indesign document (portrait) contains 6 pages.

    Page 1, 2 are spread

    Page 3

    Page 4

    Page 5, 6 are spread

    Now, I will add a new page through the indesign extension.

    When I try to add a new page. It will add to the last page of the spread. (Page 5, 6)

    Finally, he became Page 5, 6 and 7 in propagation.

    What I want is.

    After you have added the new page, the document must have the following structure.

    Page 1, 2 are spread

    Page 3

    Page 4

    Page 5, 6 are spread

    Page 7

    Is my code to add the new page.

    document: var Document = app.activeDocument;

    document.pages.Add ();

    Please suggest me how to add a new page (without extension)

    Thank you


    Try the code below

    document: var Document = app.activeDocument;

    document.spreads.Add ();

    But make sure you use this code on a document that may be the structure of the page that had mentioned you, that is to say it must be created by unchecking the options 'facing Pages' in the dialog box new document. Otherwise, it will add two pages of the document.

    This should solve your problem.

    Manan Joshi

    -InDesign efficient Solutions

    MetaDesign - Solutions

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    I use NIReport to generate report/Print.

    I have problem

    I have a page to print,

    I wrote until the last line

    Problem is that NEITHER report adds a new, blank page, which is not necessary.

    This problem n, t occur when we write in the last row or left white.

    Note: I also have a header and footer details

    It will be printed on the blank page.

    When NIReport understand specific text is last line of the page, then NIReport automatically add the new page in the template.

    How to avoid printing the last white page in NIReport?

    Thank you

    Mukesh Kumar

    Just a guess: you use AppendLine? If so, you can try to move on AppendText to write the line, adding of newline as the first call when you need to start a new line. AppendLine adds a new line to the report after printing the line, and this can generate a blank page if you write to the last line on the page.

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