How to add the new column in existing table to our desired location?

How to add the new column in existing table to our desired location?

For example, I have to add the new column 'course' before the salary column in the emp table.

I think the best way is to add the column at the end of the table and create a new view with the order of the columns...

Another option...

places the data into a temporary table and recreate the table with the correct order of the columns, and then insert data to the table from the temporary table


Add column (from table) in the desired position


CREATE TABLE temp_my_user LIKE)

SELECT * FROM password);

DROP TABLE password;



, first name VARCAHR2 (25)

, middleInitial VARCHAR2 (1)

(, name VARCHAR2 (25));

INSERT INTO password (userID, firstName, lastName)

(SELECT username

first name


OF temp_my_user);

DROP TABLE temp_user;

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    I need to add the new column to a datablock and display the newly added column in the form. What are the steps I need to follow.

    1. I chose the new column from the view to the datablock.
    2. Add the text element in the layout editor. But this position is not correct. It overlaps with another column. How to add the new column to the layout editor?

    Thank you

    In the layout editor, you can simply drag the fields so that they do not overlap.

    Sandeep Gandhi

  • How to add the new column to a specific position


    My table looks like Fallows.

    Select * from company

    11001An Inc.Long name A Inc.
    11002B Inc.Long name B Inc.
    11003C Inc.Long name C Inc.
    21004D Inc.Long name D Inc.
    21005E Inc.Long name E Inc.
    21006F Inc.Long name F Inc.


    How to get there.

    I tried like Fallows alter company table add company_location varchar2 (100) after company_short_name;

    but this query shows the error

    ORA-01735: invalid option of ALTER TABLE

    If the query I've tried is correct?

    Give me your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    As long as you're on 11 GR 2 or lower, it will not work.

    There is no Clause "AFTER"in the alter table do not add column."

    You have the chance to use dbms_redefinition (when no interruption of service is possible) or manually create a new table with the columns in the order you need and then migrate the data and then drop the original and rename a new.

    In case you are already on 12 c, you have a chance to add the column to the end and then make visible columns and invisible status in the right order. This way your column will get to the position that you want it to be.

    Kind regards


  • How to add the new model feature with tables of another data schema?

    Hi all

    I am trying to add an entity data model to my request. The tables I need are on a schema that does NOT have a default schema of connection of the connection. So I go through the Wizard add new Entity Data Model, generation from database, but then when it comes time to choose your database objects, the only thing that shows is all that is on the default schema. How can I access stuff to another schema with an entity data model?

    (Tangentially: it is also a problem with the old Server Explorer simply itself - when adding an oracle db, I see the other schema object in the treeview control to break.) But when I right click the db and the new query, tables of other scheme become available to me here. "So it is less of a problem in the case of Server Explorer).

    I found this small excerpt to reach other patterns, but I couldn't make it work in the case of the ora db. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the tips,

    Suppose that schema_a has granted privileges to schema_b on database belonged to schema_a objects by running the GRANT statements.
    You add a connection in Server Explorer using schema_b, and then add the schema_a in the "Filters" menu... ». Don't forget to click on
    the button of update in "Filters" dialog box and confirm schema_a illustrated with schema_b in the column 'value '.

    When to use EDM Wizard to create a database data model, choose the connection that you added by using Server Explorer
    schema_b. You will see the database of objects belonging to both schema_b and schema_a select and generate your data model. Schema_b
    should be able to use the database objects belonged to schema_a according to the privileges granted.

  • With CVI SQL Toolkit, how to add the new variable param column in a table.

    Dear all:

    I used the CVI Sql toolkit to create a database, but now I don't know how to add a new column to a table in variable param.

    I know, to add a column with the name of constant column could be down by below:

    DBImmediateSQL ((hdbc, "alter table table1 add column1 char [100]");

    But if Column1 is a param variablae how can I write the code? Please advise?  It will be appreciated if you could give me an example.

    Best regards!

    HI -.

    If you look at the parameters that you pass to the SQL function, you can see that the second parameter is a string constant. In your code, you can create an array of characters (string). You can then use sprintf to programmatically determine what will be the contents of this variable. In the function call, you can put the variable instead of the literal string, and you will have a customizable SQL statement.

    Hope this helps-

    John M

  • SQL query on how to add a new column to display the result

    Select emp_code, < new column = 0 >
    from employee_table where < < condition > >

    syntax to add the new column?

    Published by: user9027633 on March 4, 2010 02:53

    user9027633 wrote:
    Select emp_code,
    from employee_table where >

    syntax to add the new column?

    Published by: user9027633 on March 4, 2010 02:53

    Want you like this

    selec emp_code, 0 new_column
      from employee_table
  • How to add the blank page to existing Document in Adobe Dc

    How to add the blank page to existing Document in Adobe Dc Pro

    Hi thashrifs16749461,

    You can add a blank page using Adobe Acrobat DC by following the instructions below:-

    (1) open your PDF in Acrobat DC.

    (2) choose the form of option "Organize the Page" of the tool pane on the right as shown below in the screen shoot.

    (3) now, at the top, you will see all the tools to organize the page, click "Insert" & select 'White Page' in the drop down menu to insert blank pages.

    * Shortcut: If you are using a windows computer you can use the key "Shift + Ctrl + T" to insert blank pages.

    In case if you have any problem or have any questions please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards


  • Add the new column on 25 million lines Table

    Hi gurus,

    I have to add the new column to a populated application table who get to each Transaction.
    We can do this with no interruption of service and what are the things that I need to look after adding the peak of performance.
    Something happened to my mind is re - run stats

    Any Suggestion

    Database version =
    OS = RHEL4

    I appreciate your help on this
    Thank you

    789816 wrote:
    If the GET of the table is locked, it means that the application cannot write any new transactions in the table until the new default values has been updated?, my understanding of the downtime to do this to

    *-Online Yes, you need downtime in 10 g *.

    Another Question if we have default values as NULL will always be the table get locked?

    *-ONLINE YES *.

    11 g, this problem has been fixed by oracle:

    create table sales as
       select rownum as id,
       mod(rownum,5) as product_id,
     mod(rownum,100) as client_id,
     2000 as price,
     as c_date
     from dual
     10   connect by level <= 2.5e5;
    Table created.
    SQL> select count(*) from sales;
    ----session 1
    SQL> begin
      2  for i in 1..100000 loop
      3  insert into sales (id) values(i);
      4  end loop;
      5  commit;
      6  end;
      7  /
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    When inserting into the table sales, the alter table add the new column was waiting for the inserts to finish
    SQL> alter table sales add (provider_id NUMBER(2));
    Table altered.
  • How to add the new area on page EBS

    How to add the new area on page EBS via OFA

    What is the error... ?

    Try to explain any question in a post...

    Meher Irk

  • Effect with application ADF Go-live when I add the new column to the database.

    Hi all

    My already deployed ADF application and entry into service.
    I would add three columns of data.
    I worried that if I have does not add the new column and will redeploy again, it will have an effect at my request.

    Anyone here ever face with a kind of this problem

    Kind regards


    As the General best practices. You do not direct operations on the ACTIVE database rather test the application in the test environment.

    on the other hand if your column is NOT NULL then it will affect your application otherwise no impact

  • Add the cluster to an existing table in oracle

    Is it possible to add the cluster of an existing table? For example...

    I have a table:

    CREATE TABLE table_name)

    t_id number PRIMARY KEY,

    t_name varchar2 (50));


    CLUSTER to CREATE my_cluster

    (c_id NUMBER) SIZE 100;

    Y at - it a command such as: ALTER TABLE t_name add CLUSTER my_cluster (t_id); or something like that?

    Because I want to table to look like this:

    CREATE TABLE table_name)

    t_id number PRIMARY KEY,

    t_name varchar2 (50))

    My_cluster (t_id) CLUSTER;

    And drop all the tables isn't really what I want to do.

    Thank you


    It is the reverse:

    A table can be stored as a segment of memory (the common way) or in a cluster.

    Will not be part of the table "in the cluster", but other parts outside.

    Please create a new table in the cluster and insert your data here.



  • Cannot add the partition to an existing table.


    I don't add the partition to an existing table that is not partitioned, get the error as a type of data not valid, then I'm not find syntax errors.




    PARTITION old_data VALUES LESS THAN (To_TIMESTAMP('27/02/2014','DD/MM/YYYY')),

    You see for VALUES LESS THAN (To_TIMESTAMP('28/02/2014','DD/MM/YYYY')) of the PARTITION


    Error report:

    SQL error: ORA-00902: invalid data type

    1. 00000 - "invalid data type".

    * Cause:

    * Action:

    Thank you


    You get this error because your edit statement has an invalid syntax. In addition, you cannot partition a table that is not already configured for partitioning!

    You have to physically re-create the partitioned table in order to add new partitions to it.

  • Add the new column to the table, having trouble adding to an existing form

    I added a new column to a table that has an existing report and on this form. I was able to get the new column in the report, but I can't seem to get in shape. Can anyone give me a suggestion as how to proceed without having to recreate the form?

    Have you added a new element of the new column and set the source type on DATABASE_COLUMN then the value from the source to your new column name?


  • Add the new column on BSE page


    I have a search page when I search on this page with a few criteria
    It shows a region of array type on what it shows all records in the db, that match this search criteria
    now, I want to add a column at the end of this table on the EBS page that displays
    and I want to show some value related to this record that is displayed on this table

    How can I get this value db linked to some folder basis

    and how do I set new column at the end of the table?


    Here are the steps you need to perform.
    1) go to the page with this region of the table. Click on this link page
    (2) check the name of the VO attached with the region of the table and click
    (3) in this page, you can see all of the attributes that are present in the original Version
    (4) if the new attribute you want to display exists in the vol. note his name.
    (5) create a new column in the region of the table through customization and attach this attribute VO with her as well as the view Instance.

    If this attribute does not exist in the original Version, then you must go for the extension of the VO.

    It could be useful!

    Thank you

  • How to add the 'new tab' button next to the last tab?... I use version 9.0.1. and they are missing and I can't find how to add.

    I got the new tab next to open tabs button, but with a recent update of Firefox, the tab button disappeared. Went through all the help points, but how do I add the new Help tab is not listed. The only way to open a new tab is manually using the buttons on windows/t or opening the file and choosing the new tab.


    It could be that he is hidden behind another icon. Please try this: right click on the empty space after the last tab and Customize.... With the mini window open, you can move the other toolbars and icons to check if the new tab button is hidden. You can also check inside the mini window customize the icon named new tab or click Restore Default Set that will be hopefully restore back. Please note that if nothing is uninstalled or disabled when you click on restore by default, you will have to redo all changes to manual/personal toolbar.

    Customize toolbars

Maybe you are looking for