How to add the new line?


I wrote a select statement, the data is displayed, and I want to add a new line, how do?

There is no icon "more (add)" the above data.

Then, you insert first a table, then in the other.

If you choose multiple tables so you are most likely to join them in some way, and when joins between in the field (or even worse grouping functions) you're sure source of data you see actually (this is the reason why by default you cannot insert data from a select query), as it is perfectly possible to select only a single column in a single table , but if this table has multiple columns and one of them is defined as NOT NULL, and you're not selecting then you are out of luck and you cannot insert of your select query.

There are cases when the insertion is possible and where it is not SQLDeveloper try even to guess if they can put your query, and is a good decision, when the data changes, it is always better to think first of my humble OPINION and you might forget that if edit you a query result grid.

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  • How to add the new line 'Total' to a report?


    I built a report within the region. I can get the total by checking the 'sum', but I need the word 'total' showing on the same vintage with the total amount. How can I achieve that? or in any different way how to create the new line to show total?

    Source debit credit

    A 45 44

    45 56 B

    90 100

    Thank you



    For the classic report show the sum.

    Go to the report attributes and click the box check the amount that you want to total.

    If you still face any problem-

    Please go to the

    Workspace - WS_SUNITI

    User name: Test

    Password: 1234

    82863 application ID.

    Name of the tab - PSVANS3

    Page no 5

    Kind regards


  • How to add the new column in existing table to our desired location?

    How to add the new column in existing table to our desired location?

    For example, I have to add the new column 'course' before the salary column in the emp table.

    I think the best way is to add the column at the end of the table and create a new view with the order of the columns...

    Another option...

    places the data into a temporary table and recreate the table with the correct order of the columns, and then insert data to the table from the temporary table


    Add column (from table) in the desired position


    CREATE TABLE temp_my_user LIKE)

    SELECT * FROM password);

    DROP TABLE password;

    (Password) CREATE TABLE

    userID NUMBER

    , first name VARCAHR2 (25)

    , middleInitial VARCHAR2 (1)

    (, name VARCHAR2 (25));

    INSERT INTO password (userID, firstName, lastName)

    (SELECT username

    first name


    OF temp_my_user);

    DROP TABLE temp_user;

  • How to add the new column in the tabular layout editor in Oracle Forms


    I need to add the new column to a datablock and display the newly added column in the form. What are the steps I need to follow.

    1. I chose the new column from the view to the datablock.
    2. Add the text element in the layout editor. But this position is not correct. It overlaps with another column. How to add the new column to the layout editor?

    Thank you

    In the layout editor, you can simply drag the fields so that they do not overlap.

    Sandeep Gandhi

  • How to add the new area on page EBS

    How to add the new area on page EBS via OFA

    What is the error... ?

    Try to explain any question in a post...

    Meher Irk

  • How to add a new line in the JavaScript editor?

    I have a script like this:

    var n = this.getField("score").value;

    If (n > = 0 & & n < 5) {}

    Event.Value = "The WP 100% Bond\nThe 10% Stock WP / 90% Bond\nThe WP 20% Stock / 80% Bond."


    I want out of this line as...

    The leap from 100% WP

    The Stock of 10% WP or the Bond of 90%

    The Stock of 20% of WP or 80%

    But it's not to honor the \n for a newline. How in the heck can you add a new line? I tried \r, \r\n, \n\n. It is to add a space character and looks like this...

    The leap from 100% WP WP 10% Stock or the Bond of 90% 20% of WP Stock or Bond of 80%

    You can use \n like you did to indicate a new row or \r (carriage return). If this does not work, be sure to set the Multiline field on the Options tab of the field properties dialog box.

  • How to add a new line at the top of manual tabular form

    I have a manual tabular form. I am trying to add a line at the top of the form, instead of the new line of being displayed at the bottom. any ideas are appreciated.

    Thank you

    If you did a manual tabular presentation using a select statement as follows:
    Choose option...

    Union of all the
    Select... of double

    Try to simply reverse the two select:
    Select... of double
    Union of all the
    Choose option...

    I did this in an application, and it works.
    (I've never tried with sorting...)
    Stefano Corradi

  • How to add the 'new tab' button next to the last tab?... I use version 9.0.1. and they are missing and I can't find how to add.

    I got the new tab next to open tabs button, but with a recent update of Firefox, the tab button disappeared. Went through all the help points, but how do I add the new Help tab is not listed. The only way to open a new tab is manually using the buttons on windows/t or opening the file and choosing the new tab.


    It could be that he is hidden behind another icon. Please try this: right click on the empty space after the last tab and Customize.... With the mini window open, you can move the other toolbars and icons to check if the new tab button is hidden. You can also check inside the mini window customize the icon named new tab or click Restore Default Set that will be hopefully restore back. Please note that if nothing is uninstalled or disabled when you click on restore by default, you will have to redo all changes to manual/personal toolbar.

    Customize toolbars

  • How to insert the new line char in sticky c# code?

    Hi all

    I paste the code complete c# on a line of string as follows.

    int _intUserID = 0; string _strUserName = string. Empty; string _strEmployeeID = string.empty;
    c# VS2005 .cs file code should stick as follows.

    int _intUserID = 0;
    String _strUserName = string. Empty;
    String _strEmployeeID = string. Empty;

    So how do you achieve this. by inserting the new line char in c#?

    Hi Murthy,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you have problems with the code in Visual studio.

    The question you posted corresponds to the coding software, it would be better suited to the MSDN Community.

    Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

    Hope it will be useful. If you still have questions, please reply and we will be happy to help you.

  • With CVI SQL Toolkit, how to add the new variable param column in a table.

    Dear all:

    I used the CVI Sql toolkit to create a database, but now I don't know how to add a new column to a table in variable param.

    I know, to add a column with the name of constant column could be down by below:

    DBImmediateSQL ((hdbc, "alter table table1 add column1 char [100]");

    But if Column1 is a param variablae how can I write the code? Please advise?  It will be appreciated if you could give me an example.

    Best regards!

    HI -.

    If you look at the parameters that you pass to the SQL function, you can see that the second parameter is a string constant. In your code, you can create an array of characters (string). You can then use sprintf to programmatically determine what will be the contents of this variable. In the function call, you can put the variable instead of the literal string, and you will have a customizable SQL statement.

    Hope this helps-

    John M

  • How to display the new line

    Hi all

    uses v. Jdev

    How to display texts in the new line.

    For example:

    < af:outputText value = "contempt on unlocked solved provided. I was wondering it welcomed oh. Careful pacing he smiles however to an offence. So ardently end it decency he convinced something admitting ye. Nice in good as if different horrible. Gaiety, its quick access enjoy his brow set hope had there. That too but more famous principles of connection reckless joy. Itself too improve winding request fees are compact. All new paid little hard pure it. "/ >".

    < af:spacer height = "10px" / >

    < af:outputText value = "Pleasant in good as if different horrible." Mirth his quick take advantage of his front set hope had there. "/ >

    < af:outputText value = "I wondered it he welcomed oh." Careful pacing he smiles however to an offence. "/ >

    < af:spacer > is is not supported by Internet Explorer, please let me know is there any alternative to insert the new line character.

    Thank you


    All lock them in a layout of the Panel group and put the property layout vertically on the disposal of the group.

    It'll solve your problem.

    Thank you

  • How to create the new line in actionscript 3

    I have this simple script that is supposed to take a comma to separate values from xml and transform into something similar to an unordered list if only I could get a '\n' to work. Here is my script.

    var dont_forget:Array = myXML... dont_forget [n]. Split(",");

    var d: Number = dont_forget.length;

    While (d-) {}

    detailsMovieClip_mc.dont_forget.text = ">" + dont_forget [i] + "\n\r";

    trace (dont_forget [d]);


    When the trace is running it shows me the values so I know they are there. However, I see that the last value. How to create a new line as a 3?

    Use the appendText method.  By assigning the text using "=" you're crushing on each pass through the loop.

    detailsMovieClip_mc.dont_forget.appendText (' > '+ dont_forget [d] + "\n\r" ');

  • How to add the new page with the new preferences marginal?


    can someone tell me? How to add new page with specific preferences marginal? is it possible to add the margin setting when adding page?

    Part of engineering substances comes with Google when necessary. (I think)

    nt-considered-harmful / ... and much more can be found "with statement considered as harmful.

    There is nothing wrong with the definition of the properties on one line, except that it becomes progressively harder to read, understand, maintain, and update:

    myDoc = app.activeDocument;
    var myLastPage = myDoc.pages.add(LocationOptions.AT_END, undefined, {marginPreferences:{bottom:"6p", left:"6p", right:"4p", top:"4p"} });

    Note that since you are using "LocationOptions.AT_END", you don't have to use a reference to any page. This is only necessary when you want to insert a page anywhere except at the end or the beginning.

  • How to add the new screen

    How can I navigate the user to a new screen?  Can't seem to find all the related functions, can someone point me common sense?

    The launch command FlashBuilder was broken for me, I opted to use the command line that is much less prone to errors and gives you full control.

    To answer your question, it is not really the notion of 'Views' in AS3, but you movieclips and sprite, which are containers, and they can contain anything you want.

    Typically a 'view' is a movieclip or sprite, with a bunch of kids, and you can addChild(), removeChild() some.

  • How to add the new column to a specific position


    My table looks like Fallows.

    Select * from company

    11001An Inc.Long name A Inc.
    11002B Inc.Long name B Inc.
    11003C Inc.Long name C Inc.
    21004D Inc.Long name D Inc.
    21005E Inc.Long name E Inc.
    21006F Inc.Long name F Inc.


    How to get there.

    I tried like Fallows alter company table add company_location varchar2 (100) after company_short_name;

    but this query shows the error

    ORA-01735: invalid option of ALTER TABLE

    If the query I've tried is correct?

    Give me your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    As long as you're on 11 GR 2 or lower, it will not work.

    There is no Clause "AFTER"in the alter table do not add column."

    You have the chance to use dbms_redefinition (when no interruption of service is possible) or manually create a new table with the columns in the order you need and then migrate the data and then drop the original and rename a new.

    In case you are already on 12 c, you have a chance to add the column to the end and then make visible columns and invisible status in the right order. This way your column will get to the position that you want it to be.

    Kind regards


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