How to add the new model feature with tables of another data schema?

Hi all

I am trying to add an entity data model to my request. The tables I need are on a schema that does NOT have a default schema of connection of the connection. So I go through the Wizard add new Entity Data Model, generation from database, but then when it comes time to choose your database objects, the only thing that shows is all that is on the default schema. How can I access stuff to another schema with an entity data model?

(Tangentially: it is also a problem with the old Server Explorer simply itself - when adding an oracle db, I see the other schema object in the treeview control to break.) But when I right click the db and the new query, tables of other scheme become available to me here. "So it is less of a problem in the case of Server Explorer).

I found this small excerpt to reach other patterns, but I couldn't make it work in the case of the ora db. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the tips,

Suppose that schema_a has granted privileges to schema_b on database belonged to schema_a objects by running the GRANT statements.
You add a connection in Server Explorer using schema_b, and then add the schema_a in the "Filters" menu... ». Don't forget to click on
the button of update in "Filters" dialog box and confirm schema_a illustrated with schema_b in the column 'value '.

When to use EDM Wizard to create a database data model, choose the connection that you added by using Server Explorer
schema_b. You will see the database of objects belonging to both schema_b and schema_a select and generate your data model. Schema_b
should be able to use the database objects belonged to schema_a according to the privileges granted.

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    This should solve your problem.

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    -InDesign efficient Solutions

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    A 45 44

    45 56 B

    90 100

    Thank you



    For the classic report show the sum.

    Go to the report attributes and click the box check the amount that you want to total.

    If you still face any problem-

    Please go to the

    Workspace - WS_SUNITI

    User name: Test

    Password: 1234

    82863 application ID.

    Name of the tab - PSVANS3

    Page no 5

    Kind regards


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    d ' usability point of view - it was wrong to place tools on the right side. Often, they are on the left side (and only in the old icons, but also in imageprocessing Editor software like Adobe Photoshop). Also front of interface design user Panel... hmmm... This can be better...

    -some bugs or modified features (for example - KING to select, then press the button - nothing happened)


    Is it possible to replace it with an old man:

    Ideal solution will be - switch just between two editors (some features introduced are not so bad).

    Thanks in advance,


    Go to \Resource\Plugins and rename It is a plugin that is called when you call icon editor, and if it isn't there, LV is the Editor (at least for now. I don't know how many versions to come, they will keep the code).

    Note that the editor is open source, so you can enter and change what you want (or save you time and use the changes others did, as the thread of PJM here. You can also watch other discussions in this group).

  • How to add the new column to a specific position


    My table looks like Fallows.

    Select * from company

    11001An Inc.Long name A Inc.
    11002B Inc.Long name B Inc.
    11003C Inc.Long name C Inc.
    21004D Inc.Long name D Inc.
    21005E Inc.Long name E Inc.
    21006F Inc.Long name F Inc.


    How to get there.

    I tried like Fallows alter company table add company_location varchar2 (100) after company_short_name;

    but this query shows the error

    ORA-01735: invalid option of ALTER TABLE

    If the query I've tried is correct?

    Give me your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    As long as you're on 11 GR 2 or lower, it will not work.

    There is no Clause "AFTER"in the alter table do not add column."

    You have the chance to use dbms_redefinition (when no interruption of service is possible) or manually create a new table with the columns in the order you need and then migrate the data and then drop the original and rename a new.

    In case you are already on 12 c, you have a chance to add the column to the end and then make visible columns and invisible status in the right order. This way your column will get to the position that you want it to be.

    Kind regards


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    Thank you


    What prevents you to go to the Page 101 and change the attributes Page and update the Page template of 'Login' to 'My-Login '?

    Kind regards

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    Follow the instructions in the previous section:

    But for functions, use the following syntax:

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    AFNumber_Format (2, 2, 0, 0, "Bob", true);


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    So that the custom script Format and strikes would be:

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    There is no icon "more (add)" the above data.

    Then, you insert first a table, then in the other.

    If you choose multiple tables so you are most likely to join them in some way, and when joins between in the field (or even worse grouping functions) you're sure source of data you see actually (this is the reason why by default you cannot insert data from a select query), as it is perfectly possible to select only a single column in a single table , but if this table has multiple columns and one of them is defined as NOT NULL, and you're not selecting then you are out of luck and you cannot insert of your select query.

    There are cases when the insertion is possible and where it is not SQLDeveloper try even to guess if they can put your query, and is a good decision, when the data changes, it is always better to think first of my humble OPINION and you might forget that if edit you a query result grid.

  • How to get the new logic board with 16 GB of RAM for my Macbook Pro retina 15 mid 2012?

    1 month ago I brought my Macbook to the Apple Store Genius Bar to check the GPU because I was worried about small lines on a screen while playing games.

    After 3 days of test engineering guys gave her back to me and told me that there is nothing they can do in this regard, because was unable to reproduce the problem, but gave me an option - completely replace the logic board for 700CAD. At first, I said NO, but also asked them, if they can replace the logic board, but with 16 GB instead of 8 GB, I immediately. I'll have to pay the money anyway, right? Why not?

    Long story short - they told me that they cannot do and can replace the logic board with the same RAM mount my Macbook at the present time. Specialists support Apple tells me the same thing via Chat application on the Apple Web site. Funniest - none of them could give a reasonable answer why they cannot do so.

    It's the same logic board, with the same size, but with more RAM.

    I understand that they need to sell more laptops and, if I need more RAM, I can go and buy the new Macbook, but to be honest, as an International Student I simply don't have so much money.

    So why can't they do it?

    Honnoshin wrote:

    If I need more RAM, I can go and buy the new Macbook, but to be honest, as an International Student I simply don't have so much money.

    So why can't they do it?

    You deal with politics Apple and no one on these forums can do something for you, since we are like you, only users of Apple products.

    Consider selling your MBP and put money to one with 16 GB of RAM.


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