How to add the voice data on recorded voice file?


I'm working on control of voice (RecordControl interface) recorder in BlackBerry.
I would like to add the voice on file already saved data.

Is it possible to add new data on the already saved file? or any other solution to add the data of voices on the already saved the file?

Thank you


No worries mate.

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    Allocate FND_STANDARD_DATE segment value your FDF everywhere where you want to see the calendar on the page of the OFA.

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    There are cases when the insertion is possible and where it is not SQLDeveloper try even to guess if they can put your query, and is a good decision, when the data changes, it is always better to think first of my humble OPINION and you might forget that if edit you a query result grid.

  • How to add the option in the SelectItem during execution

    Can anyone help me please with this use case?

    I have a list set to the managed bean as below. I want to add new LOV in list (DROP DOWN 2) "ZZZ" based on the value selected in the DROP DOWN 1 on the same page. So that particular one value selected in the DROP DOWN 1, I want to have this new LOV displayed in the DROP DOWN 2. I'm doing it through ValuchangeListener, but I'm not able to find how to add the LOV. Help, please.

    <!-- DROP DOWN 1 -->
    <af:selectOneChoice label="Order Type" id="soc2" required="true"
                          <f:selectItems id="si2" value="#{lovManagedBean.orderTypeItems}"/>
    <!-- DROP DOWN 2 -->
    <af:selectOneChoice label="Request Type" id="soc1" required="true"
                          <f:selectItems id="si1" value="#{lovManagedBean.requestTypeItems}" />
    Managed Bean code
      public List<SelectItem> getRequestTypeItems() {
        List<SelectItem> list = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
        list.add(new SelectItem("XXX","XXX"));
        list.add(new SelectItem("YYY","YYY"));
        this.requestTypeItems = list;
         return list;
      public void orderTypeValueChangeListener(ValueChangeEvent event ) {
          System.out.println("+++ Calling LOVManagedBean.orderTypeValueChangeListener()");
          System.out.println("Old Value for order type:" + event.getOldValue() );
          System.out.println("New Value for order type:" + event.getNewValue());
          if(event.getNewValue().equals("Time and Expense")){
            //Code to add LOV in drop down

    You could make it according to the following example:


    xmlns:f = "".
    xmlns:h = "".
    xmlns:af = "" >

    autoSubmit = 'true' immediate = "true".
    * valueChangeListener = "#{pageFlowScope.SampleBean.onValueChangeListener}" > *.
    * partialTriggers = "soc1."
    * Binding = "#{pageFlowScope.SampleBean.selectOneChoice2}" > *.
    * id = "si3" / > *.

    * SampleBean.Java: *.

    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.List;

    Import javax.faces.event.ValueChangeEvent;
    Import javax.faces.model.SelectItem;


    public class SampleBean {}
    Private RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice2;

    public SampleBean() {}
    DataSource.Add (new SelectItem ("XXX", "XXX"));
    DataSource.Add (new SelectItem ("YYY", "YYY"));
    System.out.println ("to the constructor");

    Private list datasource = new ArrayList ();
    private SelectItem newSelectItem = new SelectItem ("ZZZ", "ZZZ");

    * public Sub onValueChangeListener (ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) {*}
    * if (valueChangeEvent.getNewValue () .equals ("Add") == true) {*}
    * System.out.println("::: Adding new select item choice"); *
    * datasource.add (newSelectItem); *
    *} else {*}
    * if (valueChangeEvent.getNewValue () .equals ("JustSelect") == true) {*}
    * System.out.println("::: Removing the added select item choice"); *
    * datasource.remove (newSelectItem); *
    * System.out.println (datasource.size ()); *
    * this.selectOneChoice2.setValue (datasource); *

    public void setDatasource (the list data source ) {}
    This.DataSource = data source;

    public getDatasource() {list
    Returns the data source;

    public void setSelectOneChoice2 (RichSelectOneChoice selectOneChoice2) {}
    this.selectOneChoice2 = selectOneChoice2;

    public RichSelectOneChoice getSelectOneChoice2() {}
    Return selectOneChoice2;

    * Ensure that the bean is saved in pageFlowScope.*

    Thank you

  • How to add the table radio button.


    I want to update the record if I want that an option of button raduio shaped tabular .There is no option for tabular.
    How to add the table radio button.

    Thank you

    Published by: 805629 on February 3, 2011 04:56

    Use APEX_ITEM. BOX API in the definition of SQL query for the form of tables

  • How to add the column to Adobe flex mxml or actionsctpt mx:DataGrid?

    I have the simple mxml code

    <mx:DataGrid id="DGG"
    <mx:Object scheduledDate="4/1/2006"/>
    <mx:Button id="SetBut"
    label="Set Array as Data Provider"
    click="SetDP(); AddBut.visible = true;"
    <mx:Button id="AddBut"
    label="Add a column!"
            import mx.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridColumn;
            import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

            public var MyAC:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection([{scheduledDate: "4/1/2006", homeTeam: "Chester Bucks"}]);

            public function SetDP():void

            public function AddCol():void
                MyAC.addItem({scheduledDate: "4/5/2007", homeTeam: "Long Valley Hitters", Umpire: "Amanda Hugenkis"});
                DGG.columns.push(new DataGridColumn("Umpire"));

    I want to add lines to my datagrid table how do such thing?

    How to add the column to Adobe flex mxml or actionsctpt mx:DataGrid?

    (You can place this code in a Flash or AIR application - it compiles without error, but will not add any columns =)

    Change this:

    public void SetDP (): void
    DGG.dataProvider = MyAC
    MyAC.addItem ({scheduledDate: "05/04/2007", homeTeam: "long hitters Valley", umpire: "Amanda Hugenkis"});
    public void AddCol (): void
    var dgc:DataGridColumn = new DataGridColumn ("Umpire");
    var ca:Array = DGG.columns;
    CA.push (DGC);
    DGG.columns = ca;


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    You have the report generation tool? If so, the VI of graph Easy Excel has an entry for this.

    If you don't have the Toolbox, then you need to use ActiveX. Please do a search on the use of the ActiveX (there are examples provided with LabVIEW) to control Excel. Also, there are many examples in the thread Excel. NOTE: DON'T POST QUESTIONS IN THIS THREAD.

    In the end, you will need to search for information contained in MSDN.

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    Good bye.

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    Simple, pull on the flap of the IMEI and search for 14W__

    The first 2 digits are for the year and the last 2 digits are the week

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