How to adjust the display settings in acrobat pro DC

How do adjust you the display settings in acrobat pro DC


Hi mauriced43433320,

If you talk about viewing preferences please see this KB for help Acrobat help. Display of PDF files and preferences.

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    After that I logged on my computer, the screen had inexplicably got bigger. It's as if there is a zoom on. I haven't adjusted any settings. How can I fix?

    After that I logged on my computer, the screen had inexplicably got bigger. It's as if there is a zoom on. I haven't adjusted any settings. How can I fix?


    1. right click on a free space of the office > view > select Classic icons.

    2. set DPI:
    Right-click on a free space of the desktop > customize > column to the left, adjust the size of police (in PPP) > uac prompt > click default scale (96 DPI).

    3 resolution:
    Right-click on a free space of the desktop > personalize > Display Setings > move the cursor to the LEFT. Check your user manual, see if she tells you what resolution is for your computer. My laptop is using 1280 x 800 pixels. For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Satellite 1900-101 - How to adjust the display?

    I have a type of laptop Toshiba 1900-101 and have been very satisfied since I bought it 3 years ago.
    One thing I fear is, that I could 'break' the socket plastic of the screen, since I have to use force to open / close.

    Could someone tell me how to adjust the display in order to move much smoother, which screws I need to loosen, whatever...

    Thanks for your help


    Hello Jens

    Unfortunately, there is nothing to see. The construction of screen carrier doesn't leave something like that. As far as I know the carrier is molded plastic. I'm sorry.

  • How to adjust the display light on my aspire vn7 - 791 g

    How to adjust the display light on my aspire vn7 - 791 g? It's the bright way for my use.

    Thank you

    Press the Fn + left or right arrow keys

    to adjust brightness

  • How to adjust the display width of fields?

    work in jdev
    the form looks like DESIGNER Visual, all fields of the same length, and there is no width attribute to adjust. When run, some too long display fields.
    How to adjust the display width of fields in the design?
    Thank you.


    You don't need to repeat once again, unless you have changed the properties after initial drag and drop.

    If you have changed, use the value #{bindings.yourAttribute.hints.displayWidth} to the columns property.

    label = "#{Bindings.Name.hints.label} '"
    required = "#{Bindings.Name.hints.Mandatory} '"
    * Columns = "#{Bindings.Name.hints.DisplayWidth}" *.
    maximumLength = "#{} '"
    shortDesc = "#{}" id = "it38" > "

    Thank you

  • Satellite Pro L300: How to change the display settings

    Hi I have a toshiba satellite pro l300 run a pentium dual core and intel 965 display chip any games I play on my laptop, they open in a small box and not full screen I've had a quick glance at the settings to try to resolve this with no luck.

    Can someone tell me if there is a way to change the settings to get the games to play in full screen, my current display settings are 1280 x 800 pixels and running at 32-bit color.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    You should set this option to full screen in the games you play. Checked for these options, because you are given something like graphics, solution details and in most cases should be windowed.

    One thing you might try is to uninstall your current display drivers, and then reinstall new ones. Make sure that you use tools like ccleaner cleaning record or similar.
    Check if you have installed all the latest updates of windows and directx version, if you are using Windows XP.

  • How to adjust the display to fit the screen when the computer is connected to the TV


    I have a windows xp and a VIZIO television

    but the size of the screen is not the size of the tv, it's just the size it was on my screen... I know that there must be a way to adapt

    Hi PatriciaDelgado,

    Usually, this would happen if the resolution of the screen on the computer is not set correctly.

    I suggest that you change the resolution of the screen on the computer and check if it helps.

    Change the resolution of your monitor

    How to configure and use multiple monitors in Windows XP

    Expand your workspace with multiple monitors

  • How to pass the tabbed window in Acrobat Pro ms?

    Hi all

    I was hoping that someone could tell me - how do you spend a view of a display tabbed window in Acrobat Pro ms?

    Currently, Acrobat opens all PDFs again in a completely separate window; I would give as Acrobat only give a single window, but with several tabs - one for each PDF.

    I searched long enough and have found solutions that seem as if they had some work for other versions - but if you follow the same instructions, I find myself in a menu with various selection options. I'll provide a screenshot and a link to the instructions I found (they're all pretty similar).

    I checked each of the categories and can't seem to find the option anywhere. I've also looked through the Adobe Acrobat DC helps PDFand can't seem to find the answer.

    Does anyone have an idea how can I change a window to display tabs?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Operating instructions: the -keeping tabs on your Documents. Adobe Document Cloud

    Screenshot of the menu - missing of the relevant selection box:

    Menu - no option for tabbed view.png

    Maybe you don't have the subscription - only subscription feature. Permanent licence holders will be able to upgrade someday, we imagine.

  • How to change the display settings of Photoshop CC on a Surface Pro 2?


    I just installed Photoshop CC on my Surface Pro (Windows 8) 2.

    All the buttons are so tiny, so it is very difficult to use. Someone knows how to fix this?


    Thank you


    In menu Ps go in Edition > Preferences > experimental features and then click 200% scale UI option:

  • How to adjust the display of individual page size.

    I have a pdf document that I display in 115%, but would like to have specific individua lpages display in 85%.  I tried the page rezing and he did not what I needed.  no idea if this is possible?

    Try to select the pages you want to display at 85% in the thumbnail Page navigation pane. Right-click and select Page Properties. Click the Actions tab and choose go to a Page view in the menu dropdown.

    Then, change the magnification of the same pages and click on connect.

    Whenever someone accesses these pages the magnification will increase to 85%.

  • I get the diagnosis "Windows Media PLayer cannot play video DVDs. You may need to adjust the display settings of Windows ", etc. But I can also not help & Support 'because a system service is not running.

    The problem may be something that I deleted, but I can't go in the system restore back to an earlier time


    1 have had any changes made on the computer before the show?

    2. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    3. when exactly you get the error message?

    4 are. what system service you referring? What is the full and exact error message?

    5. what happens when you try to do a system restore?

    See the link and check if it helps:

    Windows Media Player Error Message help

    If the problem is not resolved, please provide more information to help you best.

  • Windows 7 - enable the display settings for each folder: folder options, "save the display settings for each folder".


    Any one out there know how to activate the display settings for each folder in WINDOWS 7?

    I'm especially interested in adjusting the size and the location on my screen.  A few days earlier, before moving to Windows 7: I could open a file, place and size where I wanted, and when I opened it again, presto!, even spot and size.

    I've seen several posts of users seeking to turn this feature off.  I'm looking forward in opposition.   I would like to than windows "remember each folder view settings.  This particular configuration seems to no longer be available in Windows 7, screenshot attached:

    Thank you for your time and your interest.

    Best regards


    Have you tried the solution here:

    "The changes in the size, view, icon or a file are lost.

    <> >



  • Restore the default values in Acrobat Pro XI?

    How to restore all default settings in Acrobat Pro XI? I seem to have screwed them all!

    Thank you


    reset your preferences:

  • How to change the display of the Acrobat dc to English language to German?

    How to change the display of the Acrobat dc to English language to German?

    Cloud creation help / solve the installation language. Creative Cloud applications. CCM-

  • How can I change the display settings for the lifecam VX-2000 software provide a mirror image?

    I've tried everything and looked everywhere online.  Can you help me?

    Hi ToniDanile,

    You can change the display settings for the LifeCam software to fix the problem.

    For more information see the article mentioned below:


    Don't troubleshoot bad or no video or problems to start the LifeCam software

    Let us know if it helps.

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