How to apply the escape sequence on the elements of input data?

I have a script that uses the cfind() function to find an apostrophe (') in a string of DAL.
This does not work as expected.

The script went something like this:

Input = Trim (srchdata("!//applicant/ApplicantName",1,100))

#ApostrophePos = cfind(Input,"'",)

This always returns 0, even when the name of the applicant has an apostrophe.

Further investigation has shown that if the ApplicantName has the character to escape '& apos;', then the above function works.

My data has "Bridie O'Reily" in the element ApplicantName, which was the issue.
I changed it to "Bridie O & apos; Reily"and my cfind function work.

Is there a way to retrieve the data and apply escape characters?

For example, in this case, is it possible to convert "Bridie O'Reilly" to "Bridie O & apos; Reily"before you apply the cfind?

It is very good. But what I was asking was if there was a function or something that will take the apostrophe (ASCII, code 39) from the XML and manipulate it in a script of DAL ' then apply cfind()

Furthermore, I solved the initial problem using cfind (Input, char (39),).

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    It works for me :-)

    I sent you a private message.

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    If you want to this gradient to print (or export) with the page, and then you have to draw a rectangle and fill with the gradient.

    If you want on a number of pages, put the rectangle on a master page. You might want to add a layer and move it to the back, put the rectangle on that layer, then lock the layer.


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    HOW can I achieve., I mean how to apply the AUTOFILTER on Page1 (interactive report)

    Currently, I have to manually apply the FILTER on page 1 (employee = ABC), I want to avoid.

    Thank you

    Hi Deepak,

    Could you have another element to the 1 'P1_NEW_EMP' page, pass this back into your branch when control passes from Page 2 to Page 1 and then put it as a condition of your report.

     select * from EMP
    where (employee = :P1_NEW_EMP or  :P1_NEW_EMP = '');
  • How to clear the old cumulative game data in the collection of solitaire Microsoft - Windows 8

    How to clear the old cumulative game data in the collection of solitaire weird... is to say total games, victories, % etc...


    Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a combination of card games and he has not a good reset option for all games.

    Some games have the New Deal option when you right click to start a new game.

    However, on some games have the ability to reset the cumulative Scores. Follow the instructions and check if this.

    (a) click here to open the game.

    (b) press on Windows key + C.

    (c) click settings.

    (d) click on Game Options.

    (e) whether specific game and click reset a cumulative Score .

    Let us know the status of the issue. If you need help, please after return. We will be happy to help you.

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    I do the automated processes to load the data into Hyperion Planning application using the file data_Load.bat & Scheduler of tasks.

    I created Data_Load.bat file, but the rest of the process, I cannot complete.

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    In response to your question using the maxl for loading scripts?

    If Yes, I've seen and deliver in the batch (ex: load_data.bat) that is you do not have the path of the maxl script complete with a batch when passing through the event the task scheduler will work, but the log file and / or error will not be created. Which means lots claims it linked task scheduler, although he did not do what you need to.

    If you use maxl use this as the batch

    "essmsh C:\data\DataLoad.mxl" or you can also use the full path for the maxl or work elsewhere. The only reason why I think that the maxl can then not work is if you do not have the updated batch updated to call on all LANE changes maxl or if you need to update your environment variables to correct the command essmsh to work in a command prompt.

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    905310 wrote:
    How to generate the script to insert data from one table in an entire schema under environment sqlplus
    with toads it please help me please!

    The correct method by using the pump of the database or import/export or unload the data in CSV format for loading using SQL * Loader.

    Generate instructions insert with literals is very bad choices - the bind variable is missing. It will be quite slow because many other CPU cycles are spend on hard analysis. The shared pool will become fragmented. This can cause errors of memory for other applications when they attempt to analyze SQLs for cursors.

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    There is a big media (scripts) on how to replace the element template on a page of a specific document, but my problem is, I've added new Master spread based on a further propagation where newly added distributed Master I need to replace all the elements to master basic page.

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    pageItems [curPageItem] .override (destinationMasterPage)

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    Similar code worked for me (in CS4 - the machine, I had very practical is the one I use to accompany clients on older versions). Are you sure that your destinationMasterPage is a page and not a spread? This would cause a failure.


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