How to automate importing a certificate file (.cer) within the installation in silent mode of FireFox 9.0.1?

I created a for v9.0.1 FireFox msi package and I need to include the registration of a certificate (.cer file) in the installation. I deploy the msi file via a vbScript with SCCM installation. This will allow me to include the registration certificate in the msi file, or as a post-installation task in the vbScript. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi WillL_1955,

    ·         What is the operating system installed on the computer?

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    Operating system

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    You can not. This problem may be caused by anti-virus software. Try to disable it while you install Firefox. Don't forget to reactivate!

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    Hello PMacCk,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community Forum.
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    I discovered that my photo library is now 15 GB causes of all imported... raw files while I wanted to import only jpeg

    How to remove raw (CR2) files?

    apparently if you delete the photo the cr2 file remains in the library, no way to separate or to cancel the two... an idea?


    When I import RAW + JPEG pairs to my library of Photos, Photos show the pair as a single picture. When I delete this single photo, both the RAW and JPEG are removed from the record masters in the library of Photos after I empty the album recently deleted.

  • How to automate import/export Essbase Data 11.1.2


    After migration from Dev to Test using LCM (EPMA planning, shared services) environment I have questions:

    (1) how to automate the export of the source and Destination importation?

    (2) if we have activated MSAD in shared services, which should be standard practice to synchronize the commissioning in environments?


    The AD users are provisioned against Aboriginal groups? If Aboriginal groups will keep the information.
    If users are provided against product roles then assigned roles must contain information.
    Just try to run an excerpt from safety and have a look at the generated CSV files.

    See you soon


  • How to automatically import the modified photos in a nested folder changing?

    I have a master catalog for all my tens of thousands of photos. This catalog includes hundreds of organized digitally records. Each of them contains the RAW images from a memory card.

    I create a new, numbered folder for each download of pictures cards RAW memory of my cameras and then I use Lightroom to transfer the photos from my card reader. In this way, all new folders and their RAW photos appear in the Lightroom Catalog.

    Later, I edit some of these photos and place JPEG files edited in a subfolder under the folder source of the RAW image.

    The problem is that the nested subfolders and their modified photos not as displayed in the Lightroom library. To do this, I need to import their subfolder and then these photos into Lightroom. Sometimes, I forget. When this happens, the subfolder does not in the library. This is something serious because I have hundreds of these subfolders. If they do not automatically appear in the Lightroom library, I don't know what they and their altered photos exist.

    Is there a way to get the CC of Lightroom to automatically import these nested subfolders and photos modified breast? Do not forget that I have create a new source for each RAW/Lightroom Import download folder, and then a file edited JPEG folder nested under each of these RAW images, imported files.

    Thank you.


    Post edited by: Jan Wagner

    First of all, allow me to answer your question, and then I would try to convince you not to do at all... I encourage you to read through my reasoning to avoid this type of workflow unless you really need a reason any.

    To import images:

    -You can import files in several ways - one is by dragging the files themselves to Lightroom icon in the task bar, which opens the import with the selected folders screen. Then, change the import type 'Add', what matters at the current location.

    -You can also click on "Import" and navigate through folders.

    -You could also (when you export JPGs) choose the option to import images into Lightroom.

    Why do it at all? When you edit your images in Lightroom, you already have the edited photo. Why would you want to export a jpg (probably an inferior copy) with all of the editing done in? Better to export the images jpg when you need to send somewhere (at a printing service, at a web site, in an e-mail message) and rely on the original image edited in Lightroom.

    In Lightroom, you can even use virtual copies to create multiple versions of your original image (with different treatments, sizes of harvest, etc.) all based on the unique original image. There is really no need to export copies and bring them back in Lightroom (with the exception of very few cases where the copy is required as part of a specific workflow). You can export a jpg from Lightroom anytime that you need based on the original.

    If you import jpg images, you will have two of everything, besides wasting disk space, it clutters things and makes finding and the heavier edition future.


  • IMPDP - how to import a dump file data including the dumpfiles Clustered.


    Can someone suggest me how will import data from dumpfile using IMPDP, if the EXPDP has used several Dumpfiles clusters. ?

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    This doesn't make much sense.  I guess you have several dumpfiles from an export order and you don't want to import 1.  How can you know what is in the dumpfile that you want to import?  Is the last thing that will do the job of data pump export the main table.  How do you know which file is in and then you're sure to import objects are in the same dumpfile.

    The answer is NO, this is not supported.  During the Data Pump import starts, it checks that all dumpfiles at time of export are included in the import job. If this is not the case, the job will fail.


  • How can I import playlist .pla files to Windows Media Player?

    I sync between my computer and my (old) mp3 a Philips something or other (I know if this is important). For some reason half of my playlists no longer appear on WMP. However, their corresponding .pla file is always on my mp3 player. I understand that .pla files are empty, but the link to the device and of course db under properties, I see that the pla files contain all the correct tracks. I want to restore these playlists on WMP. Please, is it possible to import these? I tried syncing my mp3 player to my computer by this is not not possible to drag and drop playlists.

    Can you still see the missing playlists on your hard drive?

    You can use Windows search to search for *.wpl and *.m3u, which should bring them up if they have not been deleted. In addition, please check the trash.

  • Importing a library file (adding) corrupts the content.

    When importing (adding) a file of Aperture library to my main library, a lot of mistakes is introduced, including a link to the (masters) badly referenced original. If others have reported this? How do you work around?

    I saw a similar problem after testing cleaning applications such as CleanMyMac.Did you try similar request?

    But if an Aperture library has a slight alteration, it can worsen after importation from another library.

    You could fix the two libraries before trying to merge them by importing.  See the manual page on how to repair the library: action = 10% 26tasks = true

    In any case, I would like to make a backup copy of these two libraries before trying to merge libraries.

    If the referenced original links are apparently wrong, you might want to rebuild the thumbnails:

    Select the images with the bad link and use the command ' Photos > generate thumbnails "to recreate the thumbnails.

  • cannot import a vcard file attached to the email

    When you receive an e-mail when someone transfers a .vcf contact to me I see a text file in the body of the e-mail
    I can open a card, but he wants to add it to windows instead of thunderbird contacts

    How can I fix this

    vCard or .vcf

    Some address book programs use a vCard format, which cannot be imported directly by Thunderbird. You can import the .vcf and vCard using the third-party "MoreFunctionsForAddressBook" Thunderbird extension

    • Download on the desktop or the folder "downloads" on computer.
    • In Thunderbird. 'Tools' > 'Modules' to open the "Add-ons Manager" in a new tab
    • Click the icon of Marguerite and select ' install Addon file
    • Locate the downloaded file as
    • Click open to install in Thunderbird

    Save vcard / .vcf attachment for example: desktop

    In Thunderbird:

    • Open "address book".
    • Select the address book that you want to go
    • "Tools" > "morefunctionforAddressBook" > "Action of the contacts" > "import vCard/vcf.
    • Find the saved vcard/.vcf file and click 'open '.
  • I don't want to use pictures. How can I import into Aperture and work around the Photos?

    I don't want to use Photos, but when I try to import photos from my camera to the opening, the computer switches me to the Photos automatically.  How can I avoid this and just stay with Aperture?

    At the launch of Photos, select the camera in the sidebar of the Import the import panel Panel.  Clear the check mark 'Open pictures for this device'. The next time you connect your camera, Photos should not, launch if you use the same card and do not reformat the card.

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