How to back up the registry in Windows Vista

I am currently working through the steps to delete & fix MSN Messenger because my current one is corrupt. One of the measures is to back up the 'register' before moving on to the next step.

So far, that I have been able to find anything that tells me where I can find the 'register' or where I can download the software for this. My laptop came with Windows Vista pre-installed so I don't have a CD.

Someone can tell me what is the 'register' and where can I find the software? Is this by chance another name for where you just do a system retsore point on the computer?

Thank you


Wednesday, July 7, 2010, 17:47:36 + 0000, Lorien - a says:

Here is the information you need:

Moreover, to join the Regitry to go start / search box and type regedit.exe and enter and then double-click on the program icon that appears.

Bunnies098 should be aware that Regedit is a program for editing the
Registry. Unlike many other programs of different species, from editing all
changes made to the registry are made immediately. you do not get the
opportunity later to save or not to save changes.

And the registry is critical to the operation of Windows. So be
extremely careful what you do with Regedit and do everything
changes with it unless you are sure that what you do is
Regedit is a very dangerous program. An error with the help of it can easily
cause a computer unbootable plu.

Ken Blake

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    You are welcome.

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    See if Dell has Windows 7 drivers for your model computer.

    Download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

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    See you soon.

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    You can do the following.

    Hold down the Windows key and press R

    Type regedit and click on enter - click Yes at the subsequent uac prompt

    In the upper left corner of the Registry Editor screen, click on file and then select export from the menu

    Select where you want to save the backup file and give a name to the file

    Click on the Save button and give him a few moments to complete.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Welcome them

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    The Microsoft Answers community focuses on the context of use. Please reach out to the professional community of COMPUTING in the below link MSDN forum:

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    Use the command Regedit, which ships with Windows.

    But be very careful. If you make changes here, they are immediately registered. Unless you know what you are doing, it is very easy to screw everything up.

  • How I can scan the registry valuHi, how I can scan the Windows 7 registry value and how do I come to know if the registry value is same as it has been installed previously?


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    The Windows registry is a vast and vital part of the computer, which continues to evolve being modified or deleted or new entries are created all the time.
    Case where the registry keys of change.
    At startup
    So that updates
    While making customization or custom settings in windows
    While to install the software
    Virus... etc.
    Each click Open and save is related to the registry.
    This is something very tedous to verify the integrity of a registry of windows with all of the above modifications being carried out.
    You can back up the registry of the computer after you install Windows new and update with all Windows updates and the custom software, into a registry backup or create a system image / restore point.
    Please visit these links for more information.

    Windows registry Description of the audit of the Windows Registry tool (Scanreg.exe) How do I add, edit or delete subkeys in registry and values by using a registration entries (.reg) file Hope this information helps

  • How can I stop emails to go to hotmail? or do I have to go back to the use of window live?

    Send an email to wndos email on my departure

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    as I reinstall my windows 7, that the installation process has been abandoned that I forgot to plug in the charger and it now displays "windows installation was not completed. to install windows on this computer, restart the installation "How can I restart the installation..." i havnt made any recovery

    Boot from the Windows 7 DVD
    Click Install now
    Accept the license agreement
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    You can then retrieve your personal files from the Windows.old folder and reinstall all of your applications and drivers.

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