How to best create file with the models of labels for products

I have been printing my own labels on a laser for my company printer and am moving to the stage of having a printer to begin printing for me Boo. BUT, I have to ensure that PDF files, I give him are clean and lined up perfectly.

I used the templates and the margins provided for by the manufacturer label ( and with a little tweaking, they work for me both feel. But any care I use the templates there is always that "derives from the printer" on my printer that I adjust for.

How can I create my files so that the labels and the bazillion images work on their printer? This will be a final file of 250 pages, each different page. These are images of picture with some text and most bleed like the picture. I have little precious space of one label to another.

Is there a way that I didn't think to create the document?

The attached examples are a text page and a page with the circular template image up if are you can see. Here's the circle 1.67 "labels.


THANKS _ I hope I have explained this in some form of intelligibility.



The PDF file will be accurate. No doubt their pick-up rolls and route of introduction are accurate. Desktop printers, even slightly of those spendy and type "bizhub" generally cannot be invoked for Registration, page by page.

Just be sure to share the design with the printer, so that they can see what they are getting into. Once they give you the green light, drifting, as appropriate, is on their shoulders.


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