How to build an array of 1 d n save it as a line on a free text


I write the code for the thermoucouple SR630 monitor. I want to go through the channels and then save the data to a text file or xcel.

I managed to get the scan to work, and even record on file, but each number is placed under the previous, where instead I ideally would like to store all the numbers in a single on the same line scan, as it would have 5 columns of data for each sweeps of a single channel.

Ideally an additional column would be also present on each line with a timestamp of the sweep as a whole.

Can anyone help?

code attached below

Tema says:

-Your changes bouquet now numbers in groups of 5, but they are still all one under the other. I can edit what they are separated by (ie. a tab, or space or by commas, etc.), but this only adds the item before the numbers all by always moving on the line below.

I guess this is because the function is not wait all 5 numbers to build a single line to then send off in a whole ' writing in the text file. He sends every single number it is received?

Can I use the function "pick up line" for loop on itself to build a single line?

No, it's because the instrument is back one end at the end of the answer.  You save this file, and so each item will be displayed on separate lines.  I would use the Trim spaces to erase this inside the loop for.

To add a time stamp, simply add to the string table before formatting in worksheet line.

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    Hey Bing.

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    I recommend you read some tutorials LabVIEW and bases of knowledge on topics that are related to yours. These could help a lot.

    I hope that my suggestions help,


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    Kind regards

    Since you have 1 column of 800 lines, then use table to Index first to get only the first column.  This will give you a table 1 d of 800 items.  Then the idea to use this table, as well as the subset of the table for the 2nd through the remaining lines, subtract one from the other, work.

    I can't comment on the simulation loops because I don't have that and never used.

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    Is there a tutorial on how to use control arrays in LabWindows?

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    for (iLoop = 0; iLoop = iNumberofControls; iLoop ++)

    SetCtrlVal (Panel, CRTLARRAY [iLoop], value);


    I am aware of the manual, the userint\ledctrlarray.cws (very) brief example

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    You will need create your own file config.xml. There are samples and documentation on each of the items on our microsite here:

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    Unfortunately you cannot use the series of development because it requires "version 1.11.0 and require a compatible for most C ++ 11 3.1 Clang compiler or GCC 4.7.

    1.10 stable series should be ok.

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    Type "exit" to close the console.

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    / Rubeck

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Maybe you are looking for