How to cancel the HP SMART WEB PRINTING?

I bought a new Hp photosmart C4780 printer and I installed it. But now, everytime I open internet explorer, web printing smart hp comes and I have to stop it myself all the time. How can I disable this web to print? I use internet explorer 8 on Windows xp

Thank you

I'm sorry you have a problem with the smart Web printing. This is not really to be used to print from the web or elsewhere.

1. go to your control panel.

2. click on uninstall programs

3. click on the smart Web printing and uninstall

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  • I have deleted the HP Smart Web Printing (but kept the link) and now I don't know how to get it back.

    I had Microsoft Updates-ITMU 23 and 12 did not update. I am 73 and not very computer. I finally (discovered by chance) at least part of the problem, is that I must have installed Explorer 9. He told me to update to a new driver/software. I tried to do it step by step and this is where I deleted the smart Web printing. On the second try to fix it, it would not update because he says, it does not support 64 bit (which I have). We assume that 32-bit. Help. I can't figure out how to get my smart web printing back. In addition, I don't know how to recover my system to an Explorer from the lowest since apparently I was 9.

    Hello BarbG,

    Let us know how it turns out after that Geek Squad is done with your computer. Since there are other issues past with your computer, that they could have connected HP Smart Print issues as well. However, if they get everything fixed and you continue to have problems with smart printing software HP (or any other product of the HP) do not hesitate to come back and we will help you as best we can!

    Good luck!

  • Where is the HP Smart Web Printing button in the toolbar of the browser. ??

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Hp Web Smart Printing and still no 'button' on my toolbar in IE8? The first time after installing the black side bar is there so when I click on the X to close it never reapears anywhere? How can I get in my toolbar, click on and use it when I need it? Jerry11139

    Eldercare wrote:

    Was having a hard time finding this icon in IE8 as well.   I usually use Firefox and you can not miss on this browser.  IE8 is a completely different story.

    In IE8, it's on the toolbar at the same level as all the tabs.  To the right of the home menu of the Page, the printer icon icon, etc., you will see two small signs "superior to" (> >).  Click left them and the icon to launch the smart Web printing will be in a 'drop-down '.  Click on it and it will open the Clip book.

    If it had been a snake it would have bit me...

    I got to this post in the forum because I'll forget where it is then few I use IE8.  Now, I'll be able to search for my own post!

    Hope this helps someone.

    If you want to access the icon right-click on toolbar Customize, click Add or remove commands, then you can move the icon of swp HP in the list then it will always show up on your toolbar or you can remove some of those that you do not use (as perhaps RSS) this way you will have not to click on the double arrows and click the drop-down menu when you want.

  • How can I stop the HP Smart Web Printing autostart

    How to stop the application runs every time I start a new session of IE, or whenever I open a new tab.  I can't find an option to turn it off in the preferences.  I don't want her X whenever I have start up internet Explorer or whenever I open a new tab.

    Open internet explore and go to tools - manage Add ons.  Find the program in the list - top - right click Disable and disabled. Close and reopen Explorer solutions and heh voila.

  • smart web printing problem

    How | I stop the box Smart Web Printing from popping up. Whenever I try to open anything the SWP box open axking me to insert the disc that I did not. I don't have this SWP came BU today has started and I can't get rid of him.  | I deleted the SWP of Add/Remove Programs, but it continues. Can someone help me remove this problem.

    Thank you

    Finally I thought of her.  Found the place of management module browser and off the sea Smart Printing part and all this now is not working properly. Thanks for the help.


  • The toolbar Bing and how do I use smart web printing is DO NOT RESOLVED, SEE LAST POST please!

    I have all ready Bing toolbar, so I don't need two times in my browser, IE9 on Windows 7 SP1 x 64 Home Premium laptop. I really want to use this tool, because it is easier than MS extracted and then having to use Paint. So, is there a way I can get the last smart web printing app for my OfficeJet Pro 8500 a 909 and have the icon to see the place on my currently installed Bing bar? For now, it appears so when I go to 'View', 'Explorer Bars', 'Smart Web Printing' and opens a Panel on the side of left-just like how history and Favorites, but is grayed out. I think it is an older version that I installed the latest version of the OfficeJet software just two months ago. In any case, I don't have need another Bing bar, you know?

    Thanks for any help.


    This document

    HP Smart Web Printing Software replaced by HP Smart printing

    can offer help:

    I don't think that there is another bar of research involved with this utility.

  • I am running Firefox 3.6.23. I get the message that HP Smart Web printing is not compatible.

    I am running Firefox 3.6.23 under Windows 7 64-bit. I want to use the HP Smart Web Printing program, but under the Add-ons, I get the message that it is not compatible with this version. What worm. should I run for compatibility? I've seen both the icon on the toolbar, but it went away after the next reboot. Help.


    It is listed as compatible with the versions of Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.

    Best regards


  • HP Smart Web Printing installed but not symbol in the browser

    I just download HP Smart Web Printing and seemingly installed himself (if I try to install it still has once told me that it is already installed). When I try to use it I just can't find any appropriate symbol anywhere on the browser.

    QUESTION: Is there another way to start the HP Smart Web printing if the symbol does not appear after installation (button quick access, menu option), list of programs?

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Internet Explorer 8 32 bit OF

    OK, I found out where the mysterious icon is hidden, with a response to Bonnie on January 19, 2010.

    In my case (IE8 in German), I found that it is necessary to click on the > button at the end of the toolbar and which reveals additional icons, including a door marked "HP Smart Web Printing:

  • Remove HP Smart Web printing

    How can I remove HP Smart Web Printing to always be there on the left side of my screen of Internet Explorer.  I don't want to automatically be there.  I'll find it when I need it.

    Thank you

    I had this annoying pop-up and finally found a way to get rid of him.  Very easy


    Internet options,

    tab programs,

    Manage Add ons, (bottom of page)

    Scroll down to find Smart Web Printing

    Click the turn off on the left

    I got rid of him

  • HP Smart Web Printing toolbar

    How can you move or minimize the HP Smart Web printing toolbar

    Hello Somba,

    I'm sorry you have a problem removing or reducing the toolbar.  Depending on what browser you use will determine how hide/show toolbar.  In IE8, you should see an icon that looks like a sheet downstream from the Home icon.  The icon is dark green to light green (from top to bottom).  Just click on the sheet to hide and show the toolbar.  Please let me know if this helps or not.  If you use a different browser and you don't see the map, please let me know the browser and I'll do more research.  Thank you!

  • Firefox itself 3.6.9 upgrade and now I can't print anything from an open page, because HP Smart Web printing does not work with this version. What is an extension of replacement?

    "An unknown error has occurred while printing."

    See this:

    The lack of compatibility of the HP Smart Web printing add-on shouldn't stop a printer HP to work with Firefox - all you lose is this stupid floating toolbar and adds some features.

    File > print or {Ctrl + P} should begin printing again, so all you have to do is make sure that the correct printer is selected, and then click the OK button.

    My advice is to try to the reset mentioned in this article.

  • To exclude HP Smart Web Printing

    I have an HP OfficeJet 4500 All in One G510n-z.

    It has installed Smart Web Printing, but it does not work properly so I want to uninstall it.

    I have 2 computers, 1 with Windows 7 Professional and one with Windows 8.1.

    If I uninstall Smart Web Printing, it will affect my all in one software?

    Hey @Jeff17866,

    I understand that you want to remove the functionality of smart Web printing of your computers for your HP Officejet 4500 Wireless all-in-One Printer. To be honest, the HP Smart Web Printing Software is just a plugin for Internet Explorer that allows you to select, edit, clip and print the content of web pages without having to print the entire web page. There is absolutely no reason that you must have the software installed, if that's something you don't think you are going to use. It is installed as 'extra' software Also, by removing the Smart Web Printing service you will be in no way affect the current software and drivers for your printer.

    I suggest in the future if you need to reinstall you software package HP and the driver to choose the option "Customize" at the beginning of the installer and turn off printing Web Smart option if you don't have to go through this again.

    To uninstall Smart Web Printing on Windows 7:

    1. Go to your Start menu
    2. Select Control Panel
    3. Under the control panel select programs and features
    4. Once the list of programs fills in the programs and features box scroll down and look for HP Smart Web Printing. Ideally, you should be able to simply select this option, and then uninstall it.

    To uninstall Smart Web Printing on Windows 8:

    1. Launch of your start screen by clicking the Windows button on the lower left corner of your screen, or by selecting the Windows button in the bottom left of your keyboard to the right of the Ctrl key
    2. Once the splash screen opens just type "programs and features".
    3. Programs and features should now display as a search option. It should not, you may need to select the settings at the top right and then select programs and features
    4. Once the programs and features open and fills the programs installed on your computer, scroll up until you are able to select HP Smart Web Printing and remove it.

    Please let me know if it solves your problem. Good luck!

  • HP Smart Web Printing


    I had HP smart web printing in my browser after I upgraded to IE 9 and it did not work properly.  It's always in my programs.  But now I can not wake him up in my browser.  Should I uninstall and reinstall?  Or there will be problems with it anyway.

    Thank you.


    The HP Smart Web Printing is not compatible with IE9.

    Follow the steps below to uninstall HP Smart Web Printing and install the addon for HP Smart printing instead:

    Kind regards


  • Windows Installer tries to install the smart web printing


    Whenever I click on my computer to open a folder or the Start button, windows installer is trying to install the smart web printing and I get a message error everytime. I have to manually close the window every time.

    I tried to remove the smart web printing from the Control Panel, but it did not work. I also tried to install the new version of the smart web printing and unstall, but it did not work.

    How can I solve this problem? I want to stop windows install tries to install smart web printing every time I open a folder.

    I have Windows 7.

    Thank you very much.



    Finally I found a way to solve this problem. I typed msconfig in 'run' and not all the HP Smartweb printing and windows elements installer in the startup and services tabs. I have no more problem.

    But thank you very much for your help!

  • How to remove smart web printing?

    How to remove this from my computer, it is annoying to vwery

    Without doubt, you have an HP printer, this being reviewed HP help/support on their site or forums

Maybe you are looking for

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