How to capture the value of the profile controller option in the OPS?


I have a requirement to capture the value of the value of the profile controller option in the OPS?
How to write the code for this?

Thank you


I have a requirement to capture the value of the value of the profile controller option in the OPS?

Pagecontext class we getProfile method using this you can get the value of profile:

pageContext.getProfile ("profilename");

Meher Irk

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    How to capture the value of profile in AM.


    Here is the code that you can use

      String profileValue=  getOADBTransaction().getProfile("profile Name");

    Thank you

  • How to capture the values

    Hi friends,

    I came across one of the scenarios, i.e.

    In my application, I have a report page and a form page, the report and the form are based on the unique table...

    If a record is inserted medium, means it will be inserted in the report...

    in the region of report I have an button called then if I clicked the next button means a form page must open to capture all values which is inserted in the report of each field of the form...

    How to capture the values of the ratio to form shortly after clicking on the button NEXT in the region of report...

    Help me solve this question friends,

    Thank you


    For the Next button , which is located in the region of report,

    change the Action: to redirect to the page and give the respective page number: (i.e.) the target...

    And specify the value of these items: what are all the elements of the target.

    with these values: describe the elements of the source where you will take the values of the corresponding points...

    Izz all wells

  • How to capture the value of type column report

    It would be a great help that you might suggest the following

    (i) Java script that I wrote on the standard status column (in a tabular report) fails.
    This happens because of the standard status column, if I use the text field then called Javascript function and showing correct results.

    Now, here, I want to know how to capture the value of the column standard report, since javascript fails due to
    the column values of standard report unrecognized.


    Columns of the report as a table:
    Standard report column: salary
    TextField report column: new treatment
    Report column standards: difference

    I've written the javascript on column New_salary function which returns the value of the salary column to calculate the difference.

    For this column of report types, the javascript function does not work, that is to say, it does not show the difference., since it is not read
    the value of the column Salary (which is the Standard type of report column)
    Once I have change the Salary column to text (display as saved state) javascript field works fine.

    All entries on how to capture the standard value of the column, so that I can access the value of the javascript function.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Vijay - I had problems with the forum as well (and my workspace OTN so)!

    You have two questions, I think.

    First of all, that the old wage is not an input element, you can not get to it by referring to an ENTRY tag. you will need to change that to something like:

    var s1 = d[k-1].firstChild.nodeValue;

    This means that there is nothing else in the cell apart from the text - as in < td > < table > 123. If there is something else there that stops you getting the value using the above, you can go through these nested tags referring to objects further firstChild-

    var s1 = d[k-1].firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue;

    As I don't see your page, you need to check yourself to see firstChild how much you need. This example assumes that you had something like: < td > < b > 123 < /b > < table >

    Second, the values of s and s1 are strings. You must convert these numbers to be able to perform calculations. You have two javascript functions to do this: ('string') parseFloat and parseInt ('string'). One contains decimals, the other is not - but know that one is not very accurate (it can change "123.456' in ' 123.455999999995' or something similar - not very good! '").

    So, your calculation should be:

    var diff = parseInt(s) - parseInt(s1);


  • How to capture the data of type string with agent script and then compared to an alarm


    How to capture the string with agent of script data and then create a rule to compare the string data to generate alarm?

    Thank you!...

    Start here:

  • How to capture the input value of text by the user in a popup page search LOV?

    I need to capture the user entry in the LOV search page. I added a controller in the LOV region, and the speed is also work, but I have to hold the entry to search for in the contextual search page. Also do you know what the text entry id "keyword"? then I can try store the value in LICS of the Commander.


    Why do you need to write code in LICS?

    You have the user type field in your query of Lov VO (then only you had created search are they allowed in Lov research/item of type user), I proposed is just changes to sql to check if the user type is vendor and caters fields null., something like below for each address field:

    , DECODE (user_type, "PROVIDER", NULL, ) address_field1

    You should always share full details, including related sql code and xml on your question to avoid all these discussions back

    Kind regards

    Sandeep M.

  • How to capture the value of the element in the success of the process message

    Hi friends,

    I need to capture two of the content of the element in the success of the process message.

    These are the elements

    *) course_name
    date *)

    To do this, what I did is,

    I created two timely hidden

    *) dis_course_name and *) dis_date

    For these hidden point two, I give: sql returns a single value and I gave the following query

    For dis_course_name
    select course_name from training_attendance_table
    where course_name=:P1_COURSE_NAME
    For dis_date
    select on_date from training_attendance_table
    where on_date=:P1_ON_DATE
    After I wrote a process to capture the hidden question contained in the message, and that's what follows
    apex_application.g_print_success_message := 'Your Attendance for the' ||'<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold">&P1_DIS_COURSE_NAME.</span>'||' '|| 'Training session on'||'<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold">&P1_DIS_DATE.</span>'||' '|| 'is Confirmed';
    exception when others then
    apex_application.g_print_success_message := 'Your Attendance for the' ||'<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold">&P1_DIS_COURSE_NAME.</span>'||' '|| 'Training session on'||'<span style="color:orange;font-weight:bold">&P1_DIS_DATE.</span>'||' '|| 'is failed to Confirm';
    But the above seemed to work, as it was not capturing the content of the element in the success message, shortly after pressing the submit"" button.

    element content in the sense what he calls means, it refers to what im going for this element into the form

    I need to get the following in the success message
    Your Attendance for the *<course name>* training session on *<date>* is confirmed 
    Waiting for the solution.

    Kind regards

    Try this.

    Your presence to the & P1_COURSE_NAME. training session on & P1_ON_DATE. is confirmed

  • How to capture the username to login dialog before actual login on demand. as in the trigger LOGON IT I want to put a validation

    When the user launches the application we get connect dialog asking the USER name: PASSWORD: STRING: values.

    Once we enter these values, it will connect to this session. But I want to take the username before you actually connect to the database. How is it possible. I'll make a few validatios before opening SESSION or ONE CONNECTION.

    IM using form 11g

    Forms [32 bit] Version (Production)

    Oracle Database 11 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit Production

    With partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options

    Oracle Toolkit Version (Production)

    PL/SQL Version (Production)

    Oracle V11. - Production procedure generator

    PL/SQL Editor (c) WinMain Software (, v1.0 (Production)

    Query Oracle - Production Designer

    Oracle virtual graphics system Version (Production)

    The GUI tools Oracle Utilities Version (Production)

    Oracle Multimedia Version (Production)

    Oracle tools integration Version (Production)

    Common tools Oracle zone Version

    Oracle CORE Production

    Some how WE-ERROR now works. seems that I made a mistake. I capture the error ORA-2391 he and custom message display.

    Thank you

  • How to capture the users of information fromRPD

    Hi Experts,

    I have x, user Y z in RPD. They're back writing. How to capture their username in the responses. \


    You can assign the variable user to session system in a column where the writeback is used
    put VALUEOF (NQ_SESSION. The USER) in fx of the column. so when X the user connects, the column is filled with the value 'X' and this value can be rewritten to db.

  • How to capture the signals using the macro excel 2007 with lecroy activedso object

    Hello everyone...

    I hope you could help me.


    I have a macro code, but there is no output from the image displayed in the specified activedso object after successfully connected to the specified IP address.

    I think that there is a problem by specifying the activedso object.


    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

    Dim o As Object
    As Boolean Dim success

    Set o = CreateObject ("LeCroy.ActiveDSOCtrl.1")
    ipadd = ActiveSheet.Range ("B1"). Value ' in a specific cell ip address value

    With ActiveSheet.OLEObjects ("ActiveDSO1")
    success = o.MakeConnection ("IP:" & ipadd) ' if the true value, capture the current image of the osci waveform digital lecroy and displayed in the object activedso
    If (success = False) then
    MsgBox "not found DSO! Address can be a problem...  '& o.ErrorString '.
    GoTo 999
    End If
    Ends with

    999 set o = Nothing

    End Sub

    If there are questions or disputes my inquiry please do not hesitate to answer.

    Hello Jeff,.

    It is also a pleasure to meet you!

    There is a method "StoreHardcopyToFile", that you can use to get a picture and save it on your PC.

    Here is a picture from the help file ActiveDSO showing the method with a VBA example to use.

    Let me know if you have any challenges.

    Kind regards

    Leonard Brown
    Technical sales engineer
    Teledyne LeCroy

  • How to capture the pointer when you use print screen in Vista?

    I am writing instructions for three classes of Excel, and I want to capture the different sliders to include in the directions.  Of course, when I use print screen, they disappear, so nobody knows how to capture them?


    I suggest you to try the cutting tool and check if it helps.

    Use the cutting tool for screenshots:

    I hope that helps!

  • Strom - how to capture the character alphabetical non-base [ (keycode)]


    In our application, we have a search screen. His works well when we enter alphabetic characters (the keyboard multitap strom).

    Problem is when we type some non alphabetic characters on the device (e.g. $, % &) it isn't research.

    In the keyDown() method, we get the key as

    key tank = (keycode);

    The code above was not capturing the symbols and other characters not alphabetic. its return null value (/ u000).

    Is there any way to solve this problem.

    Insted of (keycode); It is another method to get all the characters.

    Thank you


    Problem solved by using metod keyUp()

  • How to capture the screen in Microsoft Windows 8

    I saw a lot of videos on YouTube on the settings of Windows, and I was wondering how they capture their screen like a video. I asked a person and he suggested me to use Cam Studio. I tried to use it, but I discovered that it was very difficult for me to use.

    I need software screenshot with the possibility to mix videos, add captions, add tracks at bottom. I also want to make a GOOD video "INTRO" and "GOOD".
    Please, can someone help me?
    I need this software so bad. I have to make a video for my computer CTTP, Grade 7.
    Please help with in 2 weeks.

    You can try Hypercam

    or maybe and download video editor

  • How to capture the ORA-6550

    I want to find the ORA-06550 errors

    SQL> alter session set events 'sql_trace';
    Session altered.
    SQL> select 'foo' from dual;
    SQL> exec foo
    BEGIN foo; END;
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PLS-00201: identifier 'FOO' must be declared
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    SQL> quit

    If I look in my trace file, I don't find any ORA-6550

    Trace file /u01/log/oracle/diag/rdbms/db01/DB01/trace/DB01_ora_42860586.trc
    Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options
    ORACLE_HOME = /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_3
    System name:    AIX
    Node name:      srv01
    Release:        1
    Version:        7
    Machine:        00F626FA4C00
    Instance name: DB01
    Redo thread mounted by this instance: 1
    Oracle process number: 38
    Unix process pid: 42860586, image: [email protected] (TNS V1-V3)
    *** 2015-09-17 13:59:49.109
    *** SESSION ID:(358.241) 2015-09-17 13:59:49.109
    *** CLIENT ID:() 2015-09-17 13:59:49.109
    *** SERVICE NAME:(SYS$USERS) 2015-09-17 13:59:49.109
    *** MODULE NAME:([email protected] (TNS V1-V3)) 2015-09-17 13:59:49.109
    *** ACTION NAME:() 2015-09-17 13:59:49.109
    CLOSE #4573396320:c=6,e=10,dep=0,type=1,tim=49416422688162
    PARSING IN CURSOR #4573391040 len=22 dep=0 uid=0 oct=3 lid=0 tim=49416422690646 hv=3859763380 ad='70000005ae19830' sqlid='cvysbzgm0yn5n'
    select 'foo' from dual
    PARSE #4573391040:c=790,e=1312,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=1,r=0,dep=0,og=1,plh=1546270724,tim=49416422690645
    EXEC #4573391040:c=18,e=31,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=0,r=0,dep=0,og=1,plh=1546270724,tim=49416422690748
    FETCH #4573391040:c=8,e=13,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=0,r=1,dep=0,og=1,plh=1546270724,tim=49416422690808
    STAT #4573391040 id=1 cnt=1 pid=0 pos=1 obj=0 op='FAST DUAL  (cr=0 pr=0 pw=0 time=4 us cost=2 size=0 card=1)'
    FETCH #4573391040:c=0,e=1,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=0,r=0,dep=0,og=0,plh=1546270724,tim=49416422691085
    *** 2015-09-17 13:59:57.118
    CLOSE #4573391040:c=7,e=12,dep=0,type=0,tim=49416430697630
    PARSING IN CURSOR #4573389592 len=202 dep=1 uid=0 oct=3 lid=0 tim=49416430698685 hv=3819099649 ad='700000066ccf5b8' sqlid='3nkd3g3ju5ph1'
    select obj#,type#,ctime,mtime,stime, status, dataobj#, flags, oid$, spare1, spare2 from obj$ where owner#=:1 and name=:2 and namespace=:3 and remoteowner is null and linkname is null and subname is null
    PARSE #4573389592:c=59,e=95,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=0,r=0,dep=1,og=4,plh=853875749,tim=49416430698684
    EXEC #4573389592:c=32,e=52,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=0,r=0,dep=1,og=4,plh=853875749,tim=49416430698837
    FETCH #4573389592:c=18,e=31,p=0,cr=2,cu=0,mis=0,r=0,dep=1,og=4,plh=853875749,tim=49416430698888
    STAT #4573389592 id=1 cnt=0 pid=0 pos=1 obj=18 op='TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID OBJ$ (cr=2 pr=0 pw=0 time=37 us cost=3 size=80 card=1)'
    STAT #4573389592 id=2 cnt=0 pid=1 pos=1 obj=37 op='INDEX RANGE SCAN I_OBJ2 (cr=2 pr=0 pw=0 time=34 us cost=2 size=0 card=1)'
    CLOSE #4573389592:c=1,e=1,dep=1,type=3,tim=49416430698970
    *** 2015-09-17 14:00:00.974
    XCTEND rlbk=0, rd_only=1, tim=49416434554077
    CLOSE #4573391040:c=1,e=6,dep=0,type=0,tim=49416434554235

    How is it possible to capture the ORA-06550 and underlying instructions exec?

    Thank you



    You can draw more precisely by using:

    ALTER session set events "6550 trace name errorstack level 1";


    ALTER session set events ' trace name errorstack off 6550;

  • How to capture the event of selection of a table on the side line client (JavaScript)

    The example is:
    < af:table >
    < af:column >
    < af:outputText... >
    < af:clientListener... / >
    < /... >
    < /... >

    However, the text does not fill to the top of the cell. So, if I click on the on the empty area, the event handler is not called.
    I hope, even if I click on the empty area of the line, the event handler will be called.
    In fact, if I click on a row of a table at any location, including the empty area, the line becomes blue. How to capture this select event row on the client side?

    You can try file the client listener as a child under tag instead of the ?


    The above code should call a function in your js file called "handleTableDoubleClick", which, in turn, queued a ClientEvent that can be attached to a Backing Bean method. Something like:

        public void handleTableDoubleClick(ClientEvent ce) {
           //do something when the table is double clicked.

    hope that helps

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