How to catch the movement of return on investment when the user drags a handful of return on investment?

Hello, I use VDM2009 with c#. I need to make some manipulations of KING and need to intercept mouse movements, but do not know what to use. For example, suppose I created a KING OvalContour and that it is a circle (width = height). I have to do 2 things: 1) when the user drags one of the 4 handles, I need to check what handle is moved so that I can drag a few adjacent programmatically so that the circle is a circle and does not become an oval.

(2) when the user clicks/behind the center of the circle, I need prevent the update so that the circle does not move the return on investment. (It would be even better if there was a way to disable the movement of the circle and allow the scale.) I don't know what to use to accomplish this behavior and do not know how to retrieve the KING handles about which is slipped. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you, Neville


Hello Ben,

Thanks again for your help.  I looked up the definitions for the ROILeft, etc., in the reference VB help as you suggest.  While many objects is similar in setting/name, it seems that these objects (ROILeft, etc.) are those who are not easy to find how to use in the c# version.  But thanks for pointing me to the help file in VB Ref.  I wish, in there wasn't one for c#... I can't understand how to search effectively in the Visual c# help file that is integrated into Visual Studio.

Thanks for your suggestion about the return on investment.  It makes sense, and I'll keep it in mind.

In the meantime, I found a solution to my problem.  I use c# function public bool PreFilterMessage (ref Message objMessage) for prefilter mousedown and mousemove event messages.  Once I found one, I check if the cursor is on a part of the KING that I care.  If I want to do something special, I'm doing it right here.  If I want to keep the normal behavior of the KING OR on mousedown and mousemove, I trash the message.

It's a total pain, but it seems that functions NOR are not put in place to do this kind of things in an elegant way.  Thanks again for your help!


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    Hi BJ2124,

    Although I regret the inconvenience that you had with your experience of Microsoft Windows 8, you can better receive the technical expertise you need by contacting Microsoft about the issue of multiple account creation.

    You can call Microsoft Customer Service at 1-800-642-7676
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    As a reference, I included the link to the technical support of Microsoft Windows 8 page:

    Also, here is a reference link to change logins to Microsoft for local accounts:

    Microsoft how to switch from one account to a Local account in Windows 8

    And finally, here is a quick reference to solve the problem that you encounter while using an account download troubleshooting tool from Microsoft:

    The problems of account Microsoft Windows 8 with convenience store "Microsoft accounts"

    In this forum support is available for support hardware/software HP. I will provide better supported with your hardware/software of HP. If you need help with a software which is another provider, so I can re - direct you to reference appropriate at this time.

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    looking forward to responses CIHI to you guys.

    Thank you

    I thought you wanted to know if the user is on a call.  The code I gave you the will and sets the appropriate Boolean value.  Where and how you use it is up to you isn't it?

    I would have thought that the logic in your code to push would be simply

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