How to change baud rate on pc

Please can someone tell me how to change baud rate on PC.

You connect to the switch via a line series on a connector of-9 or 25 pins?  If so, right click on computer, select Properties, and click on Device Manager.  Expand the category of communication Port, right-click your COM device, choose Properties and edit properties.

Note: This is from memory, so it is perhaps not perfectly accurate.

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  • How to change the constant variable rate?


    I export an HDV mpeg file that has a constant rate of a video H264 (.mp4) video for download on a web-based video player. I actually use the preset in Media Encoder 'YouTube HD 720 p 29.97'.

    The web interface of video online that I use requires a constant rate. But when you look at the video in MediaInfo it shows the video file as a variable rate. After looking through the settings in Media Encoder I found no option to fix this.  I see where you can change the frame rate and it is 29.97. So you might think, it would be constant but is not. And there is not any settings, I see, to change the constant variable. I don't see the flow settings, but this isn't the issue.

    I also have Apple Compressor and making a successful rate constant, but if possible I prefer to use Adobe Media Encoder. If anyone knows how to change this setting? Thank you

    Hi CLCTV,

    To close this thread, interpreted as variable rate exports are now interpreted as constant in the CC SOUL 2014 (8,0) and later. Please create a new thread if you are still having trouble with this problem.

    Thank you


  • Question setting baud rate to IMAQ using Camera Link

    I have a card PCIe-1433 to link camera, with a camera of Basler. I found that I can put the gain and exposure both directly in the camera with the help of the link series and order series. It works very well. I do this programmatically by using the CLAllSerial.DLL.

    Series orders take too long to send in my application because of the default 9600 baud rate, so I was able to send a command to the Basler camera up to its transmission speed, then changing the baud rate of the port com series camera link for the match. The result is that I can quickly talk to the camera. Sweet so far.

    However, with the Basler camera and camera link com serial port to the higher transmission speed, I can no longer acquire images using imgXXX IMAQ commands. I get a time-out of orders series IMAQ must use to control the camera for Imaging. Essentially the IMAQ driver does not know the baud rate change. I don't see how I can tell the IMAQ driver what output baud rate to use. Also, NEITHER MAX becomes unusable in this situation.

    How can I, via the IMAQ driver, increase the speed of transmission of orders series to the camera via the connection of the camera?

    See you soon,.


    So, I thought this close and post the solution. To increase the speed of transmission of communications series through camera link, you must:

    -Use the NI Camera File Generator to change the file of the camera (or simply edit it directly, since it is the text file).

    -Run NI MAX and connect to the camera using the new camera file. MAX will not be able to talk to the camera at the moment, because the speed of camera has not yet been changed.

    -In your application, first set the link rate 9600 series, so you can talk to the camera. Now change the baud rate in the camera itself, using all save changes, etc., are necessary for the camera, you are connected to. Finally, change the speed of link series to baud rate selected in the file of the camera. (It goes without saying that the serial link baud rate and baud rate camera must match).

    Now, both the driver AND AND the camera are according to the new baud rate. You can exit the application and allows to access your camera... until you turn off the camera... how he NI MAX (at least the Basler I use) restores baud rate 9600. Works great!

    See you soon,.


  • the value node id and baud rate by lss (CANOpen)


    for a research project, we try to use 2 volume CAN flow sensors ( . For use in our network CAN I first set up the node id and the baudrate of each of them. The manufacturer told me to do it via the put layer Service (LSS). (How) I can do using Labview?

    I can use one of the following cards, NEITHER CAN: NI PCI-CAN/2 and NOR-PCI-8512.

    Thanks for the tips.



    Unfortunately, none of your interfaces are compatible with CANopen. You will need a PCI-8531.

    The flow rate in baud rate and node id can be configured easily with the library OR industrial for CANopen communication .

  • sbRIO-9651: FPGA RS-485 baud rate 230400 beyond? Error-1073807330

    I use a sbRIO-9651 and drop the CLIP of FPGA in "Other devices" it shows six Serial1 serial ports... Serial6. The first four are described as "RS-232 serial Port" and the two last "RS-485 Serial Port".  On Serial6 (RS-485), I have configured the TX, RX and TX pins activate.

    In my .vi on real time, I put my "VISA set up a Serial Port (Instr) .vi" with a baud rate. A works 115200 or 230400 baud rate, but the pace I want to use (256000) generates a run-time error.  "Error-1073807330 VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF001E) the State specified, the attribute is not valid or is not supported as defined by the resource."

    I suspect the FPGA hardware is capable of 256 Kbps, but I know that if it is a fundamental limitation of the NI UART IP block, or some places I have to change to allow a wide range of transmission speeds (?)


    The maximum rate for these serial ports is 230 400 bps, so there is a limitation on the connection of the UART.  In the manual, you will find more specific information if you need it!

  • How to change the language of Windows XP from German to English

    original title: German English XP Windows XP license key

    Hello.. I would like to change the language of my Windows XP from German to English.  Is this legal possible to format my system and borrow an English version of Windows XP and install and enter the license included with the German version key?

    Hi, Soorajr,

    Never borrow from another CD.  It is called facelift soft and illegal.

    The goal of Product Activation is to reduce a form of piracy known as "casual copying" or "softlifting." Casual copying is the sharing of software between people in a way that violates the end user of the software (EULA) license agreement. An example of casual copying is if someone were to get a copy of Microsoft Office XP and load it on his PC, then share it with another person who charged on her PC, then share it with a third person who charged on his PC and so on. This form of piracy is widespread and has been estimated by some industry trade groups to explain a staggering 50 percent of the economic losses due to piracy. Worldwide, the piracy rate is estimated at 37 percent; in other words, one in every three software products on the market is hacked.

    Change the display language

    How to change the language settings in Windows XP

  • Pl2303 parameters Baud rate.

    How can I set the BAUD rate of my PL2303 based USB with the serial cable with 910 600 in XP - SP3?

    The chip is supposed to be capable of this, but in the control panel offered the most I see is 128 000 BPS.
    I have a few versions of the pilot, both with the same question.
    If I understand correctly, driver speeds are contained in an editable text file, but I don't know the name of the file to edit.

    Different devices use this chip, and the manufacturers claim rates above 1 MB.
    So I guess it's possible, and I have to make some adjustments in my system.
    Any help would be appreciated.


    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited to the audience on MSDN. Please post your question in the below link:

  • How to increase the rate on windows vista

    my rate to refreash on windows vista needs to increase... looked at solutions and it seems that vista is no longar supported by microsoft can anyone help


    Why are you trying to increase the refresh rate? What exactly is the problem?

    You can see the steps in the following article on how to change the refresh rate.

    Flicker of the correct monitor (refresh rate).

  • Windows 7 computer to dial the connection problem with baud rate setting do not stay together

    I've set the com port [converter usb to serial com cable 5] setting baud rate to 115200

    I set up the adjustment [communication between 2 computers cable] modem baud to 115200

    In the center of network share, I create a new network connection [set up a dial-up connection]

    When I check the properties of the dial-up Modem connection set to 19200

    I can't change to 115200 - but the connection is attempted to 19200, so it fails

    All solutions?

    Hello Stephen,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Community Forum.

    According to the description, I understand you are trying to reset the baud rate for your dial-up connection. You tried to change the BAUD rate in your login from 19200 to 115200, but the connection attempt is made at 19200 and if it fails every time.

    I suggest you to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), if they have their own custom settings saved using an application that controls the baud rate.

    You can also view the following Microsoft help articles.

    SerialPort.baudrate, property

    SerialPort.BaudRate enumeration.

    Hope this information is useful. Please write us back for any further assistance.

  • ACS 5.4 how to change password CLI?

    Someone knows how to change the ACS 5.4 CLI password?

    I found the command "acs reset-password".  But it seems to reset the password for GUI instead of the CLI password.

    Thank you very much!

    If you already know admin CLI current password to reset the password for the admin ACS CLI, you will need to use the command 'username '.


    The DVD is used to reset the password in situations where the password has been lost.

    ~ BR
    Jatin kone

    * Does the rate of useful messages *.

  • How to change the frequency of images for an Actionscript program?


    I read that the Timer() calls accuracy depend on the frame rate of the movie, they play in (which makes sense because they are Flash, after all!). I'm working on a project in pure ActionScript 3.0 and I wonder how I change the pace of this project, I don't mind to increase it to about 50 fps so the Timer() calls can be pretty accurate.

    The base class, it is executable, currently in this project is an extension of the Sprite, but that could change if necessary.

    Thanks in advance!


    It is the Stage.frameRate property. You must Access the scene via a DisplayObject. There is also a compiler option: by default-frame-rate

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    How to change the iPhone camera shutter sound 7?


    To adjust the volume of the sound of the camera shutter:

    • Use the settings ringer and alerts:
      • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 more, go to: settings > sounds and haptic.
      • (Other models, go to settings > sounds).
    • Or turn mute off / on using the switch on the side of your iPhone's ring/silent.
      • (The mute function is disabled in some countries).
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    It is not currently possible to change the goal of daily exercise.

    If you want to suggest that Apple consider adding this option, you can submit a request here:

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    Our phone will make more phone calls, and we do not know how to change the settings to restore the capabilities of phoning.

    Greetings jenniferfrom46,

    From your post, I see that you are unable to make phone calls. I count on the ability to use my phone a lot to make calls, so I can understand your concern. I will be happy to provide you with some information for you.

    If you can not make or receive calls on your iPhone, this article goes on measures to take to help with the issue you are experiencing.

    Have a good!

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    Does anyone know how can I change this? Or return to ios9. I use the alarm settings a lot and it does not work for me.


    I have an eye diffract which makes it very difficult to read and gives me a headache. Please please how to change this back?

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    I tried everything, searched everywhere, but I can't find out how to obtain or install the Update for Windows Vista (KB971644) platform Does anyone know a way around this problem? I worked on it for 3 days and am really frustrated!

  • stop 0 x 101: a clock interrupt has not received on a secondary processor within the allotted time interval.

    Hello guys I'm looking through these forums for a long time, but recently this bsod crossed the line: I am so angry and I want to know what the problem is. So I'm going: AMD Athlon Dual Core 6400 +. Biostar TPower n750 Corsair 2048 MB 800 mhz GeForce