How to change default browser from Yahoo to Google on Android?

I wonder how to change the default browser on Firefox from Yahoo to Google. I personally prefer Google for research and who want by default if it is possible


Hi devinat1, if the battery-dot-3 icon does not appear, it means that Firefox has detected a button menu 'material' on your device. In general it's near the home button below the screen. If you can't find a menu button down there, do you want to talk about device you have? Perhaps one of the volunteer support can figure out what is happening.

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    I don't want Yahoo as my default browser where are the settings of the mobile app? On my normal account of Firefox that I use Google, I thought it was supposed to synchronize

    Hi josephruizjr, please refer to our article on the subject: change your default in Firefox for iOS search engine

  • How to change default email from Outlook to Outlook Express?

    I guess the subject expresses the issue. Thanks for any response.

    OfficeJet J4580; Windows Vista Edition Home Premium

    Open the HP Solution Center > settings > e-mail settings and you should be able to select the default e-mail program in there.

  • How to change internet browser by default in microsoft outlook express

    Is there a way to Outlook express 6.0 on a version of media of Windows XP to change the default browser from IE6 to Firefox? I can do this for XP, but do not know how to Outlook Express 6.0

    Thank you

    OE should follow XP settings for the most part.  Check in Control Panel | Folder options | File types and check HTTP and HTTPS protocols and also check file (htm and html) extensions.  See if that fixes it.

    It could be, however, that specific aspects of the ENP will use only IE, since both are somewhat intwined operationally.


  • Firefox changed my homepage from Yahoo to the Firefox home page. Now, every time I change back to yahoo, it it changes just back to firefox. What should I do?

    I keep changing my homepage from Yahoo, but it keeps going back to Firefox Homepage each time that I open it again my browser.

    It's strange. You have a program named Advanced SystemCare? Some users have reported that it has a function of protection of homepage that you should turn off in order to change your home page.

    If that does not apply to your system, could you review this support article and see if anything here helps you: How to fix preferences that will not save.

    A little luck?

  • How do change scrollViewProperties scrollMode from vertical to horizontal so change the screen from portrait to landscape orientation

    How to change scrollViewProperties scrollMode from vertical to horizontal if the orientation of the screen change mode portrait mode to landscape?

    I try like this, but not work

    onOrientationAboutToChange: {}
    If (orientation is UIOrientation.Landscape)
    scrollViewId.scrollMode = ScrollMode.Horizontal; scrollViewId-> id scrollView
    on the other
    scrollViewId.scrollMode = ScrollMode.Vertical;

    Thank you

    Hi, I changed the code like this and works

    onOrientationAboutToChange: {}
    If (orientation is UIOrientation.Landscape)

    scrollViewId.scrollViewProperties.scrollMode = ScrollMode.Horizontal;
    on the other

    scrollViewId.scrollViewProperties.scrollMode = ScrollMode.Vertical;

  • How can I change my default email from Yahoo?

    I'm going to Email list Craig or any other view online Email arrives, but it is windows live mail, how can I change to go to Yahoo Classic mail Email?

    I had to fix our computer to cause to send you announcements to update people, yes it cost me $230.00 for your stupid stuff. Now I have my computer back and when I'm going to Email Craig's list or any other view online Email but this is windows live mail, how can I change to go to Yahoo Classic mail Email

    I had to fix our computer to cause to send you announcements to update people, yes it cost me $230.00 for your stupid stuff. Now I have my computer back and when I'm going to Email Craig's list or any other view online Email but this is windows live mail, how can I change to go to Yahoo Classic mail Email

    You don't talk to Microsoft here. We don't send you anything. This is a support forum for peer inhabited mainly by users like you. If you make reference to the origin of the initial problem the updates of Windows, you wasted your money. All you had to do was remove the updates and then install them correctly.
    In regards to your current number, Craigslist wants you to use a default mail client. Yahoo is not a mail client but rather simple Webmail. You should be able to fix the problem with this workaround.
    How can I make Yahoo! Mail my default email application?
  • How to change default settings of the browser to the installer?

    I want to roll Firefox like standard software to the company that I administer, but we have a lot of things that runs on IE plugins, IE it must therefore remain the default browser, and users simply press 'Yes' when Firefox is opened the first time and then complain when they can't open the internal links. Is there a way to turn it off to ask if there is a default browser? The cck Wizard, I checked, but it did not offer this possibility. Is there a registry key or file where I could change this option before opening?

    Hello Leskat, please see the following article on how to implement a lock for settings file:

    put the following line in the mozilla.cfg file to disable the application of the default browser:

    lockPref("", false);
  • How to remove the theme from yahoo mail? restore the previous configuration

    I changed the theme of my yahoo mail. I do not like the appearance and want to return to the State of origin without a theme. I don't see any setting to do so. pl help.

    The Edmeister is correct...
    But in brief here: Yahoo has a new (CEO?) named Marissa Meyer, which pushed some changes to Yahoo users. A LOT of people online is upset about it. There is a petition to bring back yahoo as it was. The petition can be found on There is also a facebook group called "the new yahoo mail fail..." That's all that can be done at this point... so to spend hours reading the user comments online about how they change.
    Your chart cannot be cancelled at this time. Your best chance is to go into the themes and select the one that is two shades and does not contain an image.

  • Change default browser on iOS 9

    Is anyway to change the default browser on iOS 9.2

    No, Safari is the default browser.

  • How to change the location from the computer to the India

    original title: as I used my dell windows me in Japanese and now I want to change the English version and I m currently located in India, how to change

    I m using Japanese language on my ThinkPad from IBM, Microsoft Windows Me from my PC laptop Dell and now need to change the English version


    You can validate the query in the link mentioned below for assistance.

    Hope this information helps.

  • Configuration of the Simulator. How to change default command line?


    BlackBerry Java plug-in
    Version: - 16

    Windows XP

    How can I change default command-line for the Simulator?

    I want to delete/keep-lcd-on = true parameter because he throws:

    Internal error - BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator
    (Class fledge::Exception) unhandled C++ exceptions:
    Unknown option LcdCollection:keep - lcd-on screen in the command - line.conf

    Thanks to advice.

    This parameter is no longer supported by the BlackBerry smartphone Simulator.

  • Changing default browser to blackBerry Smartphones for Opera Mini

    I would like to change my default browser for Opera mini. Even if Opera has been installed on my BB months ago I can't change it.  I get to the default browser option, but then can't see opera as a choice to change.  There are no choices for change.

    Thanks for any help!



    This is not possible unfortunately. I use Opera Mini as well and because it is a 3rd party software it can be integrated with the rest of applications that are developed by RIM.

  • How to change the resolution from Adobe?


    I can't change the resolution from Adobe Acrobat Pro XI. All my other programs seem normal, but Adobe's "In-your-face" and everything is so great.

    How can I change the resolution from Adobe is no longer scale on my laptop and two monitors?

    Your help is appreciated.

    Hi mooshtie,

    Could you please specify if you wish to reduce the size of the PDF icons or icons of the toolbar.

    See the following link and if it is useful:

    How can I reduce the size of the icons in the toolbar? (Accessibility)

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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