How to change my HDD 12 GB to a hard dirve to 40 GB

I have Windows Home Edition XP3, large runs without problem. EXCEPT my 12 GB HDD has only 4 GB and sometimes less. I'm running out of ROOM HARD DRIVE... My friend gave me a clean 40 GB hard drive. I was able to install it as the secondary hard drive.  MY QUESTION IS, what can I do to not lose my windows or programs, including Office 2007 etc products by changing the HARD DISK?     Can I somehow add the 40 GB to continue a 12 GB...
I AM QUITE confi9dent I can do myself with the right instructions...  You 6026140938cell KAREN EADES

You can create more free space in C by doing one of the following suggested measures.

The default allocation for the restoration of the system is 12% on your C partition is more generous. I have them would be reduced by 700 MB. Make my computer right click on your icon, and select System Restore. Place the cursor on your C drive select settings but this time find the slider and drag it to the left until it shows 700 MB and output. When you get to the settings screen, click on apply and OK and leave.

A flaw that might be useless which is for temporary internet files, especially if you keep no copies on the disk offline. Setting the default value is 3% of the walk. Depending on your attitude to copies offline, you could bring it to 1% or 2%. In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, general, temporary Internet files, settings to make the change. At the same time, look at the number of days, the story stands.

The default allocation for the basket is 10% of the disk. Change to 5%, which should be enough. In Windows Explorer hover over your Recycle Bin, right click and select Properties, Global and move the slider from 10% to 5%. However, try to let you become so complete that if it is complete and you delete a file by mistake it will bypass the Recycle Bin and have gone forever.

If your drive is formatted as NTFS another potential gain arises with your operating system on your C drive. In the Windows directory of your C partition you will some uninstall files in your Windows folder in general: $NtServicePackUninstall$ and $NtUninstallKB282010$ etc. These files can be compressed or not compressed. If compressed text the name of the folder appears in blue. If these files are not compressed you can compress. Right-click on each folder and select Properties, general, advanced, and check the box before you compress contents to save disk space. On the general tab, you can see the winning amount by deducting the size on disk size. File compression is only an option on an NTFS formatted disk partition / partition.

You can generate more space in the system (usually C) the folder move partition.

For temporary Internet files, select Start, Control Panel, Internet Options, temporary Internet files. Settings and move back.

To move the storage folder Outlook Express select from Outlook Express Tools, Options, maintenance, store folder and change.

How to change the default location of the My Documents folder:

You may also change the default locations of the files in Microsoft Office programs when you choose to move the My Documents folder. For Word, go to tools, Options, file locations, highlight the Documents, click on edit and change the path. For Excel, go to tools, Options, general, and change the default path.

My Documents is one of the many the created system of special folders, which include my pictures, and my music. It can be more easily modified using TweakUi. Download TweakUI, one of MS powertoys, here:

In TweakUi, select workstation, special folders. You can scroll down to see the full list of special folders to the left of the button to change the location.

You can move programs, but to do this, you must uninstall and reinstall the program. With Word and Excel, the existing data files are not affected by reinstalling. Most of the work in question is going to be reinstall all updates issued after those that are included with the original Microsoft CD / DVD.

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    Do you mean the HDD Protection Utility? If so, I would recommend reinstall this tool. You can find it on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

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