How to change the cooler on Satellite M30-344?


IA´m lucky enough with my Satellite M30 - 344, but 2 months the cooler starts to become stronger every day. Is it possible to change the cooler on mine and how expansive is the original cooler? Do you know anything as a tutorial for the change process?

Originally from 2 256 parts MB of Ram is installed. Now ia´m think about a bigger total RAM. As far I know are only 2 slots for RAM, or I'm wrong. Is it possible to install two 1 GB RAM pieces?

Thank you very much for your help!



The replacement of internal devices is not easy and a little risky.
I wouldn't recommend replacing the cooling module yourself.
You might damage it something on the map and as you know the motherboard is costly parts of the laptop. The manuals are not published because these documents are only for technicians and service partners.
So I think you should ask a service partner to help him because these guys have more experience in these procedures.

I found a site online with the memory modules for Satellite M30 344

It is said that it of possible to upgrade memory to 2 GB max. That's why I think that it of possible to use module 2 x 1024 MB.

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    Before you continue just a matter of discussion:
    Let's say I help you with this and damage you something or broke a plastic part, what you will do in this case?
    I mean you probably know that you can get a few small important parts as separate components.

    By the way: this description may be provided in the manual. Disassembly of the laptop is authorized personal only. When you buy a new car it is no description how to disassemble the entire engine, right?

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    Please don t mix the portable computers internal monitor with external PC monitor.
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    * {color: #000000}
    Thanks for your comments! {color} *.

    You can use a jet of compressed air to clean the cooling fans.
    This air jet can be bought from most of the dealers for laptop and computer.

    Then you could try blowing through the vents to get rid of dust and debris.
    For the most part this procedure simply help!

    If the laptop overheats again, contact a technician for laptop for further assistance.

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    I am not owner of a Satellite Pro 6100 but I saw this laptop on several pictures and it seems that the fans are placed at the rear near the CC.
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    I found also found a very detailed instruction how to remove and open the Satellite Pro 6100.

    BUT if you have no experience, you must do it yourself. The best way to ask someone who knows what to do!

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    Please try pressing the C button at the beginning upward. It will require your laptop to use CD/DVD-ROM as first boot device.

    Are you using the original recovery CD for the installation of the OS?

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    2 / press "esc" and F1 for both at the same time - still going on the desktop

    Can someone let me know how (1) is supposely the instructions on the site Web of Toshiba.

    Please help summer try thw all day to enter the configuration of the Bios, TIA

    To enter the BIOS settings on Satellite A10 press ESC immediately after switching on the laptop. Press the key several times and follow the menu displayed on the screen (lower part of the screen).

    When the Toshiba welcome screen appears, you see the little symbols of bootable devices under this home screen Toshiba? He is old enough laptop model and I really remember how it looks like.

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    Hi Lethin,

    I think your laptop is "Legacy free" which means that you have no way to directly access the BIOS.

    Any updates or changes to your BIOS must be made of in Windows.


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    Slovak som


    Generally, it should be possible to change the time and date in the BIOS.
    What BIOS you have? Toshiba or Phoenix?

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    Hi guys,.
    I am facing problem with laptop M70-122 key boards. Keys @ and "are interchangeable. Printing on keyboards are same as a normal PC. But when I press the SHIFT + 2 ket I get "instead of @ and vice versa." How can I solve this problem.


    Believe me, it s not a failure or a problem.
    You have bad language keyboard configurations.
    I suppose that you have set the US or UK keyboard. Please change these settings

    Please see the Control Panel regional and language options languages details. There you can change keyboard settings.

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    Don t open remove it from notebook or don t no cover if you n t want to lose guarantee!
    I cleaned my cooling modules and fans with the vacuum cleaner.
    But beware, the strong suction can damage bearings fan.

    But look, man, if you n t know how to do and have no practical knowledge so I recommend a technician seeking professional help and cleaning!

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    Does one know how I can change the functions of the buttons?
    I read something about the tools of Toshiba, but I can't find them anywere.

    TYVM in advance


    Using TOSHIBA button controls, you can set the key features. If you have it installed you can find the TOSHIBA controls icon in the Panel.
    You can also find if you open TOSHIBA help > Optimize.

  • Satellite A500 - how to change the LED display?


    Does anyone have guide how to change the display LED of Toshiba Satellite a500?
    I tried but there is only a guide how to replace an optical drive in this model, but nothing on the screen.

    Thank you.

    Don t always start a new thread on the same topic.
    Please follow the firstto:

  • Satellite P10 - how to change the HARD drive?


    I want to change my Satellite P10 for a bigger HARD drive.
    But I Don t know how to remove the DvD drive.

    On this laptop, I mean that the HARD drive is under the DvD drive.

    Please help me, if you know how to change the HARD drive.

    Welcome them


    Hi Frank,.

    I'm not too sure about the P10, but on my A30 the hadr drive is under the DVD-ROM. It is secured in place by a single screw (accessible from under the laptop), and when it is deleted the DVD-ROM slides just to place revealing the hard drive.

    The hard drive is fixed with 4 screws (2 on each side)


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    I think that this problem could be solved by the BIOS updated.
    Please take a look on Toshiba European driver page and download the latest version of the BIOS.

    I read here in the forum to the similar topic with another series of notebook and the BIOS update does work.

    Good luck

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