How to change the default (Windows 7) painting 'Save as type' JPG (from PNG) format when recording using the * only * the keyboard?

This is the 2nd time this same question, the 1st time that I was given an irrelevant answer which was not helpful at all. Please take the time to read and understand what I need to before you answer.

I just need to learn how to change the default PNG to JPG, so every time I save a screenshot using (only) the keyboard, it will already be showing JPG as the "Save as type". I am sure that it requires an edit registry so just point me in the right direction and guide me on how to do it, that's all I need.

To help you understand my dilemma, I take a lot of screenshots and Ctrl + V paste in Paint almost daily. Since my physical disability in my arms causing me pain and discomfort when I use the mouse, I avoid using the mouse I use the shortcuts as much as possible to help reduce the constant pain, I'm still in my right arm when using the mouse. I hope I have explained well enough details.

If it's in the wrong place, please move to a better place.

Thank you



I don't know of any registry value, but you can use the key sequence to "Save as jpg.





The F key may be pressed simultaneously with the ALT key or after him.

You can reduce the number of keys to just ALT plus a digital key by using the following, adapted from one method described HERE.   Setup is much easier with a mouse, but can be done using the keyboard only.  I showed you the controls and mouse shortcuts keyboard to add an icon "" Save as JPG"to the Quick Access toolbar.

Open Paint

Mouse Keyboard equivalent
Click on the file Menu (upper-left) Press ALT + F to open the file Menu
Hover mouse on ' Save as ' to open the list of file types Press V to view the list of file types
Right click on JPG to open the context menu Use the TAB or down arrow key to select JPG and then press SHIFT + F10 to open the context menu
Click "add to quick access toolbar. Press A to "add to the Quick Access toolbar.

At this point, your installation is complete.

With open Paint, press the ALT key .  This will display the keys associated with various actions.  In my case, "" Save as JPG"icon that has been added to the Quick Access toolbar was the fifth icon (after save, undo, redo and print).  So, to "Save as JPG," I would press ALT+5 (even once, you can press 5 either with or after you press the ALT key).

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    is the forum see!  It also does in my emails which is hotmail.  Can someone help me please?

    Moderator edit: matched subject to question.

    I do not know if I understand, but you are looking for how to change the keyboard from US to UK in Windows? If this is the case, go into the control panel and the locale. There, you should be able to add any other keyboard layouts or remove them as well as set a default value. Under regional settings, there are other parameters that you can change if you are in the United Kingdom.


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    LAST UPDATE 09/30/15 @ 16:54:

    The solution to my dilemma can be seen in my other thread (analogue/reprise). It is in case anyone in the future stumbles across this thread with the same problem and needs the answer.

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    Hi Brenda19605,

    You can use this article to set the fonts and colors: & s = do & r = 0 & s = as

    The default settings for the police are in this article:

    Unfortunately for the default color has no good reference. For the text, but it is black (most lower-left), the background is white (color above left). Unvisited links is blue (column 8, line 5) and the visited link is purple (column 9, line 5).

    Let me know if you need help more!


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