How to change the ID ID/monitor display or erase display ID/Monitor ID Windows 7

Have a problem that sometimes appears.

Setting up workstations to work with multiple display monitors, its part of my job...

The real ID monitors get Windows isn't usually a problem, most programs can adapt to the windows settings and fine.

BUT some of the systems we run sends commands and tips based on the actual number of the display, the number which appears on the screen when you click on the button "identify" in the Office/display-settings of the control panel.

Allows to call the ID of display equipment

the computer, or windows remember display´s EDID and stores the monitors already plugged into a list?

If I installed the monitors/screens in the order correct, everything is good and works as we wanted.

Then, it happens a brakes display or switch place for a reason, or perhaps a driver update resets the display list and windows starts now monitors in the wrong order.

the monitor 1 want to have HW - ID 1 to now HW - ID 2, and everything is false, messages and orders now find themselves on the wrong display.

We have 3 options.

1. fix the HW - ID display

2 - re - configure the system and what it includes and hope that he will not return to the display switch change or updated driver.

3 - re - install windows and hope that it shows the correct ID and continue with client applications and so on.

I discovered that it is stored somewhere in the REG-Edit, but it is impossible to find the right place

After talking to HP, they do not support such things... try windows-problem, with a clean install... c - my I switched to a screen!

Tried to clean facilities of AMD and Nvidia driver for graphics cards, worked for a time, until I restarted the machine, back to square one...

Then they ponited at Microsoft.

After talking to Microsoft Support they do not support such things...

I don't have the skills, but I can't be a problem with a script that removes the EDID reg-edit list after a reboot?

then it would be not so complicated, simply:

Unplug everything except the display that you want to be number 1
Run the script


connect the display 2 and so on?



I understand that you are not connected to the domain. But it seems you're a developer and you try to change the logical numbers of monitors/screens. This is why it would be better suited in MSDN Community.

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