How to change the IRQ and address of some of the COM ports

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No, I loaded 7 a window in one of our systems.  I want to change the IRQ and address some of the COM ports and were not too.  In the pasted, you can enter the Device Manager and click on the device, then go to the "resources" tab.  There, you can find a box that allows users to disable "USE AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT", which would allow you to change the IRQ and address.  But for some reason any box is not highlighted so you can not.


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  • change the com port assigned to the fax and scan

    I used fax and scanning for once.  I had to move my external modem to a different port.

    I don't know how to change the windows fax and scan com port manually.

    the wizard does NOT start, I guess because the fax is installed and worked until I had to change the number of COM port...  I need to change the number of pot with hundreds of research, it seems that no one knows how to change manually the Compote in windows fax and scan, unless they use the wizard.

    my assistant does not start. I guess I'm 'old school' I don't need an Assistant, I need to manually change the fax uses com port.

    :-), it's frustrating because help said only: click "fax" in the lower left corner, and they all assume the installation wizard starts and everything will be fine. :-(

    the wizard does not start. :-(

    I am desperate to get my fax work and need to know how to set the correct port number in a system that is installed and running, such as the wizard never starts.

    for anyone who goes out at the end of questions and ideas, I have a fax application stand alone who is working with the new port setting. It's just not a good app for my needs


    Thank you


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    Hi John,.

    You can follow the steps below to change the COM port for a modem:

    1. search the Device Manager.

    2 look for the Modem device, right-click on it, and then click Properties.

    • If the change settings button is present, you must click on it to make changes to the appliance. If the user account control dialog box appears, confirm that the displayed action corresponds to what you want, and then click continue.
    • If the change settings button is not present, the modem does not support the ability to change the modem settings. Refer to the documentation provided by the vendor of your modem.

    3. on the Advanced tab, click Advanced port settings.

    • If this option is not displayed, the modem does not support the ability to change the assigned COM port. Refer to the documentation provided by the vendor of your modem.

    If the same persists, we suggest that you post your query in Microsoft TechNet so that their support team will provide you in-depth assistance.

    Kind regards.

  • How to change the rmi port in atg

    Hi guys,.

    How to change the rmi port in atg

    who is the component to change port rmi in atg?

    The rmi port is defined in the component/atg/dynamo/Configuration. so in this, you can change the value of the rmi port.

  • Where can I find the ability to change the com port settings in Windows 7

    Where can I find the ability to change the com port settings in Windows 7

    Port, Device Manager, select comport, right click, properties, Port settings

  • How to change the infrared port on Satellite M30 to be IrDA to be direct IR?

    Hello world

    I just bought a new watch that should be able to communicate with a pc via the infrared port (it's the Polar S710).
    Unfortunately, it does not work as the 'Protocol' of the watch is directIR, rather than be IrDA, as is my cell phone.

    I saw somewhere that it would be possible to change the infrared port of my laptop in order to operate in directIR. Anyone know the procedure? I think I could change something directly in the driver, but I did not how to deal with.

    I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

    Thank you


    I think that it of not possible to change the IrDA Protocol on the laptop.
    But have you tried to update the software polar?
    Consult the manufacturing site:

    If this does not help I think that only and an external solution as USB-> DirectIR dongle help

  • How to install the Com port in Windows 7

    I would like to use the COM port in the Toshiba laptop, but I can't find it in the Device Manager. It is important to communicate with another device via a serial port.

    Given that the PC operating system is windows 7, I have not dealt with the problem.

    Where can I get the files to install COM port?

    Or is there any facility for her?

    If someone knows solutions to the problem, let me know.

    If there is no COM port or other device showing in Device Manager you will need to activate the serial port/COM in the BIOS of the laptop, assuming that the laptop has a COM port.

  • How to change the DB port

    I have two instances on the same server AIX 5 L.
    One is a 10g, and the other is Oracle retail RMS.
    Now, I found that the DN listener's 1521 port.
    The other RMS appl is on the same port 1521.
    How can I change the port of the DB 10 g.
    Is there a way out?
    Thank you

    The note mentioned above does not have to change the ports in the application. It aims to change the channels only database (or host name), it should be applied here.

    What you need to do is the following:

    -Stop application services
    -Change the port of database in listener.ora and tnsnames.ora
    -Bounce of the database and the database listener; Make sure that you can connect to the database using the new port
    -Change the port of the database in the context of database file
    -Start AutoConfig on the database layer node
    -Bounce of the database and the database listener; Make sure that you can connect to the database using the new port
    -Change the port of the database in the application context file
    -Start AutoConfig on application-level nodes
    -Start the application services

  • How to change the http port in EBS 12.1.3

    Hi all.

    I configured App & DB to use the port 9 pool during cloning.

    For some reasones, I need to change the port http request 8008 to 8,000, but DB port must remain 1529.

    If I may continue the document: ? My version of the EBS is 12.1.3.

    So I need only change my CONTEXT.xml lines (as in the example below) and run the automatic configuration on the Application layer? :

    < web_port oa_var = "s_webport" oa_type = "PORT" base = "8000" step = range "1" = "-1" label = "Web listening Port" > 8000 < / web_port >

    < activewebport oa_var = "s_active_webport" oa_type = "DUP_PORT" base = "8000" step = range "1" = "-1" label = "Active Web Port" > 8000 < / activewebport >

    < login_page oa_var = "s_login_page" > < / login_page >

    < chronosURL oa_var = "s_chronosURL" > < / chronosURL >

    < oa_var = "s_endUserMonitoringURL" > < / EndUserMonitoringURL >

    < externURL oa_var = "s_external_url" > < / externURL >

    < httplistenparameter = "s_http_listen_parameter" > 8000 oa_var < / httplistenparameter >

    Thanks in advance.


    The approach that you mentioned is correct.

    The document that you referenced is to follow in this case.

    Kind regards


  • How to change the headphone port #?

    ENV: Oracle 10 g 2, RHEL 64 bit on ASM (10gr 2):

    Current listening port is 1521. I was asked to change it to 10526 (please don't ask why :-)).)

    I tried to change the port number in the listener.ora file, then restarting the listener, but the I start getting ' ORA-12541: TNS: no listener ' error. If I change back to 1521 and restart the receiver, I am able to connect to the database. What else should I do to change the posrt # please?

    After I have change the port and restart it, here is what I tried to test:

    $ sqlplus user/[email protected]



    ORA-12541: no listener

    Enter the user name:

    When I restore the port # change, I am able to connect.

    Help, please.

    Best regards

    Very strange, LISTENING means that a listener is sitting on this port, so if you have not the 1521 and it works... I don't know, something is off – try to grep netstat for LISTENING.  If you have it on 10526 and this does not work, prolly local recording listener/static issue the other mention.  Also, the idea of the listener should wait for a connection request and then pass to another session-specific port.  No listener error means you have until now, but something bothers me about this, I know not what.

    Please copy and paste all the production of the lsnrctl commands, to obscure details can be important.

    Just to be clear, we don't talk to some listeners, ASM, right?  (Or conversely, they did not something rac on the upper port?)

  • Need to change the com port number, but users do not have administrator rights

    Our users don't have administrator rights, however, there are a few pieces of software that communicates with the hardware using COM ports.  Since they don't have administrator rights, you may not click on advanced in the communications port to set the port to the necessary com com.

    I found reg hacks online that say will open the advanced screen to allow the com to be changed, but none that I've found work successfully.

    Can someone tell me the correct registry setting that I need to grant permission to in order to open the advanced under properties tro communications button and have the available com port number to change.

    Thanks in advance.


    You have the computer connected to a network or domain?

    It is not possible to access advanced screen or advanced without administrator rights. I suggest you to contact the administrator of the system to help about it.

  • How to change the VXLAN port in the NSX Manager?

    Hi Expert,

    I use the NSX 6.2.2 Manager and the default value for the UDP VXLAN port is 8474.

    I want to change it to the default 4789 UDP IANA port.

    How can I do?

    Thank you very much


    Also, if you want to not upgrade for some reason that you should be able to change it via the API documented in this here blog call

    NSX for vSphere and number of Port UDP VXLAN - Stretch Cloud - undressed technology

  • need to set the com port for adapter Series USB Belkin need com 1 or 2 default to com8

    I have a belkin Windows serial adapter 7 puts on com8 and I have equipment that does not download that on port com 1 or 2 How can I change the Compote?  I can't change my gear to any other comport com just 1 or 2.  There is nothing assigned to com 1 or 2 on my pc I can find in the hardware configuration.

    Check the documentation that came with the device or on the Belkin support website.  How to change the COM port is specific to the device and its drivers, nothing in Windows that can force this change for you.

  • allow non-admins to use the COM port?

    Hi all
    does anyone know how to change the COM port settings so that the ports are "activated" for users other than just the administrator?
    Thank you very much!


    You must have administrator privileges to change the COM port settings To do this, you should contact the administrator of the computer.

    Hope this information helps.

  • How to change the ip address of the printer

    How can I change the ip address that windows searches for what concerns my printer wireless?

    My printer continues to change its ip address that is to say yesterday that the address is and now it's, and whenever he does, windows does not include only and that he keeps trying to print address ip to wring the origin install me the printer as a new one from the new ip address give me two of the same printers when I watch devices and printers.
    I would like to know just how to change the ip address that is referenced to the printer rather than install them separately as a new printer.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    I always prefer to set a static IP address for the network printers to avoid this kind of problem.   Depending on the brand of printer, this can be done by using the printers Panel (see networking options in the menus), or there may be a web interface, you can open in a browser.  Assigned address must be in the correct subnet but outside the DHCP in your router address.  Once assigned, specify this address in the settings of the printer on each workstation.
    You have not given any information re. the printer or your network and router model, so I can't be more specific than that, but it's the best general solution of this question.

  • How to change the billing address for my subscription typekit?

    How to change the billing address for my subscription typekit? I've already updated my card so it's not the problem. I can't find a link to the update on the billing address of the billing - how should I do this?


    See help here -

    If you still have questions, please send an email at [email protected]

    ^ Ani

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