How to change the keyboard shortcut to navigate through the tabs open in PS and AI CC 2014

I'd love to put my own keyboard shortcuts to navigate through tabs open in PS and AI 2014 on OS X. I found out that this can be done with ctrl + tab to the PS, but I couldn't manage to make suggestions to the work of the forum of the AI. As said, I would like to define a 'standard' shortcut more like alt + cmd + arrow key at the same time of applications. If this shouldn't be possible, does anyone know a shortcut in AI CC 2014?

Thank you very much!


In Illustrator, in my view, you can set these shortcuts in Edit > keyboard shortcuts > Menu commands > funny

(illustrator can be also command-F6)

Fact command + ~ (tilde key) work for you in photoshop and illustrator?

I don't think you want to use alt + cmd + arrow key since it's repositioning/moving objects

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    CTRL + Tab to move forward or Ctrl + Shift + Tab to move backward in the tab order.

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    I suggest you to download TweakUI, this could help you or get you headed in the right direction

    Also this KB could help as well:

    It will be useful.

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    var w = new Window ("dialog");
    var s = w.add ("statictext", undefined, " 30 Point Static");
    var s2 = w.add ("statictext", undefined, " 100 Point Static");
    // the third argument is the font size = ScriptUI.newFont ("Helvetica", "Bold", 30); = ScriptUI.newFont ("Helvetica", "Bold", 100); ();

    See the example above.

    See also Peter Karhels Guide to the user interface. Very recommended.

  • How to change the folder opens when windows Explorer opens

    In XP Service Pack 3, when Win Explorer is open, files that open has changed on its own (or I don't know what I did to cause this change). Records of Documents are all posted, but the C: drive is closed, where it will display all folders to open at this stage.

    How can I reset so that all the files under C: drive open when I open Win Explorer?

    Kind regards


    Hello bytes2001,

    I enclose a link below that I hope can fix this problem.  Please let us know status.

    How to customize the Windows Explorer views in Windows XP: the bottom of the page talks about how to change the default folder of Windows Explorer.

    Thank you

  • How to change the automatic naming of photographs and videos?

    Hi all

    My best wishes for this new year

    The naming convention Z3c for photos and videos is not so easy to manage.

    so I would like to name the date and time instead of default numbering.

    I would say something like:

    "20150101_124655.jpg" (YearMonthDay_HourMinuteSeconds.jpg) instead of "DSC_0001.JPG.
    And if possible to choose are record (say within the "DCIM / Camera" instead of "DCIM/100ANDRO").

    Could you tell me how to do it please?

    Thanks a lot for your time,.
    Kind regards


    To change the preset name of photos and videos is, I fear, not by any means possible, sorry :/

  • How to change the font, color line, column and Grand Total labels in PivotTable

    Hello Guru

    Can you get it some one please let me know how to change the look and feel of the reports in Pivot table using css files. I want to have the dimension and the measure to be of different color columns and grand total different color. I want to achieve for all pivot table reports instead of manually change each report so I want to do in css files.under s_SRIKI\b_mozilla_4\views.css I've seen a lot of options but nothing has worked. So can you please exactly tell what class we need to change to make changes. Thank you!!!

    Thank you


    For values

    . OORT {}

    text-align: right;

    vertical-align: top;

    color: Red;


    For the product if you got hyper link

    Code OOB is

    . PTL {}

    color: #039;

    text-decoration: none;

    cursor: pointer;


    If brand aid

  • How to change the Canvio Basics for backup and delete backup files?

    I installed the drive HARD Canvio Basics HDTB305EK3AA to do a weekly backup.
    After a few weeks, he stopped to save because there is no free memory.
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    1. How can I reprogram the backup and change the folders of the backup?
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    Thank you

    The Canvio Basic one a common external USB 2.5 "HDD.
    You can delete folders or files or format the HARD drive as with other external hard drives...

  • How to change the partition under windows xp and corefoundation.dll

    I have a lot of memory on my computer, but not much on my c drive. How can I change? And how do I find corefoundation.dll car for free?

    Hi Claudia1994,

    I suggest you reinstall the latest version of iTunes and QuickTime, check if it helps.

    Remove and reinstall iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP

    For additional support post your query in the community forums of Apple.

  • How to change the line width of underline and color (on my MacBook or iPad)

    When you use my MacBook or iPad, how can I change the line width and color when you use the underline tool or the pencil tool?

    Hi Backpacker48,

    .. using the underline tool or the pencil tool

    I'm fairly certain that you may have about the comment tools.

    To highlight the tool, there is no option to change the line width (thickness).  But you can change the color and opacity.  In addition, you can change the style in the desktop application.

    For the Pencil tools or drawing freehand, you pouvez change the width of the line (thickness) in addition to the color and opacity.

    The key here is to change the properties of an existing comment, once it is added to a page.

    Acrobat Reader DC (desktop application) on your MacBook

    1. Right click on the brand of underscore or existing pencil.
    2. Select properties from the context menu.
    3. Select appearance (if not already displayed).
    4. Specify the value of a property (color, opacity, Style or thickness).

    Acrobat Reader for iOS (mobile application) on your iPad

    1. Tap the existing underlining or drawing freehand.
    2. Select a property (color, opacity, thickness) in the menu that appears.
    3. Specify the value of the property.

    Once you change a property (for example, thickness, color, opacity), the mobile app will remember the new value of type specific comment for next time.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • Are there keyboard shortcuts to navigate through layers of fireworks?

    In Photoshop, ' option-[' or ' option-]' allow you to select and down of layers from the keyboard, are there any equivalent shortcuts in Fireworks?

    By default, I don't think that there are shortcuts to do this. However, John Dunning has created a series of custom orders, Frame and layer, including Go Up and Down * to go. These are free, and once they have been installed, you can assign keyboard shortcuts for them (under the Fireworks > keyboard shortcuts).

    You may also like to know that the FW has a tool select behind (it is under the pointer tool). I personally don't use it, but it allows you to click on an object on the canvas and select progressively the items under this object.

    *A warning about scripts: 'Go Up' and 'Go Down' orders don't seem to work on my older version of fireworks (FW8). Also, I forgot to Photoshop and Fireworks to use different terminology. What we call a "layer" in Photoshop is called an "object" in the FW, and what we call a 'group' in Photoshop is called a 'sex' in FW. As a result, orders of John layer may or may not allow up or down objects within layers, but they should allow you to move upwards or downwards the layers themselves (aka folders).

  • How to change the space between folder icon and the text on the personal toolbar?

    I have some files in the personal toolbar with just a letter to indicate what they are, but on the theme that I use, the letter is too far from the record, it belongs to and partially falls under following folder icon. I don't want to increase the space between all the icons to show the full letter, as this decreases the amount of icons that you can have in the toolbar. Instead, I want to reduce the space between the file and the text belonging to him, so he is right next to him instead of 5 pixels away.

    I found various entries to change the padding and margins in userChrome.css, but it's always around the icon, I don't know where to look to close the space between the icon and the corresponding text.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    Did you check the value of the left margin of the text?

    You can set if necessary negative margin values.

    #PlacesToolbarItems .toolbarbutton-text { margin-left: -2px !important; }

    Add .bookmark-item [container] If this enough for the items in the folder

    #PlacesToolbarItems .bookmark-item[container] .toolbarbutton-text { margin-left: -2px !important; }
  • How to change the accuracy of output waveform and spreadsheet graph data acquisition

    See attached vi, data acquisition connects to a waveform graph in a spreadsheet. I want to change the precision of the output of Wizard DAQ 6 decimal places with 2 decimals, but everywhere I looked on the DAQ assistant, I can't find a control accuracy. I missed something? What is the elegant way to do this?

    Thank you.

    Hello sunflower.

    This seems related to this question...

    Why do you want to change the output of the DAQ assistant?

    Should not change the precision of the creation of the worksheet? To do, simply give a few parameters for the functions "to the string conversion..."

    Outside the file save all the other screen precision parameters are just cosmetic measures!

  • Outlook Express: How to change the default location of mail and press kits?

    I use windows XP with Outlook Express 6 (6.00.2900.5512).
    I want to change the destination of the mail folder. (MY C drive is made of only 6 Gbs, and 5.5 GB is now eaten.)

    It's a bit complicated, so do first a backup of your posts.  See

    So what you do is to create a new directory where you want to as the message store to be moved.  Then, in OE, go to tools | Options | Maintenance | Store the file and set this new directory.  Then close OE and reopen it.  OE will then move the store the entire message to this new location.  Do NOT move the files yourself.  If you do, then OE will overwrite the files that you moved and you will lose all your messages.

    So save your messages first, and then create a new directory to the new location and then say OE the new location and when you open it again, it will move the files.

    To clear more room, also go to start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup and which should lead to more space on the disk.


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