How to change the password for "admin" on the installation of Oracle Hyperion


I have installation hyperion made with almost all possible components (HSS, Essbase, planning, FDM, etc.) on Oracle 10 g under the RDBMS.
Security is managed by SSP for all components.

Please let me what is the way to change the password for "admin"? (What is as simple as changing shared services console and refresh)
Ask you please suggest the steps involved.

Thank you

Hi Pierre,.

This is exactly how to change the password admin. connection to shared services, change the password and updating of security planning and essbase.

See you soon,.

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    Yes I know.

    Oh, you asked me to tell you?

    Open messages

    Use the App menu > Preferences > accounts.

    Select the Jabber account.

    Uncheck the "enable this account".

    The account is now disconnected.

    You should be able to type in the password box now.

    Just type on the old highlighting and typing.


    I just read that another way.

    The messages may not make the change to the password at the server end.

    Because you advice I just gave you instructions on how to change the password in the application rather than using the application to change the password on the server.

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