How to change the password of admin BI Publisher

How to change the BI Publisher admin password?

Thanks in advance

In the Security Configuration open BIPublisher Admin, in the Security Center, where you can manage privileges.

But change the admin password depends on what model of security you use for BI Publisher.

If you use the BI server like security model, then BIPUblisher Admin password is the same as Server(answers/dahsborads) BI.

Give me more details if you are not clear, what your needs are and why you want to change the BI publisher password.

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    Please let me what is the way to change the password for "admin"? (What is as simple as changing shared services console and refresh)
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    Thank you

    Hi Pierre,.

    This is exactly how to change the password admin. connection to shared services, change the password and updating of security planning and essbase.

    See you soon,.

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    Can you please tell what newspapers reveal that changed the password of Admin of HSS and what is the new password.

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    If it was the default password admin account then it's probably the admin account that has changed, you can run reports to audit in Shared Services, but to be honest, they are pretty useless, in the HSS database there is a table named CSS_USERS and a column called updatedby which will show the user who has made changes to the account updatedtimestamp last and column to indicate when

    See you soon


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    If a firmware update is available, AirPort Extreme flashes orange.

    The most up-to-date version of the firmware is 7.7.3.

    You can see what version you currently have the following on your Mac...

    Open Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility

    Click on the image of the AirPort Extreme

    Look for the Version

    If the new firmware was available, you will see a button update here

    To change the wireless network password...

    Click on edit in the window smaller than you watched just to check the firmware version

    Click on the Wireless tab at the top of the next window

    Go back / change the wireless password and enter a new password

    Do the same thing to check

    Click Update at the bottom right of the window and give the airport a minute full for restart

  • How to change the password for Jabber (XMPP) in

    My understanding of the functioning of the Jabber (XMPP) is that the password take place in the email client. I am aware of how to change my password to Jabber via like Adium instant messaging clients, but I prefer to use the built-in client of What I can't understand, however, is how to change my password for the Jabber using

    → Anyone know: can be used to change a password account Jabber? ←

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    Yes I know.

    Oh, you asked me to tell you?

    Open messages

    Use the App menu > Preferences > accounts.

    Select the Jabber account.

    Uncheck the "enable this account".

    The account is now disconnected.

    You should be able to type in the password box now.

    Just type on the old highlighting and typing.


    I just read that another way.

    The messages may not make the change to the password at the server end.

    Because you advice I just gave you instructions on how to change the password in the application rather than using the application to change the password on the server.

    Google (who run a Jabber server) can be done online in the account settings (it also changes it for the mail if you use it in Mail as well.)

    Same thing for Facebook Chat (it's also a Jabber server)

    Most of the other servers will have a web page method to do.

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    I'm sure that you can change the EWS web page for your printer.

  • How to change the password for the user name in the Oracle forum

    I wanted to know how to change the password for my user in the Oracle forum. I couldn't find the navigation to do.

    Ask for a response to my post.


    Date of arrival:

    Getting help: frequently asked Questions

    About your Oracle account

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    Need a script to change the password of admin for all the VMs (windows)

    Hi LucD,

    Need your help about changing the password to root for Linux VM.

    It throws the following error when I run on Linux VM

    Invoke VMScript: 10/04/2013-16:52:02 Invoke VMScript Could not authenticate with the guest operating system by using the supplied credentials.

    Thank you


  • Anyone know how to change the password for the installation of Adobe Flash Player?

    Anyone know how to change the password for the installation of Adobe Flash Player? I have tried everything that I usually use and nothing works. My Adobe ID password works perfectly. I can't complete the installation without this, and it doesn't have a 'forgotten password' button to change it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    There is no password required for the installation of Flash Player, at least not on the side of the things Adobe.  It's probably the security of your computer, forcing you to you connect allowing the installation to occur.  Only you would know what would be the connection for this information.

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    Could someone tell me how to change the password for all users in the database? I want to set the same password for all users.

    Thank you.


    Published by: user645399 on March 1, 2011 14:23

    Write the file spooling

    Make sure that all profiles has password_verify_function with a NULL value


    Select 'edit user' | username: ' identified by ;' from dba_users;

    you will get the output... you just run.

  • How to change the password at END?


    Can someone provide me with info on how a guest user can change his own password where NGS (NAC comments Server) is the Radius Server?

    It would also be useful to know if the admins or sponsor may change this password too, thoug my guess is it is not possible.

    I have already set up the password for clients policy to allow them to change the password. I just do not realize how it can be done.

    Thank you!


    While poking around just now, I found an explanation for how Allow / change password options requires actually used:

    It seems that this can be used if the END is hosting the portal web connection.

  • How to change the password hqadmin


    I have a new installation of HQ 4.1.2. I want to change the password for the user account by default 'hqadmin '. However, this account does not appear in the "list of users" list on the Administration tab. How can I change the password of this user?


    Please follow this link to http://your server ip:7080/admin/user/ AC

    Good luck

  • Try to set / change the password BIOS admin via the script WMI on ThinkStation D20

    Hello Lenovo Community!

    Start using the WMI Lenovo_SetBiosSetting class on a D20 system.

    If I understand the documentation that there is a limitation on the BIOS password in the past, but I updated to the latest BIOS Rev who support States was added for this feature.

    I use a script that changes the supervisor on computers password successfully thinkpad, but when even to run the script from command line on the D20 system it returns "SUCCESS" however to change the password did not effect!

    I'm using the right parameters are the standard of lenovo

    ' pap, oldpass newpass, ascii, we.

    I thought maybe "pap" is not the correct setting for password Admin on the D20, however the WMI available, posted 2010 guide, does not show otherwise.

    Someone at - it an example script that they can display successfully change the password on a D20 system?

    Please and thx!

    Did you run the SaveSetting script after changing the password?

    You can get the SaveSetting script from the sample scripts D20 located at the following link:

    You can use the script SetAdminPassword from the library of scripts of series E, then a follow-up that with something like what follows before restarting:

    "cscript SaveSetting.vbs" originalpwd, ascii, we.

    Replace 'originalpwd' with all what your existing password was at the time wherever you booted the system.

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    How can I change the password for my modem technicolor

    A moderator has moved this thread to security, privacy, and user accounts.

    Ask Technicolor. It is not a Microsoft product.

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    1. go here and log in

    2. on the top right of the page, click "Edit profile".

    3. on the my account page, scroll to account information and you will see the option to change the password

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