How to change the power supply to the CD/DVD drive so that it is disabled by default?

When running on battery I often use the icon 'Remove hardware safely' XP to 'unplug' the carpet * CD/DVD drive for Safe some battery life. (Does?) I use Fn + Tab to bring back to life. I wonder if there is a way to make my boot Notebook (M400) with the power supply to the reader off by default. Moreover, any idea where I can find the extra battery for the slot of the CD/DVD player and who the price?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello, Robert

If you see the start page, you will see that this support forum is not a type of support Toshiba directly but forum users. But you're not alone and many users expect that a Toshiba support team sit in the office and before writing the answers.

In any case, there are many users of Toshiba laptops with very good knowledge and also amateurs who are trying to help the other guys in different problems and also to share own experience.

Professionalism is not the forum but action when you need help because of physical damage or something similar. If you need assistance and competent answers each authorized partner must be able to provide the info you need. But please don t mixture and Toshiba service partner because it is not the same.

In any case, I found the info you can use additional (second battery expansion) and it takes batteries with PA3510U-1BAL, PA3510U-1BRL room numbers. I can't tell you how much it costs, but you will find only using Google.

Back to your first question: if I understand you just want to save more power and because of this, you want to sign out ODD. It's a nice idea, but you have clearly misunderstood something. "Safely Remove Hardware option is there to help the operating system and and say this material, a part will be removed and don t exist anymore, but it does not physically the disconnection of any other material."

If you need more power use a second battery and enjoy your life.

If you have any other questions you are welcome. A lot of users here M400 and I hope in the future that some of them will participate in a little more.

Good day! :)

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    Thanks in advance!


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    Good bye

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    Good luck!

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    I m not sure but I think that's why you need to remove the keyboard and the other parties too. In my opinion, this is a little tricky on this laptop, and you need to remove a large number of screws.

    Maybe you find a statement of disassembly with Google or ask a technician for help laptop. I think this would be the best way.

    Good bye

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    As much as I know the ODD of replacement is not so easy. The drive is secured by a screw and to remove this screw, you need to remove the keyboard and the other parties as well.

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    Do we know if there is any other screws received a way to remove the drive of any help greatly.

    Post edited by: na206


    It's very strange that you can not remove the optical drive as DVD - ROM drive Assembly is secured with just a screw on the underside. If the screw is removed, you just pull all of the DVD-ROM drive.

    There is no other screws.

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