How to change the source of data in application with the deployment plan


JDev Version: 12.1.3

I can't change the source data with the deployment plan bc4j.

Any example on this requirement?

Thank you



Well, if you take a look at:

(one of the links in the link you get), you will see Edvin Biemond answwer:

"you must change the configuration of module of the Application so that it uses a data source. and in the deployment of applications disable deployment of jdbc connection.

Now you is enough to make the good source of data on each wls and deploy ears. »

The simplest (and probably the best) way is, as I told you, and you are also mentioned: open up JDeveloper and change declaratively and re-download the ears

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    I've simplified queries in order to clarify the issue.
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    In one case, if it is true, I want to get all the ID of the table.
    If not, I want to get only the corresponding line (pk_id = 1)

    Select pk_id
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    In my case, a comprehensive analysis that's happened in any case. (TRUE or FALSE)

    If I remove the Boolean condition, oracle optimizer transforms the query and it uses a single INDEX scan.
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    If's table' and 'table ss' are the same, see another answer. If they are different (which I assume), then the query reads:

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    OF myothertable ss

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    Note: 'AND' is evaluated before 'OR' as ' * ' is evaluated before '+', so no parentheses not necessary: has or b AND c equals an OR (b AND c) operation as a + b * c means a + (b * c).

    Best regards

    Bruno Vroman.

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  • Does anyone know how to change the date of the capture of several images with LR CC?

    Does anyone know how to change the date of the capture of several images in LR CC

    Hi Jguy,

    Please see this thread time changing capture several Images on

    Let us know if this helps

    Kind regards


  • How to change the text design AS3 using the class Date

    Hi I tried to create a 24-hour countdown on 24 who will make a loop and play back counting it self down to 00:00:00:00

    Thanks to Andrei1 for providing me with this code to create the next animtion:

    var result: String = "";
    var date: Date = new Date (null, null, null, 0, 0, 0, 24);

    var timeDisplay:TextField = new TextField();
    timeDisplay.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
    timeDisplay.multiline = timeDisplay.wordWrap = false;
    timeDisplay.border = true;
    timeDisplay.x = timeDisplay.y = 20;
    timeDisplay.text = "00:00:00 ';

    addChild (timeDisplay);

    var: timer = new Timer (250);
    timer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, count);
    Timer.Start ();

    function countDown(e:TimerEvent):void {}
    Date = new Date (date.setTime (date.getTime () - timer.delay));
    result = date.toTimeString () replace (/ \s+GMT\-\d + /, "");
    timeDisplay.text = result;

    The end result, I'm looking for is to display this countdown clock in a clear gray arial font as shown in the picture below link:

    Right now the code I received leaves me with a box around the type and a GMT (+ 000):

    I was wandering if any body knows how to change the design of something in the photo above simular.

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    Snippets of code is one thing, but nothing is gained back together solutions to people without explanation (but maybe a smile to not have to struggle with it).  Learning is not easy and it is better that it isn't... it involves the effort, stadiums, an increase in capacity to win.  You presented an entirely different approach to a solution that involves techniques beyond a beginning level.

    Don't you think that tom understands what he has in his hands?  It can develop its own regular expressions or manipulate a Date object to what you gave to him?  More importantly, since he never solved the intitial design of yesterdays issues poster, which has involved basic concepts much more, don't you think he could solve this design now?  Or he missed on some basic things that must precede the techniques that you have provided learning?

  • How to change the DML processes in Assistant APEX generated the data entry form

    I created a standard form of the APEX on a table using the wizard of the APEX. Now, I added a new element to the page. How to change the DML insert statement to take care of this new item? any ideas are appreciated.

    Thank you

    For the new item, just keep the type of Source as the "column of the database" and give the name of the column (the column for a new item name) under the "Source value or expression.

    See you soon,.

  • How to change the date format of the web site?

    Hi all

    We use Jdeveloper 11 g. We have developed a web site and it s is almost done. We use components linked to this day (most of them date. MinValue) very often.

    To change the format of the date of the entire site, but we could not see a way to do this. Even if the database date format is DD. Mr. Composant date. MinValue RR contains the date in MM-DD format. RR.

    Do you know how to change the format of date overall of a website?


    I hope will help the following post:

    Kind regards


  • How to change the existing settings of the source for the container system


    Cannot change settings in the system container (Oracle 11.5.10) source source.

    Please guide me how to change the settings.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Partha, you should not change the current container. Create a new container by copying the existing container and make any changes required in the present.

  • How to change the date of transition to the jpuery.nivo.slider.pack.js (Dreamweaver template)

    I have a slide show, and the time is 2 seconds.  I wish I had a slide or fade right from one slide to another.  How do I do that?  I am able to change the pause time, but may not know how to change the transition.  Here is the part of the code:

    1. a.fn.nivoSlider.defaults = {effect: 'fade', animSpeed:50, pauseTime:2e3, startSlide:0, directionNav:true, directionNavHide:true, controlNav:true, is controlNavThumbs:fal, controlNavThumbsFromRel:false, controlNavThumbsSearch: ".jpg", controlNavThumbsReplace: "_t humb.jpg", keyboardNav:true, pauseOnHover:true, manualAdvance:false, captionOpacity:.8, prevTex t:"Prev",nextText:"Next",randomStart:false,beforeChange:function() {}, event: function () {}, {slideshowEnd:function(){},lastSlide:function(){},afterLoad:function()}} "}

    I can change the pause time (value 2 seconds now), but I tried to change the animSpeed for: 1 and: 100, but no change.  I tried to change the effect: "default", "fade", and

    "sliceDownRight" and others in the code below, which is beyond the performed: 'fade' code I'm working with.

    if(d.Effect=="Random") {var i = new Array ("sliceDownRight", "sliceDownLeft", "sliceUpRight", "sliceUpLeft", "sliceUpDown", "sliceUp DownLeft", "fold", "fade", "boxRandom", "boxRain", "boxRainReverse", "boxRainGrow", "boxRainGrowR everse") }

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    Most widgets have a constructor that allows you to apply changes to the functioning of the widget.

    Here is the constructor for the Nivo Slider settings

    $('#slider').nivoSlider ({}

    effect: 'random', / / Specify defines as: "bend, bland, sliceDown.

    slices: 15, / / for the animations of the slice

    boxCols: 8, / / for the animations of the box

    boxRows: 4, / / for the animations of the box

    animSpeed: 500, / / speed of slide transition

    pauseTime: 3000, / / how long each slide will show

    startSlide: 0, / / Set from slides (index 0)

    directionNav: true, / / next & previous navigation

    controlNav: true, / / 1,2,3... Navigation

    controlNavThumbs: false, / / use tiles for a control Nav

    pauseOnHover: true, / / Stop animation while hovering

    manualAdvance: false, / / hand strength of transitions

    prevText: 'Prev', / / Prev directionNav text

    nextText: 'Next', / / Next directionNav text

    randomStart: false, / / Start on a slide at random

    Beforechange: function() {}, / / triggers before a transition between slides

    Event: function() {}, / / triggers a transition between slides

    slideshowEnd: function() {}, / / triggers after all slides should have been disclosed

    lastSlide: function() {}, / / when the last slide is indicated

    postcharge: function() {} / / triggers when the cursor is loaded


    The effect parameter can be one of the following:

    • sliceDown
    • sliceDownLeft
    • sliceUp
    • sliceUpLeft
    • sliceUpDown
    • sliceUpDownLeft
    • fold
    • fade
    • random
    • slideInRight
    • slideInLeft
    • boxRandom
    • boxRain
    • boxRainReverse
    • boxRainGrow
    • boxRainGrowReverse
  • How to change the location of storage in Lightroom 3.6. ?

    How to change the location of storage in Lightroom 3.6. ?

    I use my internal hard drive NTFS of my MacBook Pro as my Lightroom 3.6 storage location. run installation of Snow Leopard now but my photos too big get data now. I have two big and fast disks external eSATA hard now I want to use for my data/photos. I know how to copy data from one hard drive to another, but I don't know how to easily change the parameters in connection with Lightroom. I always want to look at all the pictures on my MacBook Pro, but do not want to save the photos on my internal hard drive more. Is it not possible to have the Lightroom program on my internal hard drive but data on twice on two discs hard different extermal? If I look at Lightroom - the catalog settings - I see that the location of the internal hard drive is my storage location now, but I have my two external hard drives do not appear as folders. Why? How do I change this so that external hard drives appear in Lightroom and I can watch all my fotos immediately (sometimes using external hard drive 1 and sometimes using external hard drive 2)?

    My external hard drives are in HFS +, but I use Paragon Software so that there should not be no problem to read and write data (I also use Final Cut Express to my drives external hard are HFS + and not NTFS).

    I want impert lots of data from a CD - do I need to first copy the fotos on my external hard drive, and then import it into Lightroom or is it easier to import data directly from the CD in Lightroom so that I don't have to name the files twice?

    I see that I must sort the fotos of the CDs in different folders and an opportunity to do it in the Finder to my MacBookPro. In Lightroom I don't want to have to click on each of the hundreds of photos to be able to put it in the right folders... But how import only a part of a CD quickly in the right folders (newly created)?

    Best regards, Karin

    The instructions do not all "creating a second folder.

    The instructions are: "In the import dialog box, select Add, and then on the left in the Source Panel, select the appropriate folder."

  • Portege S100: How to change the RAID in the BIOS

    Change the BIOS setting for Portege S100 of JBOD to RAID0, I hit space on Exectute creation and enter the key of type string in the manual, and press "enter".
    Settings and then return to existing arrangements and not the new RAID0 configuration setting that I selected.

    I stayed in this part of the day / night looking at different positions, but I don't see anything wrong with the data entered.

    This is the same as that recorded in this link: -.
    [How to change the RAID configuration |]

    I'm now at the end of my home, I just wanted to install new HDD WD and new installation of XP Pro, is - it too much to ask?

    Maybe it s a silly question but; have you installed the second HDD to the Ultra Slim Bay?
    The RAID did feature is available when a second HDDD is installed in Ultra Slim Bay.

    If the second HDD was inserted and then change the RAID in the Windows operating system.
    There should be a Toshiba RAID Console.
    You can use this console to create or manage a RAID array.

    To start the utility, click Start, point to all programs, point to Toshiba, RIAD-tap and click RAID console.
    It of possible to change the RAID1 (mirroring) of a configuration non-RAID (default).

    But note; When RAID1 is set, you cannot change your settings unless you completely restore your preinstalled software.

  • How to change the t0 ' topic: host ' search engine

    How to change the t0 ' subject: Home "search engine (for the moment it is yahoo), but I want to google. If I search from the address bar, then it is google. but I want to google on the home page for: (.) Thank you

    @cor-el: this would probably work if you want to restore the default value.

    I have changed my encrypted google search engine on "subject: House" with these steps:

    1. download sqlite browser.
    (I used this: website ( / victory of direct download)

    2 extract the zip file

    3. run ' SQLite Database Browser 2.0 b1.

    4. open the "chromeappsstore.sqlite" file in your profile folder

    5. click the Browse data tab and double-click the value in the first row. (see screenshot below)

    6. Insert the desired value.

    As you will see the values in the example below, you can use any search you want and you can insert a "_searchTerms_" instead of the term research.
    I have these values:

    • Standart (google):

    {'name': 'Google', "searchUrl" ': "_ & ie = utf - 8 & oe = utf-8 & aq = t & rls = org.mozilla: en - org.mozilla & client = firefox-a" "}

    • Encrypted Google:

    {'name': 'Google', "searchUrl" ': " _" "}

    • Yahoo:

    {'name': 'Yahoo', "searchUrl" ': " _" "}

    • Bing:

    {'name': 'Yahoo', "searchUrl" ': " _" "}

  • How will I know if my Airport Extreme has the latest firmware?  And (not related) how to change the password used to connect to my network?

    I think I bought the latest version of Airport Extreme.  It is the unit which is rectangular, is about 6 to 7 w., etc.  I have some basic questions that I do not understand:

    1. How will I know if I have the latest firmware for this device?  I read a few posts that make it sound as if it was just automatically updates.  Is this true?

    2. can someone tell me how to change the password used to connect to my wireless network?

    Thank you very much!


    If a firmware update is available, AirPort Extreme flashes orange.

    The most up-to-date version of the firmware is 7.7.3.

    You can see what version you currently have the following on your Mac...

    Open Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility

    Click on the image of the AirPort Extreme

    Look for the Version

    If the new firmware was available, you will see a button update here

    To change the wireless network password...

    Click on edit in the window smaller than you watched just to check the firmware version

    Click on the Wireless tab at the top of the next window

    Go back / change the wireless password and enter a new password

    Do the same thing to check

    Click Update at the bottom right of the window and give the airport a minute full for restart

  • How to change the input descriptor of return on investment?

    I am a beginner of Labview Vision users. I need to convert a RGB image into binary image and superimpose a few lines on the binary image at random and then measure the length of the ordinate at the origin of the image. I came across the problem of changing of return on investment by incorporating a few random coordinates (by this contact information, I can generate random lines.). But I could not find how to change the coordinates or import data from an excel file coordination.

    Any help is appreciated.


    If you have the package of Vision, you can use the line to convert to the KING function and the power cable in the KING of the image property.  If you do not, you will need to build your own KING.  Given the coordinates of line (X 1, Y1) and (X 2, Y2) the entries in the return on investment are the following.

    Global rectangle - table of 4 elements with values [X 1, Y1, X 2 + 1, Y2 + 1]

    Countours - single element (table 4 external elements, line [X 1, Y1, X 2, Y2])

  • How to change the upper-left corner of the multicolumn listbox?

    Can I change the properties of the cell (-1, -1), but I don't know how to change the text.

    Is it too simple or impossible?

    Kind regards


    In Excel, you cannot change the headers of columns (A, B, c...) and headers of lines (1, 2, 3,...).

    I have a 2D data table Y a 1 d of data table X. data of X are the same for all the columns of Y. The first idea was to use X values as row headings to give him special attention. There should be a header above the data of X (name, quantity, unit,...). See the example below.

    The solution is very simple: I created a label and put it on the upper left corner of the listbox.

    Good day


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