How to change values record source based on the target account


What is the best way to change the record source of the members of the target value. For example, I want to multiply the record with X, if the target account is XXX, C1 is XXXX or if account target YYY and C1 is AAAA. I know using SQL, it you will be very easy, but, at some point to end users should be able to change it.

Any ideas are appreciated.



I think you should take a look at the accounts of logic, because this will help you reach your fitness and will be manageable by the end users.

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    Here's my MXML with 2 different inline installation of components for different rendering engines point 2:

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >
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    How can I dynamically use the right of itemrenderer based on the value of the field? THANKS FOR ANY HELP PROVIDED!

    The best

    You can have more than 1 column renderer engine. There are two ways to do this. One way would be to use States. A State for each possible value in the data. Since you either want a button (data == 'open') or a label (data == 'Full') by using the States wouldn't be a bad choice.

    Alternatively, you can use a canvas instead of a VBox. Make a label and a button with horizontalCenter = "0" "0" = red to make them each other. Make it visible according to the data value:

    where dataField is the value of the property dataField on this converter DataGridColumn.

  • How to change a region title based on the input parameter?

    Hi all

    I need to change the title of the dynamic region based on the value of a selection list in another region.

    Can someone help me in this?

    Kind regards


    You can use & P1_ITEM_NAME. (including the & and the.) the title of region - this string will be replaced by the value of the item page called P1_ITEM_NAME, then change the name according to your order of the day of the page


  • How to change section order with based on the path of sidecar.xml

    I see that the < entry > tag controls where an article appears in the folio:

    "The order of the < entry > sections determines the order of the items in your folio when you create your folio or when you update it."

    But does that mean that I must move the entire section of an article to another location in the code, or enter a number somewhere?

    Thank you


    You must move the section of the article in its entirety in the XML document to the location where you want in the order of folio.


  • How to pass values to a variable of the file.


    I want to pass values in a variable to a file. For example: I want to divide the records in the source based on the region and load a region at any given time. Is there a way I can tell ODI to load only one region at a time. Currently I think I have a varibale defined, pass the value from a file and use this variable in the source filter.

    All answers are appreciated.

    Thank you


    Right thinking...

    Simply use the following command, to the updating of the ODI variable tab, to get the values directly in the file:

    Select REGION_NAME

    (the command between ' / * ' and ' * / ' must be in a single line)

    Change the 'MyFile' the real file name

    This help you?

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    Thank you so much: D

    ON both phones, check the settings > phone > call on other devices > Off.

  • How to change or remove a document from the document library

    How to change or remove a document from the document library?

    Hello Cpni74876966,

    You can remove the document from the library by clicking on the tab manage and scroll down to the library and document simple click and right click Delete icon.


  • How to change values to text using VBscript

    I have a model that contains the part of text-value 6 and a table. I figured out how to import the string table to the table, but I couldn't find how to change my text values. Below, you can see my table of text values.

    I'll send this table to DIAdem report function. Could you please help me how to change my text values in TDR using VBscript.

  • How to create a Top 10 based on the values in a database?

    I have a database table that stores scores for events, like a rating system.

    Users choose an event they want to score, enter their score/side and insert it into the database table.

    It gives me in my table:

    User - rating - event

    Football - 5 - Joe Public

    Football - 4.5 - Jane Public

    Tennis - 3 - Joe Public

    .. and so on.

    I want to do two things.  First of all, I need to calculate the average in each event, which is fairly easy, even if I don't quite have my head around the GROUP BY clause, which, as I understand it, only allows me to use a database field?

    Secondly, I would like to display dynamically from the database, the list of top 10 events based on the results of the average rating.

    How easy is it for reach?  I use the ASP/VBScript and MSSQL database.

    Appreciate all advice offered.  Thank you.

    > the GROUP BY clause that, if I understand correctly,

    > only allows me to use a database field?

    Lol you can include as many values in the group by clause as you want. The output will be a line for each combination of group.

    > Then, I want to display dynamically from the database, a list

    > the top 10 of the events based on the results of the average rating.

    In MSSQL, you use the rating feature:

    thin-SQL-Server - 2005.htm

  • Dynamic action - set a value of element based on the selection of lines of report

    Hi people,

    Does anyone have an example how to set up a dynamic action, which could fill an element with the selected ID based on the selection of line of the report on the same page?


    If I select an item in the report, then I would fill in 'Selected ID' element with the value of the selected report EMPNO line.

    Later, I would use it for the display of parts of master / detail on the same page.

    Thank you very much

    For this sample page, add the following JS code to run when the page is loaded.

    $('.highlight-row td').click( function(){
      //fetch record id from the cell contents of first column in row
      id = $(this).parent().children('td:eq(0)').text();
      //set page item to selected id
  • How can I get records events outside of the single folder in Photos?

    I read a response indicating that the old iPhoto 'events' can be moved out of the single folder "in the sidebar. I don't recognize a sidebar on my screen of Photos. How can I get some or all of these events/albums out of this unique folder and on the screen, as well as the other albums? I just upgraded to El Capital and Photos. I really prefer to choose to bring out in the form of records, and to select individual images in the other events to create new albums if they are possible. I also want to get rid of albums smart premade if possible.

    To display the sidebar, choose display in the menu, then see the sidebar.

    You can select all albums under the events folder and drag them to the Albums. That will remove the record albums. Do the same for any other folder that you want to delete records from.

    You cannot delete the default Ablums Smart. You can delete only the albums or smart albums you create.

  • How to change a parent who manages a child's account?

    How can I change the parent managing the child's account?

    Previous title - settings Hotmail Parent

    Hello MRBail,

    Please submit your query. I understand that you want to change the parent who manages a child's account, but I want to clarify if you describe the one in or in the Family Safety website.

    If you are descbribing one in the Family Safety website, you can follow these to change the parent:

    1. go to

    2. click on Add new parent. Select sign in if you already have the parent email address but click on create an account if none.

    3. After adding the new parent, you must back up the original parent account in and click manage the list of the members of the family.

    4. check the name of the parent account, and then click Remove.

    In the case where you are referring to one of, you can post your query to the Microsoft forum account.

    If you have other concerns, feel free to post back.

    Note: The title of this post was published to help other customers to easily find this topic in their search results.

    Kind regards


  • How to change admin password in BIOS if the old password is forgotten in windows xp?

    Can you tell me how to change the admin password in the BIOS under Windows XP if I forgot the original?

    Thank you.

    If you have a desktop PC, you can disconnect the power cable, open the case and remove the battery (Silver thing small round-shaped piece). then try to restart the computer, you can disable it in the first black screen with white text, it will probably give an error of the BIOS in any case. Then disconnect the power supply again and replace the battery. You need to reset the BIOS, but it should work.

    If it's a laptop is more complicated and you probably need a technician, you will need a few contacts on the motherboard to short and it's not just a deal to open a plate of control over some.

  • How to change a default program to open the file instead of Widnows Media Player

    Original title: Media Player

    Windows Media Player opens many of my files (which in fact cannot be opened).  What can I do to make the Media Player ceases to be the default to open my files?  I can't even open Internet Explorer because Media Player wants to open.


    By the description, I understand that Windows Media Player is been activated as default program to open all the files.

    You can change (set another program as default) your default program following the steps mentioned below:

    1. open default programs by clicking the Start button, click default programs.
    2. click on associate a type of file or Protocol with a program.
    3. click on the file type or protocol that you want the program to act as the default value.
    4. click on the change agenda.
    5. click on the program that you want to use by default for the selected file type, or click the arrow next to other programs to show other programs. (If you don't see other programs or your program is not listed, click Browse to find the program you want to use, and then click Open. If no other programs are installed that are able to open the type of file or Protocol, your choice will be limited.)

    For more information, please visit the link below:

    Change the programs that Windows uses by default

    Hope this information is useful, if the problem persists please write us back with the quick information so that we can help you further.

  • How to search for a document based on the contents of the document

    on windows xp, I could search a document based on a combination of search criteria, including part of the name of the document or a word or phrase in a document. How is a search based on the content on Windows 7?

    In general, you can simply type the content in the search box and it will find.  It highlights the content that it matched in the search results (kind of like an online search).  Here's an example where I typed the word "liberation".

    You can also combine this with the file name searches.  For example, you can type *.xls release to find all the Excel files with the word "release" in them.  If your sentence content includes spaces, put double quotes around it 'product release 12' for example.

Maybe you are looking for