How to check if spotlight indexes a disc?

OS X 10.11.4 on a mini mac configured as a server

LaCie 2big external Thunderbolt drive

In addition to the use of EI mdutil (which does not always - seems to sometimes work without returning a result)

How can I see if spotlight built a clue?

The point on the Magnifier glass seems to have disappeared and no indication either when you click on the magnifying glass icon.

By clicking on the icon magnifying glass does not display the Find dialog box and no window of information as before in 10.6.8



Start typing in the search box. If it's indexing, the progress bar will then appear.

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  • How to tell if Spotlight indexes


    I want to Spotlight index, or rather, re - index volume. I added then it subtracts Soptlight > privacy, but was curious:

    How will I know if Spotlight indexes?

    Open the activity monitor and see how active the process of mdworker is.

  • How to check if the indexer works?

    The problem I have is that it generates a lot of disk activity.  If I do works that are heavy on the use of the disc, it becomes almost impossible to work.

    Is it possible to control when the indexer runs in the background?  I can work in two ways.

    1. If a process of a given name is in CPU, run no indexer

    2 in some window of time, don't throw an indexer (indexer or limited only to run in a window of time)

    Thank you


    Thank you for your response.

    You can always return to your default configuration by disabling the additional folder that you added to the indexed location (-> Panel-> option change indexing) and rebuild the index (Control Panel-> option-> Advanced Indexing - > rebuild). Indexing of the entire system can lead to search huge index of data which may result from eating up your hard drive space and slow down your system.

    If the issue still persists I would say you are referring to the link below:

    See Mike Hall responded on 15 March 2012

    Hope this information helps and if you have other questions related to Windows do not hesitate to post on Microsoft Community, we will be happy to help you.

  • I know how to force the Spotlight for re - index a drive or a folder. But how then do I mail?

    I know how to force the Spotlight for re - index a drive or a folder.

    But how then do I mail? I drag this file to the window?

    Thank you.

    Try re-indexing of mailboxes mailbox. This can take some time if you have a lot of mail.

    Reindex messages           For El Capitan, try looking in V3.

    Reindex messages (2)        See post by Linc Davis

  • How can I check my backup burned restore disc filled properly or does not?

    How can I check my backup burned restore disc filled properly or does not? He ran for 12 hours. My info is about 117 GB. He did not say, he just says no longer copy of backup disk in the process. I think 12 hours is a long time without a full review. When my hard drive failed after six months, my copy, I did not restore anything. More many times I tried to make a record to get an error just before the end. I want to be on the safe side. I don't have an installation disc since I bought this laptop pre-programmed Walmart. It is Vista Basic, so I'm out of luck if I have to redo the system and programs.


    I suggest you follow the link and check.

  • How to check the index, on the number of columns in the table is created

    How to check on the number of columns in the table the index has been created. ??


    How check index, on the number of columns in the table that it is been created?

    890306 wrote:
    How to check on the number of columns in the table the index has been created. ??



    How check index, on the number of columns in the table that it is been created?


    SQL> desc user_ind_columns
     Name                            Null?    Type
     ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
     INDEX_NAME                             VARCHAR2(30)
     TABLE_NAME                             VARCHAR2(30)
     COLUMN_NAME                             VARCHAR2(4000)
     COLUMN_POSITION                        NUMBER
     COLUMN_LENGTH                             NUMBER
     CHAR_LENGTH                             NUMBER
     DESCEND                             VARCHAR2(4)

    Handle: 890306
    Status level: Beginner
    Join date: October 8, 2011
    Messages total: 13
    Total Questions: 5 (5 open)

    Why all the question still pending?

    Published by: sb92075 on December 3, 2011 17:21

  • How to check the Index is in harmony with the Table

    Hi, DBAS,.

    OS = RHEL 4
    DB =

    How do synchronize us the indexes on a table? Can synchronize us a clue? If an index is not having the same number of records in the table?

    Thank you

    In fact, I see a different number of rows in table and an index on it.

    Select count (asset_id) in the rpt.vehicle; -table
    -Returns 23 345 lines

    Select count (1) in the rpt.vehicle_idx; -index
    -Returns 18 287 lines.

    You cannot select an index in this way so it is nonsense.

    If you really do:

    select count(1) from rpt.vehicle_idx;

    then VEHICLE_IDX is not an index.

  • Spotlight indexing problems

    I cleaned files on my hard drive - re-filing of certain documents (pdf files) rename photos - adding text says pictures of things like that.

    Have had occasional problems with gel - startup etc - that only seem to happen after a cleaning.

    By checking newspapers led to a finder error - saying his flight, or a job did not finish before the closure.

    Never really used it yesterday and it deleted all the files the search-, but if it ends up falling on indexing - or anyway to clear it.

    I was wondering if the problem is that indexing never delete old stuff - maybe the problem after snow leopard from is that the re-indexing after each update is in fact eventually causing an overflow (leak) because the size of some user data was not provided (or someone to pull).

    I'm on snow leopard on a Mac Pro 2008.

    Update on this problem...

    If you are looking for articles on how Spotlight indexing problems - other sites of mac users - OSXdaily, for example - to have discussions on this topic, including advice on how to use a statement in a terminal to turn it off completely - the problems are similar to those that I have - then it's perhaps a question that has not been reported to Apple.

    My problem seems to be a combination of chaining a large number of files and moving them - combined with Time Machine.   I have restore a plu Time Machine folder which contained 1200 small pdf files - which lost some how because of permission issues when I moved them.    As well as readonly files I could not restore them unless I put them in the box and then changed all the permissions read and write.   The older folder was actually the first time machine upward when the main folder in question had been copied from the CD for the office (he gave no permission to write to the subfolders in the main but to load data)

    My time machine is now stopped and I ejected the drive until I decide how to restart backup.

  • Stuck at Spotlight indexing

    My MacBook Air (13-inch, early 2015, bought in September 2015), started the battery and overheating (temp CPU to 80 ° C), but fun to 1300 RPM in the last days. He also became slow, simple things like put YouTube video to play in full screen would freeze this tab and sometimes entire Safari. I got about 20 tabs open in Safari, and nothing else, but most of the time I have many more tabs and other programs that are running and it works. Several reboots and a SMC reset din't help.

    Today, I noticed that when I use the projector there is a progress bar indicating the indexing. Also, I noticed that high CPU usage (so slow performance and overheating) is caused by a few mdworker and mds_stores process. These processes are used for indexing, so I let it run all by checking from time to time of the progress bar. Once I watched the progress bar amounts to 30% and a few minutes after his return at first. He continued like that for a while.

    I did some research and found this: rebuild the index Spotlight to your Mac - Apple Support. When I put the disk hard Macintosh in the use of Spotlight Privacy tab CPU is back to normal and battery stopped draining. But I couldn't let Macintosh HD here because I use Spotlight much so I took it from there. After that I did this renewed Spotlight from indexing, but after leaving it for awhile, it just goes forward, jumps back and continues like this circle.

    What should I do Spotlight could be successfully completed indexing?

    Try the procedure suggested here: hat-can-i-do

    But be very careful with the necessary controls in the Terminal!

  • How to check if a key has been used

    Hi all

    Is there a way to determine whether a key has been used in a SQL statement?

    Example of
    I received a call from a developer said that their request was going very slow

    I checked what oracle was doing

    He was using an index with 5 distinct values on a table with a number of lines of 9.2 million

    Selectivity is very bad.

    Then I discovered after talking to the Director it was a hint to use the (silly) hints

    Once we had the suspicion that he did a scan of Table full and actually ran much faster.

    However, when I was watching the SQL text in v$ sql and v$ sqlarea he had no way of knowing if we used a hint

    IE, I saw: / * + RULE * / in the code.

    Does anyone know how to check (from the DB), if an indication is used in a sql statement?

    And if the indication is used, what is the indicator.

    Thank you


    You can use the following to see the execution plan with the outline and see advice

    Select * from table (dbms_xplan.display_cursor (null, null, 'schema'));

    select  /*+   rule  */  sum(id) from     t1 where     flag = 0
    Plan hash value: 2170464548
    | Id  | Operation                    | Name    |
    |   0 | SELECT STATEMENT             |         |
    |   1 |  SORT AGGREGATE              |         |
    |   2 |   TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID| T1      |
    |*  3 |    INDEX RANGE SCAN          | T1_FLAG |
    Outline Data
          INDEX(@"SEL$1" "T1"@"SEL$1" ("T1"."FLAG"))
    Predicate Information (identified by operation id):
       3 - access("FLAG"=0)
       - rule based optimizer used (consider using cbo)


    Kind regards

    Jagdeep Seven

  • How to check the fix related information in Oracle 7

    As I want to check the patch of an Oracle DB 7 lvl. Could someone tell me how to check or find information.

    Thanks to all the experts here.

    Welcome to the forums!

    What specific version of 7? As a general rule, this statement should provide information

    SQL> select * from V$version;


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    Long ago with including works on devices was optional, and you can sometimes fix cache work on a device by not including and then add it again. This choice has long since disappeared. A complete restoration and reloading is now the only method to recreate the cache.


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    Could someone please tell me how to check OXPD 1.6 or 1.7 on HP M577 version?

    Thank you.

    As a general rule the futuresmart 3.8 + FW should have support 1.7.  Using the last FW will be the best option to ensure you have the latest OXPd support.

Maybe you are looking for

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