How to choose a print with black ink only on the Office Jet Pro 8600?

How to choose a print with black ink only on the Office Jet Pro 8600?

Please read this post then provide some details.   What operating system? For Windows 7, the setting must be in the Advanced tab as shown below.  Note that color ink may still be necessary to avoid that the print head clogged, see here for more information.

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  • HP 6700-can I copy and print with black ink only

    Can I copy and print in black ink only?

    1-9-3-8 wrote:

    Can I copy and print in black ink only?


    Yes, you can copy and print black ink only, but you must all printer ink cartridges to work.

    Kind regards.

  • Eager to print with black ink only

    How can I print black ink only to Deskjet2050 all in a series of J510a?. I use Windows 7 and I have a gateway NE56R10u.


    It's his Manual:

    If you want to print a black and white document using black ink only, click on the Advanced button. Printing in grayscale, the menu drop-down select black ink only, and then click the OK button. If you see black and white option on the paper/quality tab or the tab layout, select it.

    Kind regards.

  • HP photosmart Premium All in o: how to print in black ink only, when all the colors are empty except new black tank.

    In the past, I was able to print with cartridge black new xl size, although all colors are empty city black photo.

    I have upgraded to OS to win 10 and my printer does not print with black ink only.  I ran a test and black ink appears here.  I print a few things ok in black only before having to make a reset in progress and had to reinstall a ton of programs and software.  No matter what I do with the properties, it will not be printed on the page and try to use colorful tanks that are empty.  It was never a problem before using win 7.  Please help ASAP!

    There are a few things to check:

    • Make sure the paper type is set to plain paper.  If Auto is selected and is confused with the Photo paper paper or photo paper is selected only the color and photo cartridges will be used.  (The pigmented black ink cartridge is not compatible with photo paper).
    • Define advanced settings for printing in grayscale, black ink only.  Otherwise, the printer may by default using inks from color for chart areas, since this offers a better print quality due to the smaller droplets of ink color.
  • How to print envelopes and labels on an Office Jet Pro 8600 more all-in-one

    Envelopes and labels can be printed using the paper on top of the Office Jet Pro 8600 more printer all-in-one?

    If printing envelopes the lower tray, should I remove the paper from the tray and adjust the margns?


    You are not able to print labels or envelopes of the ADF, for copying or scanning only. Also, it is not necessary to remove the regular printer paper to print on these types of media, even if it can make it a little easier. All you have to do is go to word or any other type of program allows you to print and select the appropriate model label or envelope and follow the instructions.

    Let me know if you need additional assistance.

  • Office Jet Pro 8600 that printing of the iPad

    I am running Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and have recently have not been able to print from it. My printer is the Office Jet Pro 8600, and on the first week I got it Setup print without problem. Now, I can only print from my iPad and when I try to print from my computer it says that it completed the work.

    Hello frashure11!

    About your problem, I suggest you check if you receive the internet signal or uninstall and reinstall your HP printing software again. The reason of why I tell you to do these is because when you try to print wireless, then you know how much you receive signals. For example, if you do not receive the maximum amount of the signal, then the chances are that printing occurs slowly. Sometimes, you can also try to uninstall the printer software and reinstall it again. But before you do that, re - check that your internet connection is to give a signal properly. I prefer lets you choose a password that has a security code, so that you can receive the maximum signal, somewhat, rather than having several people use it. Thus, your internet will go slowly and your impression will slow down.

    I hope this works!

  • HP Officejet 6500 Wireless print with black ink

    HP Officejet Wireless 6500 won't print with black ink. This printer as worked perfectly for years. Now, all of a sudden, he leaves by using black ink. All other colors are working very well. Any ideas?

    I tried several cleanings and reset by pressing on # and 3 when turning the power on. Nothing works, but the ink levels are declining due to all the cleanings trying to get this thing to work.

    I have it!

    I have searched all over the internet for a solution to this problem. Some people have the right idea, but not how to implement it.

    Problem: Black ink doesn't print all colors print but not

    Reason: for black print head is clogged.

    Implementation of solution:

    Set 920 ink jet cartridges in cartridge print head which is held in place by small arm on the right side of the ink cartridges.

    1. remove all the ink cartridges. I didn't want them to dry, so I wrapped them in plastic wrap.

    2. lift the arm and remove the print head cartridge.

    3 rinse the WHOLE print HEAD under a stream of water. I know it sounds crazy, but it will work. I thought it was best to rinse all the (not only black) because if I did not then the ink left any color would dry up and clog in any case!

    4. I leave the printhead to dry for about an hour, BUT IT DOES NOT WORK. When I handed the printhead my 6500 gave me an error message that it could not find the head of printing or something like that. I thought I ruined which was the risk I was willing to take. I went online and searched for a replacement at low prices. I immediately ordered it. But I have excluded the old printhead to dry just in case it is water which made it unnecessary.

    5. four days later I received a new printhead. Before I opened the package I tried the old an new AND IT WORKED! First, I installed the old print head cartridge, then each of the inks. After having done that, the 6500 did the rest. He went on a very long print head cleaning and alignment. He gave me the message "Please wait. Printer preparation occurring. »

    6. when the cleaning and alignment end it automatically prints a test page. It didn't look perfect the first time, but it was close. The message I got was, 'success. Alignment with success. Recycle or discard the printed page. Press Ok to continue. "The problem was that the ink cartridges were emptied of this whole process, even though they had about half of the ink when I removed them left. I changed the ink cartridges and did a cleaning and a level 2 cleaning and alignment. It worked!

    7. because I could not return the new printhead that I am now in case of failure of the print head for another reason.

    I don't know how long it will take to dry print head after rinsing but I know works of 4 days. Perhaps a few days would have been sufficient. If someone does and less time please let others know here.

    If you don't have success using my method, at least you know it will solve a new printhead. I paid about $35 for a new.

    Good luck!!

  • How to print in black ink only or grayscape

    I have a HP Deskjet 3520 printer e-all-in-one-series.  I only need to print documents using a black ink and found no reason to print anything in color.

    I would be grateful if someone could tell me how I can set up my printer so it prints only in black or grayshade documents as some call it.

    Thank you

    Hello Mindfl,

    I extracted the how to print in black ink only from HP Deskjet 3520 User Guide.

    You can check the "Page 13" user guide if you wish.

    See you soon,.

  • Is it possible to print using black ink only with a photosmart 8250?

    I only need to print in black, and I just put in a new black ink cartridge.  The other cartridges are empty.  Is it possible to say to my mac to print using black ink only?  Everytime I go to print something, even a test page, he tells me to resolve the error (empty cartridges) first.  Thanks, I hope someone checks this Christmas Eve!

    The photosmart 8250 printhead a permanent.  If the printer has allowed iwith a missing color printing, it is likely that the print head gets dirty all the time and the printer would require service to retrieve.

    You will need to have sufficient in any color and black ink for this particular model.

    (There are many models of HP with integrated on the suplies of ink print heads.  These generally allow printing with empty cartrdiges or even absent, will automatically in the printing of 'reserve mode' using the available cartrdige.  Because of the standing print heads such a feature is not available with the Photosmart 8250.)

    Merry Christmas,

    Bob Headrick, MS MVP printing/imaging

  • Print in black ink only

    I have a HP Photosmart Plus printer.  How to print in black ink only.  I don't see an option for it.  Thank you.

    You can find options to change the print settings in Windows 7 here:

    The term for black and white printing may be called print in grayscale.

    Your printer can always use color ink sometimes for purposes of maintenance, keeping the ink to clog the jets, but will limit and usage.

  • HP deskjet 3520 scan copy main: print in black ink only

    does always change to print in black ink only, or is it possible to save it so I don't have to go properties, advanced to change

    Thanks robert

    Welcome to the HP community @robert3591,

    I read your post want to print in black ink only, from your Deskjet 3520 and how, you do not select this option, every time you print from your Windows Vista system.

    I would say to change the option to print in black ink only from "Devices and printer" to contain the parameter always print in black. This is a great detailed post from my colleague @X-23 , which shows all the instructions and screenshots:

    Re: I want to only print in black ink

    If there are any questions or problems, please let me know! I hope this helps.

    Testify of my answer by pressing the thumb in the air below and hit the "accept as Solution" button, if I have you helped a resolution!

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600: Print in black ink only

    I don't have an option to print only black ink. The option does not appear on the print screen. I have the ability to print two-sided but not black only. I use OS X Yosemite 10.10.1

    Follow the steps below to print using black ink only:

    1. from the application used to print, click the file menu and select print.
    The print window is displayed.
    NOTE: The print window might be minimized: click Show details to display all available parameters.

    2. to access the color options, click on the drop down menu, listed under the name of the program (e.g. TextEdit)
    Will appear as Copies & Pages within Microsoft Office applications.

    3. Select Type/quality paper in the menu dropdown.

    4. click the triangle next to color Options of spending parameters.

    5. set the color to grayscale field.

    6. set the Mode to grayscale in black cartridge only.

    You can save the settings for later use by clicking preset > save current settings as preset.

  • Print in black ink only - HP Officejet 6600

    I have a printer HP Officejet 6600.  Is there a way to set the default value of print in black ink only?  Currently, I have to do it every time I print a document in the office/computer laptop preferences.

    What operating system? In general the settings changed in the folder printers 'stick', changed settings in an application apply only to the local instance of the application.  For example Windows 7: click Start, devices and printers, right click on the Officejet 6600, printer properties, select what you want to the default settings, apply, OK.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8715: Black ink only as default for OfficeJet Pro 8715?

    I want the printer to black ink only as a default value, project, to make it cheaper to print things unimportant!

    My 5180 Photosmart all-in-one offers a menu of easyunderstanding to fix.

    Everyone knows the secret :-)?


    Hey there! @Olov1,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community!

    I understand that you need your printer to print in black only.

    Please try a few steps mentioned below.

    Go to devices and printers.

    Click right, OfficeJet Pro 8715.

    Select Printer Preferences.

    Click the advance button.

    Access the printer features.

    Click on print in black and white and the menu drop down select black ink only.


    Go devices and printer.

    Click right, OfficeJet Pro 8715.

    Select the properties of the printer.

    Go to the device settings tab.

    And select the print in black color.

    Please find the below photo accessory.

    Let me know how it goes!

    Have a great day!

  • Pavilion Intel Core i3 8 GB of RAM: How can I get my HP Office Jet Pro 8600 printer to work using Windows 10?

    With the help of a Microsoft Windows 10 w / a HP Office Jet Pro 8600. How can I get the printer to operate windows 10?


    Please download the software package and the following driver and install on your computer (s) 10 of Windows:

    Kind regards.

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