How to choose the location of all users of Documents, downloads, files etc.

I want my Documents folders users to be on a different disk for Windows. How can I select where Vista puts these, please?

Just to be clear, immediately after a clean install, I want to be able to tell Vista to put all the files 'mobile' for all users (including users created later) on drive D: (leaving Vista is on the traditional C: drive).

It seems easy to do XP if long ago, since I did it and also in a certain os 'free' ending with X. Am, I missed something, or is it really true that on Vista I actually change the location of several folders separately for each user?

River ~ ~

Here is the procedure:

I hope this helps.

Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

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    As I am new to APEX, I would appreciate if anyone can guide me through the steps, or posting links to the tutorial, etc.

    I think you can do this by querying APEX_WORKSPACE_GROUP_USERS.

  • How to change the password for all users in the database

    Hi buddies!

    Could someone tell me how to change the password for all users in the database? I want to set the same password for all users.

    Thank you.


    Published by: user645399 on March 1, 2011 14:23

    Write the file spooling

    Make sure that all profiles has password_verify_function with a NULL value


    Select 'edit user' | username: ' identified by ;' from dba_users;

    you will get the output... you just run.

  • How to disable printing depends on the location for 'all users '.

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    Thank you


    Hi Mike,

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I suggest that you post the query in the link.

    Hope this information helps you.

  • 2 How to save the settings for all users.

    I recently had to move the hearing to a vista machine.

    Now, the Setup is a slight pain in the * mainly because of Vista in Vista.

    But now that I put it in place under my profile how can I keep those settings for all users?

    When a new person connects to this computer, it goes to the built-in default material (which of course didn't is not connected to anything) and not to the sound card that is connected to the mixer.

    So what I'm after, is a way to save all settings (including workspaces) and their default for all users (including users)

    (Please tell me there's a way to do it...) Having to configure AA for each trainee or a guest is going to be an incredible pain in my *.)

    Thank you.

    Audition CS6 and later have the opportunity to create "Machine-specific device settings" that replace a users roaming profile preference files when you connect to jobs at random, but cela was not available in Audition 3.  There may be solutions workaround, depending on your network configuration, but nothing as nice and direct.

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  • How to retrieve the list of all users in your cloud?


    I use the REST API VMware vCloud Director 1.5 and I am facing a problem.

    I want to list all the users of a specific organization to the admin (Organization of the system) account.

    Is this possible?

    with GET/admin/users/query?

    Retrieves a list of users for the organization that the org admin is using the general API REST QueryHandler; If the filter is provided it will be applied to the corresponding result set. The format determines the representation of the elements - references or documents. Default format is references.

    Thank you in advance,


    https://vcloud/api/query?type=adminUser - lists all users in all orgs.

    {orghref} https://vcloud/api/query?type=adminUser&filter=org== - list of users of the org of specified.

    orghref = https://vcloud/api/org/a93c9db9-7471-3192-8d09-a8f7eeda85f9 the organizations href for which you need filter users for.

    Kind regards

    Rajesh Kamal.

  • How to choose the download location? download automatically to the users in c drive folder. I want to change it... Please help me...

    How to choose the download location? download automatically to the users in c drive folder... I want to change my office... Please help me out...

    Tools-> Options-> save-> click on the Browse button and find the folder where you want to save the files.

  • In the lightbox widget, how can I move a legend without moving the location of all legends?

    I use the lightbox widget for my wallet, and I downloaded the files of different layouts and directions. Some captions appear over my graphics. When I try to move the legend below the chart, it moves the location for all my captions. Edit together is not checked. What Miss me?

    Try the widget 'Presentation' under 'Compositions' but Yes - will not work with the lightbox.

  • How to find the ROLE of all 10 GB DB users

    Is there a way to discover the ROLE of all users in the database. Is there any DISPLAY for it.



    Some scripts:

    PROMPT ******************************************** ROLES AND PRIVILEGES
    PROMPT ******************************************** USER ROLES
    SELECT grantee user, granted_role, admin_option, default_role
    FROM dba_role_privs
    WHERE grantee IN (SELECT username FROM dba_users) AND
          grantee NOT LIKE '%SYS%' AND
          grantee NOT IN ('DBSNMP','OUTLN')
    ORDER BY grantee;
    PROMPT ******************************************** USER PRIVILEGES
    SELECT grantee user, privilege, admin_option
    FROM dba_sys_privs
    WHERE grantee IN (SELECT username FROM dba_users) AND
          grantee NOT LIKE '%SYS%' AND
          grantee NOT IN ('DBSNMP','OUTLN')
    ORDER BY grantee;
    set pages 58
    column role         format a19 heading 'User or Role'
    column admin_option format a3  heading 'Ad?'
    column owner        format a7 heading 'Owner'
    column table_name   format a26 heading 'Table name'
    column privilege    format a21 heading 'Priv, Grant or Role'
    column r_ord noprint
    break on role
    start titel132 'ORACLE ROLES REPORT'
      2 r_ord, b.role role, b.owner owner, b.table_name,
      b.privilege privilege, b.grantable admin_option
      sys.role_tab_privs b
      1 r_ord, a.role role, 'N/A' owner, 'N/A' table_name,
      a.privilege privilege, a.admin_option admin_option
      sys.role_sys_privs a
      3 r_ord, c.role role, 'N/A' owner, 'N/A' table_name,
      c.granted_role privilege, c.admin_option admin_option
       sys.role_role_privs c
    order by
    set flush on term on pagesize 22  linesize 80
    clear columns
    clear breaks
    ttitle off
    pause Press enter to continue

    I hope this will help you.

    See you soon,.

    Francisco Munoz Alvarez

  • How do you share themes with all users?

    I have a few users using the same pc. I have a user profile that has downloaded Windows 7 additional topics, but when you go to control panel, desktop and customizations from another user, all new themes aren't there. I want to keep things clean and tidy and to minimize the disk space. Does take each user to download Windows 7 themes to their profile or can there be a central location for all users to choose what topics they want to apply and change? If yes how to make them accessible from the Control Panel, desktop and personalization option?

    Hi Humble1,

    Download the .themepack file and open it with WinRar or 7-Zip. Extract the contents of a folder (accessible by all users)
    Open the theme file and update the paths to the resources accordingly. (By default, the desktop background and other parameters point to %UserProfile%)

    Save the theme file and place it in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

  • How to change the location of the Fast Cache Preview in Color Finesse 3?

    I'm on OS X El Capitan (version 10.11), under the new version of After Effects with Color Finesse 3.0.14. The speed of preview in full Color Finesse interface is very slow, so I tried to go in Caches under preferences and by changing the location of the fast preview Cache, but I can't get Color Finesse to use another location. Even if I click Select, and then choose a new folder and press on choose, the location for the Cache remains unchanged (/ users/Mayka/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems). I wanted to put the location of the cache in a folder on my external SSD, but I can't seem to do. Is this a bug or I do something wrong? I tried to restart AE, but it has no effect.

    OK, I understand now. Change the location of the cache probably won't speed up the quick preview render phase, but could help in the reading stage, it should certainly be selectable (i.e., we need to fix this bug).

    As the phase of rendering speed, Color Finesse must ask executives out of After Effects, so it will never faster than AE. There will also be an additional burden, because the frame is transferred from EI, which will slow down things a bit.

    That said, we had a few reports that the 3.0.14 updated to Color Finesse slowed the speed of rendering a little (compared to most early versions of Color Finesse). This is probably due to a difficulty we have made to take account of the more aggressive power management in OS X 10.10 and later versions and Win 8.1 and later. We are currently looking into how we can adjust performance and still not run against the latest operating systems. I don't have a deadline for this that we're still investigating. But it's on our radar!

    Bob Currier


  • HP pavilion 15-e034tx: how to choose the right RAM for laptop

    How to choose the right RAM for my laptop (Pavilion 15-e034tx). I know I should buy DDR3 ram.

    Are there other factors should I consider when buying one? I got 2 slots for ram, which od these combos are possible?

    1-4 + 4 GB
    2-4 GB + 8 GB
    3-8 GB + 8 GB

    Thank you

    From the Manual:

    Two customer accessible/upgradable memory module slots

    Support for dual channel DDR3L (1600 MHz)

    Support 8192 MB RAM system in the following configurations:

    8192 MB (8192 MB × 1, × 4096 MB 2)

    Manual download link

    See page 53 for instructions. Memory access is easy via the service Panel. This is the part number for the approved 4 HP concert module:

    4 GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600 MHz) 691740-001 & qid = 1451655870 & SR = 8-2 & Keywords = 691740-001

    A 8 GB module is listed in the manual, and it's a 3rd generation of processor i5 I suspect 2 x 8 = 16 concerts would work, but strictly following the manual your only option is to add a 4 GB for a total of 8. Most users really not more 8 GB and adding a second identical module will allow two-channel operation, so you should see a noticeable jump in the overall performance.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • How to monitor the activities of internet users without using third-party software. We have some 60 windows domain user

    Hi all

    We have 60 knots which is connected with the windows domain. How to monitor the activities of internet users via the windows server

    without third-party software.

    Thanks in advance



    The business support, you can find forums on TechNet, please create a new post at the following link:

  • How to change the location of the installation folder of Windows of drive c to any other drive in windows 7

    How to change the location of the installation folder of Windows of drive c to any other drive in windows 7

    When you install a program, you normally have the opportunity to take the default or custom installation.  If you choose custom, you can specify where the program will be installed.

    Good luck.

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