How to choose the poster frame for websites like YouTube or SmugMug?

I have a video ended up in first Pro CC, when I export it automatically selects an image to use as the thumbnail on the front of my video. I would like to manually select the thumbnail displayed, how can I do?

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The site chooses at random the poster frame.  YT does the same.

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  • How to choose the poster when exporting to video frame?

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    There are two common meanings for the term "poster frame":

    1. A stand-alone image on disk (JPG, etc.) that is displayed by a player before the video is loaded - commonly used by applications of video sites (YouTube, etc), InDesign and PDF, etc files then the video resource must not be opened so that viewers see what they are about to watch - even if the image is normally enjoy the video should not be.
    2. An image resource built into the XMP/ID3 data of a video or audio file that can sometimes be shown in the player, but is normally set as he appears as the thumbnail image when you view the files in the Finder or Windows Explorer. There is no part of the content stream, it is in the header of the file. In the MP3 files, it is used to store album art.

    You can create stand-alone PP JPEG images using the icon of camera under the monitor and can semi-automate presets to export a still image alongside your video using Adobe Media Encoder, but there no option in PP (or via Adobe Media Encoder) to specify the image displays embedded in a multimedia rendered file. Several third-party applications can do, either during rendering (compressor / Squeeze) or after the fact (Quicktime Pro), but support for these embedded resources depends on the wrapper for the video file.

    The ability to define a "poster frame" in the PP clip bins, it is only there to help you organize your resources to project visually - for example if the imported film begins black, or if you want to choose a framework where the slate is visible-, but your choice has no effect on sequences to export and is not written back to the original film.

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    I missed this: and, even though I am connected to multiple accounts. I asked the team about this feature. However leave a comment for developers is also a great place to request this feature.

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    I could erase parts of the film strip, but I'm not familiar with the process and have "cut" never the movie of "front-end" or the "back-end" (well Yes, I said, I'm not an expert).   Bottom line: I want to get the movie in its entirety on YouTube somehow.

    All advice welcome.  The film is already 4 years old and I did not understand this in order to share with the family.


    How about do your own research online for the You Tube tutorials for how to use the iMovie version you have on your OS X 10.6.8 iMac and how to edit clips make movies shorter and weaker in the size of the file.

    The discussions and the answers you need are too detailed tedious to cover in a forum for troubleshooting.

    A lot of YouTube videos for you help with your film questions of edition.

    You just need to look for the tutorial iMovie, you need.

    You had 4 years to do your own research on how to change your own created movies.

    YouTube has a lot of video tutorials to help you with this, and you can play these video the long while real using iMovie to make the tutorial!

    Good luck to you.

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    For addiitonal information, refer to the article below:
    How to defragment your disk Volumes in Windows XP
    Hope this information was useful.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • When you export (share) a project, how to choose the thumbnail of the freeze frame which restores the clip?

    I just shared (exported) a project that is a simple take a clip for a friend who has downloaded on its website. The problem is that, when the video ends by playing on his site, he returned to a freeze frame that seems completely random and is not the image I want. How to choose the exact image that the video will return as "thumbnail by default?"

    Thank you


    Cannot set lla at the FCC. Many layout site Web apps will allow you to set the poster frame for the video files.

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    Hi niranaja

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    3. search your drive C: Vendor.xml and delete them, there may be one or two vendor.xml (on changing your Pc folders option to show the hidden files/folders ):

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    • C:\Users\Windows UserName\AppData\Roaming\Research in Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

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    Upgrade will continue then after Installation of the new OS restore your BlackBerry Desktop backup


    Once done open BlackBerry Desktop Software (7.1) > select Applications. > in the section of language and support for entry , select the language to be added to the BlackBerry smartphone (a + will appear next to the language to install) > click apply.

    KB13067 : How to get smart BlackBerry phone language packs.

    So please try it and let us know.



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    TEST 34567

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    Thank you


    If you want to return only the rows that contain the string 'TEST', followed by zero or more space characters, followed by one or more digits?

    How about this:

    SELECT *.

    FROM my_table

    WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(description,'^TEST\s*\d+$')

  • FOR ADMINS - how to choose the right answer on a thread on this forum?

    FOR ADMINS - how to choose the right answer on a thread on this forum?

    For example, on:

    "missing plug-in" for safari after you download!

    It does not show on 5.1 Safari and Firefox on Mac OS X 10.6.8 6.0.2.

    Thank you!

    The normal user (non-admin type), which can mark a reply as useful or appropriate is the user who started the discussion.

  • Defining a poster frame for iCloud, photo sharing

    The Question:

    How to set a custom frame displays for videos shared via iCloud, photo sharing?

    Use case:

    I have converted old home movies VHS into segments of small 3-5 minutes and you want to share these clips to my family via iCloud, photo sharing. This will allow the videos to travel with them on their iPhone.

    The problem:

    These segments are stored in the Photos app. I have chosen some of these segments and chose an image poster - it works. I right click, choose sharing to iCloud, photo sharing. The file appears in a newly shared album, but the poster frame is returned to the first frame of the video. In the case of the VHS, it's a blurred image, or a framework that does not clearly show the content (for example, a sofa, or heaven).

    Right-clicking on a video gray shared on the option to reselect a poster frame.

    What you need to do is clip from the first few frames of video in PHotos. Double-click on the video to open it in read mode.  Click on the speed on the right button and select Trim.

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    File name: sp66089.exe

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    File name: sp59632.exe


    This package provides the driver for the Ethernet Realtek controller in the laptop models running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp63213.exe

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