How to choose WEP 128 bit?

For some reason says I should use a WEP 128 bit encryption. When you configure a WEP network in Vista, I don't see where select 128-bit instead of (default) 64-bit.


Hello STEVE290,

·        What is the specific problem you're talking about?

·        You configure the network wireless network and sharing Center Windows?

The Wired Equivalent Privacy supports 64-bit and 128-bit only if the following supports 128-bit encryption:

a. wireless router.

b. wireless Network Adapter.

If you use Windows Network and Sharing Center for the configuration of the network wireless, by default that selects Windows 64 bit Privacy (WEP) equivalent wired.

If you are already connected to the network, disconnect from the network and try to connect again and check if you get an option to choose the 128-bit encryption.

You can also try to select the 128 Bit encryption on the router page.

1. open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.
2. go to the address bar and enter the IP address of your router ("" is most of the VOIP routers default IP address) then press [Enter].
3. a new window prompts for a user name and password. Type "admin" for the username and password ("admin" is the name of the default user password), and then click OK.
4. when the router's web-based configuration page, look for wireless and then wireless security.
5. search the Security Mode and select WEP.
6. Select any number under the key to default to determine which key you use. In this example, we chose the number 1.
7 find the WEP encryption and select 128 bit 26 hexadecimal characters.

Thank you
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