How to clean the C855-1UA Satellite and remove dust?

Hi to everyone.

I want to open my toshiba satellite c855 1ua, because I think the fan is very very dirty.

I have not found a tutorial how to open this same model, so I was wondering if I need to remove the hard disk too to 'remove' the bottom plate and fan access.

I don't have the Torx screwdriver to remove it, so I have to remove or is optional can I remove the plate without it.
Or there is another simple way to access and clean the fan?

I know that use compressed air bottle is not the way to probler, but it would be simpler.


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I would not recommend you to disassemble the laptop just to clean the cooling fans.
The use of compressed air jet is the simplest and the best way to get the extracted dust fan cooling and cooling grids.

I clean my fan from time to time, and the jet of compressed air has always worked well

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    Don t open remove it from notebook or don t no cover if you n t want to lose guarantee!
    I cleaned my cooling modules and fans with the vacuum cleaner.
    But beware, the strong suction can damage bearings fan.

    But look, man, if you n t know how to do and have no practical knowledge so I recommend a technician seeking professional help and cleaning!

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    Thanks for your comments! {color} *.

    You can use a jet of compressed air to clean the cooling fans.
    This air jet can be bought from most of the dealers for laptop and computer.

    Then you could try blowing through the vents to get rid of dust and debris.
    For the most part this procedure simply help!

    If the laptop overheats again, contact a technician for laptop for further assistance.

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    I am not owner of a Satellite Pro 6100 but I saw this laptop on several pictures and it seems that the fans are placed at the rear near the CC.
    If you try to vacuum dust and debris from these grids of fans.

    I found also found a very detailed instruction how to remove and open the Satellite Pro 6100.

    BUT if you have no experience, you must do it yourself. The best way to ask someone who knows what to do!

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    WARNING - proceed at your own risk and don't forget static precautions!

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    + The message was edited: link has been removed ad channel may not +.

    Thanks for these videos. It may be useful to replace the memory, but I think that the owners of the laptop should not open the case. This may void the warranty.
    Be careful about this.

  • Satellite L350-24U: how to clean the keyboard after having poured orange juice

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    I spilled my L350-24U with Orange juice.
    Now, I have 4 keys to self-retaining :-(

    Can someone tell me how to clean the keyboard without damaging the laptop?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hmm, it's still a stupid situation
    Usually you can remove the keyboard of the laptop very easily.
    The keyboard is fixed with screws hidden under thin plastic cover near the line of F1 - F12 key.

    If you would remove plastic this cover then you would be able to remove the screws as well. Then you could lift the keyboard carefully and could disconnect the flat cable of the keyboard and the motherboard.

    Notes; two small latches on both sides of the connector must be moved in order to disconnect the cable.

    Then you could remove the keyboard and could clean it with a damp lint.
    PS: the caps can be removed too.
    But be very careful. You must raise the CAP to get it for free.

    There are many videos on youtube...

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    I'll check this post when I wake up in the morning. If you know the techniques of hair removal good explain please, I'm not very good with directions so patient with me.


    To be honest, you will never be able to clean the keyboard. Break down the water is maybe not so bad, but the juice is sticky and can not be cleaned properly.
    I'm afraid that you need a new keyboard. :(

  • Re: Satellite P300D high temperature - how to clean the ventilation?

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    Yes, I know that I lose the warranty if I do this, but my question is if someone have a step by step description how to do this. Maybe someone does this also.

    Please, I'd be all good advice.


    It s not necessary to disassemble the laptop to clean the fans and remove dust.
    You can do this without disassembly

    Use the jet of compressed air. The jet of compressed air would remove the dust of grids and cooling fans. This support and this procedure has helped me as well.

    Also, check out this FAQ from Toshiba:

    Welcome them

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    does anyone know how to clean the silver surface of a M60 Notebook?

    In particular the areas where my hands are usually based became quite dark shadows or similar.
    (btw. Usually I wash my hands ;-))


    Is it just uncleanliness or color is perhaps Chantilly?

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    Laptop seems to be overheating, but I do not know how to clean the fan or the weather, I can. Can you help me please xx

    Hi cottagecrafts,

    [HERE |] she s describes how to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system.



    Come rimuovere eventual aloni esistenti da previous pulizie?

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    How to manually remove existing halos of previous cleanings?

    Hi there @antonio55,

    That the Forums are with you!  I understand that you are looking for advice on how to clean your screen.  I'm happy to give you a helping hand with this.

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