How to clean the cooling on Satellite Pro 6100 module?

Since my laptop for some reason stop (explained in my last post), I read messages from others who are similar to my problem and some of the responses that they was that they must clean the cooling with a vacuum (vacuum) module.

So I was wondering how to clean it and where is it? (I m not an expert on computers)


I am not owner of a Satellite Pro 6100 but I saw this laptop on several pictures and it seems that the fans are placed at the rear near the CC.
If you try to vacuum dust and debris from these grids of fans.

I found also found a very detailed instruction how to remove and open the Satellite Pro 6100.

BUT if you have no experience, you must do it yourself. The best way to ask someone who knows what to do!

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    How can I clean the mouths of aeration and - outputs without losing the warranty?


    Don t open remove it from notebook or don t no cover if you n t want to lose guarantee!
    I cleaned my cooling modules and fans with the vacuum cleaner.
    But beware, the strong suction can damage bearings fan.

    But look, man, if you n t know how to do and have no practical knowledge so I recommend a technician seeking professional help and cleaning!

  • How to clean the cooling modules Satellite A30

    How can I clean the fan overheating? I can't open my laptop (Satellite A30) on the back for a screw is damaged. is there an alternative?

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    Thanks for your comments! {color} *.

    You can use a jet of compressed air to clean the cooling fans.
    This air jet can be bought from most of the dealers for laptop and computer.

    Then you could try blowing through the vents to get rid of dust and debris.
    For the most part this procedure simply help!

    If the laptop overheats again, contact a technician for laptop for further assistance.

  • How to clean the C855-1UA Satellite and remove dust?

    Hi to everyone.

    I want to open my toshiba satellite c855 1ua, because I think the fan is very very dirty.

    I have not found a tutorial how to open this same model, so I was wondering if I need to remove the hard disk too to 'remove' the bottom plate and fan access.

    I don't have the Torx screwdriver to remove it, so I have to remove or is optional can I remove the plate without it.
    Or there is another simple way to access and clean the fan?

    I know that use compressed air bottle is not the way to probler, but it would be simpler.


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    I would not recommend you to disassemble the laptop just to clean the cooling fans.
    The use of compressed air jet is the simplest and the best way to get the extracted dust fan cooling and cooling grids.

    I clean my fan from time to time, and the jet of compressed air has always worked well

  • 'Bad RTC battery, check the CMOS' on Satellite Pro 6100

    Hello... I just got a Satellite Pro 6100 and when it is started I get an error message:

    Check the system. Then press the [F1] key

    I can still use the laptop for about 15 minutes, but then it crashes. I did some research and discovered that it is the power supply Board. But my laptop is out of warranty and the reminder is now officially over.

    Y at - there someone who can help me?
    Thank you

    Published by: admin

    Hi Liam

    Hmmm... I think it s not a Council but the battery of the CCF.
    Take a look in the user manual. There you should find something that exactly the message is displayed if the battery RTC (BIOS) is not charged.

    The RTC battery, you must connect the power adapter and should run the laptop for about 24 hours.
    After that the main battery has been charged, then the RTC battery starts to load.

    It will take a little longer.

  • Re: How to disable the BIOS on Satellite Pro A300 - 1 2 pass?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 - 1 2, some how the BIOS got locked and a startup password has been enabled, I tried to get in the BIOS to disable the startup password but without any job.

    What I need to send or take it back to Toshiba to take them off for me?

    Thank you for your time.

    If the BIOS password does not work for you, you need professional help. Contact the nearest Toshiba service and they can remove it for you.

  • How to set the power settings - Satellite Pro A10 with Win XP Pro

    I an A10 Pro of the Satellite with Win XP Pro installed and cannot access the power settings. When I go into the power settings in Windows, I get a msg telling me to use Toshiba Power Saver and Win power settings are grayed out.
    I installed which tells me that it is installing the Toshiba Power Saver, but always Win power settings are greyed out and I can't find no separate application "Toshiba Power Saver".
    The BIOS shows ' version of BIOS ACPI = 1.30.
    Can someone advice how to change the power settings please?


    Hi Dave,.

    You have the "Toshiba common Modules" installed? They must first of all for many models of Toshiba, and power settings module is an add-on for that.

    If you do not have the appropriate restoration or the utility CD handy, the drivers can be downloaded from the Web from Toshiba website.

    I hope this helps, let us know how you go


  • How to wear the Vista/Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 software after upgrade HARD drive


    Have ordered a Seagate Momentus 7200.02 200 GB SATA-300 7200 RPM 16 MB 2.5 "for my Satellite Pro A200GE - 26. Toshiba slow disk with this laptop ships is simply not fast enough so it is replaced.

    My question is this: can I use the recovery disc of the DVD came with my laptop to reinstall Vista and all the Toshiba drivers on this new album?

    If this is not the case-how can I do?

    If I can do it - could you give me a checklist of things to do?
    Are several factors I need to get used to exist on the recovery disk?

    I ask this because I know how to do this on a PC with the Original OS disc, but I was horrified when my laptop has been delivered and no original OS disk - I think it's very bad for any help would be accepted with gratitude.

    Thank you in advance,



    You should not worry about the whole procedure, just install the HARD drive, put the recovery CD in your CD/DVD drive, press F12 and start with your CD drive or just press 'C' (which automatically inserted CD, boots).

    The recovery is not limited to a specific HARD disk, it automatically adjusts the size of the partition and install EVERTHING on your disk as a preinstalled OS shipped directly from the factory. Don t you need some additional drivers or software, the only thing you need to do is to copy your personal data on the system drive and customize your windows.

    It is the intention of recovery media: put it in and it does everything by itself.

    That's all. :)

    See you soon

  • How to change the cooler on Satellite M30-344?


    IA´m lucky enough with my Satellite M30 - 344, but 2 months the cooler starts to become stronger every day. Is it possible to change the cooler on mine and how expansive is the original cooler? Do you know anything as a tutorial for the change process?

    Originally from 2 256 parts MB of Ram is installed. Now ia´m think about a bigger total RAM. As far I know are only 2 slots for RAM, or I'm wrong. Is it possible to install two 1 GB RAM pieces?

    Thank you very much for your help!


    The replacement of internal devices is not easy and a little risky.
    I wouldn't recommend replacing the cooling module yourself.
    You might damage it something on the map and as you know the motherboard is costly parts of the laptop. The manuals are not published because these documents are only for technicians and service partners.
    So I think you should ask a service partner to help him because these guys have more experience in these procedures.

    I found a site online with the memory modules for Satellite M30 344

    It is said that it of possible to upgrade memory to 2 GB max. That's why I think that it of possible to use module 2 x 1024 MB.

  • How to access the BIOS on Satellite Pro 4600 settings?


    I received a Satellite Pro 4600, unfortunately this laptop has 2 and a half proceeding on this issue. The first is MS2000, then XP then an incomplete installation of XP. When I start the laptop, it asks which OS I want to use. I have a legal copy of XP that I bought and I want to reformat the computer laptop and put on a new install of XP, the problem is how to enter the BIOS to change the settings to boot to a CD?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



    First of all you n t need to access the BIOS to boot from the CD.
    You can simply press the F12 key immediately after the laptop has been powered.
    It would show the available boot options.

    Alternatively, you can press the C button that would automatically allow the CD/DVD drive as the boot source.

  • How to access the BIOS on Satellite Pro A120

    Sorry for my English.
    But I need help:

    How to access the BIOS on my Satellite Pro A120


    If I m not wrong not the Satellite ProA120 is supported by the Toshiba BIOS and so you should be able to access the BIOS pressing the * ESC * key immediately after starting the laptop

  • How to reinstall the DVD on Satellite Pro U300-143


    I have a toshiba dvd player uninstall by mistake! How can I install it again? are there options other than the pc recovery?

    I m using the satellite Pro U300-143 with windows vista busines

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Jan

    Please try with the link given by Robin. If this does not work please post again.

  • How to reset the BIOS on Satellite Pro L300 password?

    Hello world

    I have a big problem with my laptop. I have a Satellite Pro L300, 1.50 insyde BIOS version Windows Vista 32, version of the system 6.0.6002 service pack 2 version 6002, so I have to re - install the system.

    But there is a BIOS password and I ve lost, so I can't access my BIOS menu. I would like to know how I can reset the bios password.
    It is very important for me. THX.

    You can not reset the bios password if you can't remember. Contact the service center and ask them to reset it.

  • How to enter the BIOS on Satellite Pro NB10-A-100?


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro NB10-A-100 and I want to enter the BIOS Setup and I can't.
    What is the key combination to get?

    Thanks in advance.

    Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8 -
    Restart your computer and try to use F2 or F12. If you use F12 there should be opportunity to enter the laptop configuration settings.

    Please test and send feedback.

  • Re: How to access the BIOS on Satellite Pro A120

    Can someone tell me how to access the BIOS on my SAT Pro A120?


    You must press ESC and then F1 key immediately after the laptop has been powered!

    The laptop seems to be to use the Toshiba BIOS and ESC key should be the right one!

    Good bye

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