How to clear the contents of my old iPad without also erase it from my other?

I backed up my new iPad Air2 use iCloud and now want to delete all the contents of my old iPad. How can I do this without also deleting the content of my new iPad?

Manipulation of content on the old iPad will not affect the content on the new iPad

Following the instructions here should take care of it

What to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

Explanation: I am usually concerned about things such as notes and images - but if they are on the new iPad - and that is synchronized in the cloud, then signing of iCloud on the old device will not affect anything

(I'm personally spent on 4 phones like that)

Nice name it by the way Jonny Ives has a special link to Apple - google if you want that

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    If the content is the content property of your loader that loads a bitmap, use:

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    There is a difference between your method and mine. My method will move the EOF marker so that it gets placed after all what I have written in the file, which in this case is the empty string. With your method the EOF marker is not moved. To perform the equivalent operation with your code, you will need to use the right to set file size after the write function to set the file size to the length of the string that you wrote in the file. Or, you can use the unique feature that I did.

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    Use the FileConnection.delete method and the FileConnection.create method to remove and create a file.

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    This is explained in more detail in Word Office help.  Take a look at this.

    When you have finished a letter, save it clicking on the Office button and choosing Save.  Then select the close option in the list of the menu [this will close this file not word itself].  Then select the new item in the menu list & you will have an empty file to work [if the New item opens with the content already in it, then you accidentally have something saved in the model file - the help file also explains in this regard].

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    Do you mean completely erase a database?

    You can do this via EAS by right-clicking on the database and selecting 'Clear data'-> 'all data '. This will erase all the data and keep the outline, calc scripts, etc..

    You can use MaxL alter reset database for ASO bases and BSO.

    Or do you mean deleting selective bits of a data base, using something like CLEARBLOCK (BSO) or CLEARDATA calc script commands? In the land of the ASO, you can use MaxL clear aggregates of database change or delete order data from the region.

    Kind regards

    Cameron Lackpour

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    DCIteratorBinding binding = ADFUtils.findIterator("UserVO1Iterator");
    if (binding!=null) {
    Can someone help me? How to clear the contents in an af:table supporting the Java bean code?

    Kind regards
    Samson Fu

    You can also try to call the method executeEmptyRowSet() on the view of the iterator object instance



    Jean Lou

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    (What is PPC?)

    PPC stands for Power PC. Is the name used to refer to the old Macs that uses a Motorola processor instead of Intel chips used today. To clear your old Mac follow the advice in this document from Apple... What to do before you sell or give away your Mac - Apple Support

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    Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a combination of card games and he has not a good reset option for all games.

    Some games have the New Deal option when you right click to start a new game.

    However, on some games have the ability to reset the cumulative Scores. Follow the instructions and check if this.

    (a) click here to open the game.

    (b) press on Windows key + C.

    (c) click settings.

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    (e) whether specific game and click reset a cumulative Score .

    Let us know the status of the issue. If you need help, please after return. We will be happy to help you.

  • How to transfer to a new content of an old iPad

    How to transfer to a new content of an old iPad?

    Save the old iPad to iTunes and restore the new iPad of this backup... would be essentially clone the old to the new.

    If you want just a specific content, the answer to that depends on what you want to move?

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    Classic scenario: after the bookmark long manual organization Firefox Sync adds trash of its server to my laptop or tablet.

    Where can I find how to replace the content of the backup of the server by settings/passwords / current browser bookmarks? Stupid me, I put a new synchronization and lost this ability.

    It is not recommended to go back to the old version of Sync

    The old version is removed he'll stop being available soon, it takes getting used to using the new version.

    IIRC, it is actually possible to force synchronization of the old working with Fx29 & Fx30 using an old profile or preferences of piracy, but I don't think I should encourage users to try this, but it would be better than using an older version of Firefox which is really bad. In fact using an old outdated version of Firefox is so bad, that it is customary to recommend using a browser on alternative day of someone else instead.

    Firefox ESR is aimed at corporate users, definitely, at the moment, it will use the synchronization of the former. Who will update soon to use synchronization well again, and this time, I guess the synchronization of the former will probably totally frowned upon for example are not available at all.

    It is possible to use the feedback system to leave a short comment on Sync. I would recommend this making, but at least to make very many people of spirit comments that I doubt will have no effect.

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    Techno-bouffon here, in conflict on how to clear the cache in 9.0.3 (OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan). Some recommend to delete entire cache folder. Others say just clear, which I did. So... what happens if I delete the contents of the entire folder Caches? (I have nothing special set up on this computer.)

    Open Safari Preferences--> advanced.  Downstairs, make sure that ' see her develop menu in the menu bar "is checked.  Then go up to develop-> empty Caches.

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    I understand this is a very old post, but since I found it when I was looking for the same answer in 2009, I thought go ahead and give my $.02 worth.

    I have a different router, so it may not be present in your.

    I use a version of the firmware WRT54GLwith 4.30.7 and finally found on the status under "Local network" page a link to the DHCP table. You can click on that and delete existing IP addresses.

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    These should help:
    How to save and print a list of directory for a file and the folder of Vista (Windows 7 is the)

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    Use this free program which is great:

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    How to add the feature print directory for files in Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

    I hope this helps.

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