How to clone a hard drive M57p

I must go down 200 m57p systems from Vista to XP. I ran the process on a computer, and it takes one or two hours. I would like to clone the drive that I've done on each of the other systems.

Ghost and image copy the disc, but then copies that results do not start windows. I get a blinking cursor or a read error.

Is there a utility to Lenovo for cloning disks? Y at - it a newer version of the software I should use?

I did this job in Ghost.

There is a selection in 'Options' to copy the disk initialization with the partitions, which makes a clone of work.

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    Information on the machine:


    Model name: 20384

    Windows 8.1

    I've not seen / heard of successful use of the flash drive for recovery purposes. The default software using optical disk, when I used it on my G580.

    If your laptop does not have a CD / DVD burner, you may need to contact them directly to discuss this option.

    As to where he is? It is a hidden partition on the hard drive, is usually not accessible.

    Cloning the hard drive can not return to that partition hidden - it would be a little bit the clone of the drive to work.

    I recommend to download your manual of maintenance on the Support site and learn more about the 100% specific for your laptop recovery process.


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    Hi @Diane47,

    Thanks for joining the Forums of HP Support with your request to printer.

    I understand that you have a HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-one printer you plan to elimination and you wonder if the hard disk is encrypted and how to destroy the hard drive. I would like to help with that.

    HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-one printer don't have a hard drive. It contains a very small amout of memory, so it can keep in memory the printer and fax settings.

    You can clear the memory by restyoring the printer back to the default values.

    1. on the printer Panel, select Setup.

    2. from the Configuration menu, select Tools.

    3. on the Tools menu, select Restore Factory Defaults.

    HP offers to recycle their products for you. If you want to know more about it, please click here.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

    Indeed, if this help you to achieve a solution please click the 'accept as Solution' and the 'thumbs up' buttons down below in this message.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome them


    Hi Frank,.

    I'm not too sure about the P10, but on my A30 the hadr drive is under the DVD-ROM. It is secured in place by a single screw (accessible from under the laptop), and when it is deleted the DVD-ROM slides just to place revealing the hard drive.

    The hard drive is fixed with 4 screws (2 on each side)


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    Can someone tell me how to remove a hard drive from a s35dvd please? I can't find a manual anywhere, and I need to remove the drive to try to remove a virus load that I can't remove it with windows running or even in safe mode.

    Thank you


    Unfortunately this Toshiba device it unknown to me and I don t have found all documents on the replacement HARD drive.
    But as far as I know, there should be only 2 possibilities how to do to remove the HARD drive.
    1.) under the disk HARD is placed at the bottom of the unit and you should only remove the cover of the HARD drive.

    2.) HARD drive is placed in the Notepad. In this case you will need to Remover the keyboard and some covers to replace the HARD drive

    Well, I can give you only that info. I think that if you want to know the detailed instructions, you should contact Toshiba service partner because it has a more detailed information on these cases.

  • Satellite A30 - how to remove the hard drive

    Hi, new here...

    Can someone tell me how to remove the hard drive in my Tosh A30...

    Thank you

    Hi Tim,.

    The hard drive on your SA30 is in the optical drive, but slide the optical drive out of its housing (undo the F5 marked screws on the bottom of the laptop).

    The hard drive will be visible fixed with four Phillips head screws that need to be removed (two on each side of the hard drive. With the removed screws, gently slide the hard drive toward the front of the laptop to disconnect its connector and carefully pull it out of its Bay.


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    Thanks in advance for your help.



    The only manual that I could find is one that covers the ze5600.

    See if it will work for your model too.

  • How to reformat the hard drive and do a "clean" install

    A recent virus attack, my computer has lost some files of the operating system.  With the help of the Lim has provided the recovery disk, which offered ' upgrade/repair' or a 'new installation '.  I chose ' install new ', actually I found many of my files are still there - that means that if a virus has escaped "Detection / removal" will always be there.

    Question: How to reformat the hard drive and do a 'fresh install' on a clean hard disk "? ". (I have a drive to Win XP with service pack 3 and a driver disk for the hardware installed on my computer of the regulations.)

    Thanks in advance


    Since you have a Dell and a recovery CD and not a recovery Partition, check how many partitions you need by using disk management:

    In case you have a partition with the operating system and a partition of the utility partition, I would only recommend formatting the partition from the OS. The Partition utility can be very useful.

  • How to format my hard drive as my operating system running IM?

    How to format my hard drive as my operating system running IM? I tried many ways must my computer tells me I have to stop all programs that I have running. play help as soon as possible!

    Some PC contains a hidden hard disk restore partition. If yours is one of them, this is how you return your PC to its original state.

    What is the brand and model of your PC?

    Yet, this is a pretty drastic step. There is more easy and faster to improve performance. If you do not want to give it a shot, let us know. And also tell us the specifications of your PC, type of XP, SP, etc.

    Also, you might find follows her beneficial:

    Here are the usual causes of slow:

    1. malware (malware). You need to rule out first! This page has excellent information: ://

    2. some programs aimed at combating malware (for example, Norton and McAfee). Ironically, they can slow things down because they use simply much too many resources. Sometimes they cause conflicts with other programs. And their default mode is to scan your entire hard drive whenever you start. Fortunately, there are other programs of anti-malware software available that use much less resources (p. ex., NOD32, Avast and Avira).

    3. too much of certain types of programs still running in background - with or without your consent. (Then again, a lot of programs running in the background of the consequences trivial.)

    To determine each program and process, you are running, use the task (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) Manager and click the processes tab. You should be able to sort by CPU usage or memory usage for a good ideas that are resource/memory hogs. You must write the names of all the processes for future detective work (or take a snapshot and print it).

    Use these sites to determine what these programs are, and learn how configure them to not always run when starting:

    Sometimes, it is recommended to use msconfig to configure programs to run at startup. A better, more thorough program is Autoruns:

    But before that, you must use the settings preference of the program in question. Otherwise, for some programs, they will return to the list of startup anyway!

    If you do not want to use msconfig, it can be accessed in this way:

    Start | Run | Type "msconfig" (without the quotes). Enter (or OK)

    4. not enough RAM, causing the PC too rely on the pagefile. A quick way to determine if what is happening is to open (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) Task Manager, and then click the performance tab. Then the three values under Commit Charge (k) Note: in the lower left corner: Total, limit and peak.

    The Total number represents the amount of memory you are using right now. The vertex figure represents the maximum amount of memory you made since the last boot. If these figures are lower than the value of the amount of physical memory (K), then you probably have lots of RAM. In case you want to study it more, you can run the Page queue Monitor for Windows XP:

    5. you can also verify that the access mode of your hard drive has not changed from DMA to PIO:


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    I need a step by step guide on how to change a HARD drive

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  • How to format a hard drive when you're locked volume popups?

    How to format a hard drive when you're locked volume popups?

    Looks like you are trying to format the disk that contains the system volume of in WinXP.  You can not.  It would be the computer equivalent of sawing off the branch of the tree, you sit and WinXP is "too smart" to enable this.

    After saving all the data you want to transfer to the new installation of the OS, simply boot from the Windows XP installation CD.  You will be offered the possibility to delete, create, and format partitions as part of the installation process. (You may need to rearrange the order of the boot devices in the PC BIOS to boot from the CD.)

    How TO install Windows XP;en-us;316941

  • I try to use a USB 2.0 port 20 adapter SATA/IDE to clone my hard drive but the drive iI'm try clone has been partitioned as a GPT protected partition. Any can help me?

    I try to use a USB 2.0 port 20 adapter SATA/IDE to clone my hard drive but the drive iI'm try clone has been partitioned as a GPT protected partition. Any can help me?

    I don't think that you can do in XP. I think that you need x 64 XP, Vista x 64 win7 x 64 or windows server x 64. As it says here

    The only thing you can do in XP's format

Maybe you are looking for