How to close the instance of Firefox launched via file/new window without killing all instances of Firefox?

Before the last update Firefox, running on Ubuntu if it makes a difference, I was able to select close on the file menu (and if memory is also by clicking the x on the last tab) to exit an instance of Firefox open via file new window.

With the 9.x update this no longer seems to be possible. If I choose the file altogether starting an instance that was launched via the new window, all instances of Firefox away!

It's embarrassing because I have to leave all the instances that have been launched.

I tried closing last tab add on, and it allows me to close the last tab content but still leaves the instance running with a blank tab.

Is there a setting somewhere that I missed to restore the operating mode to exit the additional instances of Firefox without killing all the previous configuration?

Thank you

Each window must have its own close button (big X in the right corner.)
But it depends on the 'Theme' that you use in Ubuntu. This large X chould be a round point when you hover over the color changes. It could be on the left instead of the right site.
This screenshot shows the close the left side, but always an X button.

CTRL + SHIFT + W closed the window Active.
CTRL + W closes the current tab.

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    How do I close the browser that started a Session of forms [865745.1 ID]
    Updated August 11, 2009 Type HOWTO PUBLISHED status
    In this Document
    Directions for use:
    Manual steps required for FireFox:
    Applies to:
    Oracle Forms - Version: to 11.1
    Information in this document applies to any platform.
    This document will describe how to close the browser window (without confirmation of the user) who was responsible for starting a session of forms.
    The sample program in this article is provided for educational purposes only and is NOT supported by Oracle Support Services. It has been tested internally, however and works as described. We do not guarantee it will work for you, so be sure to test it in your environment before relying on it.
    The code in this document uses Java Scripting to achieve his goal. If the client computer does not have Java script active or is blocked, this code will not work correctly. In addition, although this document was written as it applies to Oracle Forms, the functionality of the browser and how Java Script responds that it contains, is not related to the product forms. If, for some reason this code does not work for you, the problem is probably the result of changes (for example, updates) made by the supplier of the browser, or a client configuration that prevents the correct execution of the Java Script code. These problems are not related to the Oracle product and you should refer to the manuals of browser or Java script repository to debug the problem.
    This code has been successfully tested with Oracle Forms using Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.0. Be aware that FF3 is not currently certified for use with Forms or more. Other versions may or may not work for the aforementioned reasons.
    Directions for use:
    1. using an html editor or text, create a file html with the following code:

    Your browser or system settings prevented this window to close.

    To ensure the highest level of security,

    Please close/quit immediately this browser session.

    2. save the html with the following name: close.htm
    3 store this file on the middle tier in a directory that has an associated virtual path configured on the HTTP server. You can use an existing path or create a new. For example, in the version 10.1.2 you can copy the html file to this directory:
    Practically, the above corresponds to the following by default:
    genres/html /.
    For more information about creating a virtual path to the HTTP server, refer to the HTTP Server Administrator's Guide.
    4. in the Forms application, choose the desired relaxation, where you want to run the browser is closed. Don't forget that by executing this code, the application will be suddenly terminated, therefore, it is recommended that the following code only appear in the trigger of FORM post forms.
    Web.show_document ('/ forms/html/close.htm','_self');
    5. compile and run the form.
    Out of the form, the browser calls close.htm, resulting in the closing of the browser.
    This has been tested successfully using IE7 on XP - SP3. While this code works with other browsers, for example, FireFox 3, a change of configuration in FF are needed to make it work properly.
    Manual steps required for FireFox:
    1. open an instance of the FireFox browser.
    2. in the address bar, enter the following command and press enter on the keyboard:
    Subject: config
    3. in the list presented, locate the following setting:
    4. double-click on this setting to set its value to TRUE
    5. exit the browser


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    If I understand the question you add a node to call at the end of your application to exit. As it runs as a stand-alone application or in LabVIEW there will be out or stop the execution. I have attached the VI that I use in my applications.

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    The Task Manager is running in tiny footprint mode - double-click on the border to return to full mode.

    Tabs in the Manager of tasks and Menu Bar missing or disappear

    Small footprint Mode

    How to switch between Normal Mode and small footprint in Vista and Windows 7 Task Manager

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    As the Titus.  How to close the untrusted cert prompt dialog programmly?  SocketConnection.Close, InputStream.close, and OutputStread.close do not work.     I would like to finish the thread connetion taken if the user takes no action within 30 seconds.

    I thank you,


    You can't close these dialogs programmatically, except maybe the injection of the event. they are part of the security system on the blackberry.

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    Step 1)

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