How to concatenate the string with a digital command?


How to concatenate the string with a digital command?

Thank you.

I think I forgot to add the semicolon, what you can do is, drag the CONCATENATE function and add semicolon.

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  • How to use the String with an external dispatchEvent

    ... I hope that the question of the title makes sense...

    On my stage, I have an external SWF loaded with a button. When you click the button dispatches the main event scene.

    On the main stage a listener can load a SWF it in a magazine called Gallery.

    The charger of the Gallery is also shared by the buttons on the main stage, who use the chain to appeal to sovereign wealth funds with corresponding names.

    I use tweens to fade and, in the content of the Gallery when a key is pressed.


    Loading of the FSV worked until I tried to create a universal function for the dispatchEvent buttons...

    The problem I have is that I don't know how to set the string to indicate to the newSWFRequest where the SWF file when triggered by external buttons.

    (I maybe do this wrong... but thought that the best way to load a SWF on the main stage from an external SWF was using dispatchEvent?)

    My code raises the event and the charger of the Gallery Faints, but then it does not find the new SWF:

    Error #2044: Unmanaged by the IOErrorEvent:. Text = Error #2035: URL not found.

    Please can someone help me understand how to make the point in the chain in the right direction? (I think that the errors only are in bold below)


    var myTweenIn2:Tween;

    var myTweenOut2:Tween;

    var nextLoadS2:String;

    Listening external inclinometer shipped external event

    addEventListener ("contactStage", btnClickExtrnl);

    function btnClickExtrnl(e:Event):void {}

    nextLoadS2 =?

    myTweenOut2 = new Tween(gallery,"alpha",None.easeOut,gallery.alpha,0,0.2,true);

    myTweenOut2.addEventListener (TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, tweenOutCompleteF2);


    Function universal BTNS

    function tweenOutCompleteF2(e:TweenEvent) {}

    myTweenOut2.removeEventListener (TweenEvent.MOTION_FINISH, tweenOutCompleteF2);

    myTweenOut2 = null;

    var newSWFRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest ("SWFs /" + nextLoadS2 + ".swf");

    myTweenIn2 = new Tween (Gallery, "alpha", None.easeOut, gallery.alpha, 1, 0.2, true);

    Gallery.Load (newSWFRequest);

    Gallery.x = Xpos;

    Gallery.y = Ypos;


    Thank you.

    If this code is on the timeline of a child of the main timeline of your external swf add parent 3rd in two lines with parent.parent.

  • How to convert the string with numbers in the table of Boolean 2D


    I have input a string with comma separated numbers 1,192 (starting at 1).

    This string must be converted to a table 2D-boolean. Each number that appears should be true, not true rest.

    The 2D table consists of 4 times of 0.47 Boolean values.

    1.48--> [0.47] numbers [0]
    49.96--> [0.47] numbers [1]
    Numbers 97.144--> [0.47] [2]
    145.192--> [0.47] numbers [3]

    If a '1, 49, 97 145' input string put all [0] [0.3] true.

    How can it be easy/fast resolved?

    Thanks for help

    Break the string of numbers in a table of numbers.  (Spreasheet String to Array).

    In a loop For, index with each issue of this table.  Use in the range and Coerce to see if it is in the range of numbers.  (You can put this in a loop For as auto good indexing through the ranges).  If it's in the range, then use subset replace table to activate the corresponding item in a real.  If this is not the case, do nothing.  Maintain the table of Boolean in a shift register.

    Repeat this step for each number in your table.

    (What is a class assignment?)

  • How to convert the string with numbers in U8 with ascii


    I have a string with only numbers 0. 9 paper.

    Now, I want to convert to table-U8.

    He works here, but now the problem: How can I change each character to its ascii value?


    entry: 123 (string)

    output: x 31, x 32, x 33 (U8-array)

    Thanks for the help

    It's very easy

    String to Byte Array Function
    Have the Palette: string/array/path Conversion functions

    Converts a string to an array of unsigned bytes. Each byte in the array has the ASCII value of the character corresponding to the string.

  • How to concatenate the string of normal worksheet to srting


    I try to concatenate string worksheet to sring normal, but she cannot concatenate... here, I have attached my program for your firm .the support cannot be CONCATENATE.


    Your channel is get concatenated but is getting added to the new line. If you exapnd your channel indicator, you can see ")" in the new line.

    Remove the \n character and you will get the desired output.

  • How to encode the string with unicode?

    Hi, when I change a few byte [] to string, some unicode characters don't display correctly. How to fix this?

    New String(byte[],encoding)

  • How to change the input range (DAQ assistant) with a digital command?

    Hello everyone

    I am currently working with the NI USB-6218 acquisition card.

    In order to acquire a signal, I would like to be able to choose the input range of the DAQ with a digital command Wizard (and not opening the window of DAQ assistant) (as 'number of sample' and section 'rate'...)

    Is this possible and if so, how?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answers!

    You can't with the DAQ Assistant so just click on and select "generate the Code of OR-DAQmx. You can edit the Subvi who performs the installation.

  • concatenate the strings comand...


    I must repeat that channels below a large part of the time (ON SQL MORE);

    Now I do with comand of copying and pasting each string, but it is very unconfortable.

    How to concatenate the string in a string only, or max 2 strings?

    .. .so I need that I copy/past comand to do all operations of this...


    create user Patrick identified by loan;

    Grant connect, create session, imp_full_database to Patrick;

    GRANT to CREATE ANY WORK to Patrick;

    modify user quota unlimited Patrick on the SYSTEM;

    grant unlimited tablespace to mx;


    sqlplus command line allows you to paste together multiple orders (lines) and it then executes sequentially.

    Hemant K Collette

  • How to get the string (specified by row and column) of txt file with labview

    Hello world

    How to get the string (specified by row and column) of txt file with labview


    As far as I know, a text file has no column.  Be more specific.  Do you mean something like the 5th word on line 4, where the words are separated by a space, and lines are separated by a newline character?  You can read from the spreadsheet String function and set the delimiter to a space.  This will produce a 2D channels table.  Then use the table to index and give the line number and column number.

  • How to calculate the sum of two digital form fields based on the selection of the checkbox.

    I have a form in Acrobat Pro who needs a custom calculation. How to calculate the sum of two digital form fields based on a selection of the checkbox. I have three number fields. Field-A and B are simple one or two digits. Field-C is the sum, or the total field. I want to field-C have a control box which, when turned on and off, just gives a. gives the sum of A + B

    _ Field - 2

    _ Field - A 4

    [check] _ _ field - 6 C

    [disabled] _ _ field - 2 C

    Thank you

    The custom field C calculation script could be:

    (function () {
        // Get the values of the text fields, as numbers
        var v1 = +getField("A").value;
        var v2 = +getField("B").value;
        // Set this field's value based on the state of the check box named "CB"
        if (getField("CB").value !== "Off") {
            event.value = v1 + v2;
        } else {
            event.value = v1;

    Replace 'A', 'B', and 'CB' with the real names of the fields.

  • How to change the Rectangles with buttons

    I'm working on this example that does not work correctly:

    public class test extends Application
        private void init(Stage primaryStage)
            Group root = new Group();
            primaryStage.setScene(new Scene(root));
            String pillButtonCss = DX57DC.class.getResource("PillButton.css").toExternalForm();
            // create 3 toggle buttons and a toogle group for them
            ToggleButton tb1 = new ToggleButton("Left Button");
            ToggleButton tb2 = new ToggleButton("Center Button");
            ToggleButton tb3 = new ToggleButton("Right Button");
            final ToggleGroup group = new ToggleGroup();
            // select the first button to start with
            final VBox vbox = new VBox();
            final Rectangle rect1 = new Rectangle(300, 300);
            final Rectangle rect2 = new Rectangle(300, 300);
            final Rectangle rect3 = new Rectangle(300, 300);
            group.selectedToggleProperty().addListener(new ChangeListener<Toggle>()
                public void changed(ObservableValue<? extends Toggle> ov, Toggle toggle, Toggle new_toggle)
                    if (new_toggle == null)
                        vbox.getChildren().addAll((Node[]) group.getSelectedToggle().getUserData());
                        //rect.setFill((Color) group.getSelectedToggle().getUserData());
            HBox hBox = new HBox();
            hBox.getChildren().addAll(tb1, tb2, tb3);
            hBox.setPadding(new Insets(20, 20, 260, 20));
        public void start(Stage primaryStage) throws Exception
        public static void main(String[] args)

    I want to create several Rectangles (or in which object or object) in which I want to store data. I want to spend the Rectangles (objects) that appear in front of the user by using the buttons. The example that I put in place does not work correctly. Can you tell me what is the right way to implement this?

    REF javafx 2 - How to change the Rectangles with buttons - stack overflow

    You have two problems:

    User data that assign you to each button switches are a node, not a [Node]. Thus, the cast will fail on line 43.

    When the selected toggle changes, you add another Rectangle to the vbox. You want to replace the rectangle that is in the vbox.


    vbox.getChildren () .setAll ((Node) group.getSelectedToggle () .getUserData ());

  • How to play the song with .wma extension

    How to play the song with .wma extension

    If it does not DRM, use VLC. If so, no Mac OS X software can play or convert.


  • How to fix the error with the code: 0xe7210001 failed to load powrprof, object: cls


    Dose anyone know how to fix the error with the code: 0xe7210001, message: unable to load powrprof, object: CLSD-no-it is found;
    OR: Fingerprintsoftware OR error: replicas THotkey.exe message window and the computer freezes

    Maleware scanned and virus, also in safe mode, found no infection, reinstalled driver fingerprint, but nothing has changed.

    grateful for the help!


    > message: unable to load powrprof, object: CLSD-no-it is found;
    In my view, this would mean that there is a problem with Toshiba Power Saver
    What laptop Toshiba, you have exactly?

    Maybe reinstall Power Saver could help. You can find it on the official website of Toshiba.

  • How to have the sidebar with thumbnails by default in the application preview? Whenever I open a PDF file, there is no sidebar.

    How to have the sidebar with thumbnails by default in the application preview?

    I'm on OSX El Capitan 10.11.3 on iMac, and whenever I open a PDF file, there is no sidebar. I have to every time click on the Sidebar icon, then select the thumbnails. I would like to be on by default, but cannot find the option or how to edit the plist file...

    If the thumbnails is checked in the menu 'View' preview, it should always open a PDF file with the open sidebar. Unless of course, it's a single page PDF.

  • Convert the string with number of floats a number

    How to convert the string as "- 8.9E - 03" to a number of TestStand?

    Thanks in advance


    Try to use the Val() function

    In the expression, it looks like this

    People of the country

    .nValue = val (Locals.strValue)

    Locals.nValue = Val("-8.9E-03")

    Hope this helps


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