How to connect a 8600 fax wireless jet desktop printer

How can I connect my 8600 office jet all in one fax to the Wi - Fi connection

I'll be happy to help you set up your fax.

You are set up, where you receive faxes via your computer, or fax in general?

If you try to send faxes normally, it would be useless to connect it to a network.

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    First of all; are you sure that your laptop supports an internal Wlan card?
    On the other hand; simply activate the WLan switch on the side of books, then use the FN + F8 key combination to select the WiFi network.
    Configure the WLan settings either in windows help or 3 rd party software as Intel ProSet or Atheros WLan Client utility.

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    I have the drivers updated, the default printer

    Your question is not clear, in the title

    If the printer has any connection usb cable can not install/connect, otherwise

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    You must apply to a newsgroup server.

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  • Cannot restore the connection between the computer wireless laptop and printer

    I have a Photosmart 6510 and a HP laptop computer connected wireless.  They worked together wonderfully since a few months ago, I installed the printer.  The wifi was briefly in standby.  When I sleep and tried to print I get an error message that the printer is not found.  The printer indicates that the wifi is on (blue light is on and the internet window shows that it is connected ad gives all network information, including the IP address.  I tried all my usual electronic bugs: turn the printer off and back on, unplug the printer and let it rest, reboot the laptop, etc.   I am running Windows 7.  With my old HP printer, I get an error message when the printer is offline, that would allow me to go to a "fix" and click to get back online.  I couldn't find this option now.

    Nothing works (the mobile web access so I know it is related also).

    Are there other things I can try before I have to go through the hassle of reinstalling the printer?  I hope there is an easier difficulty.

    And, if I have to reinstall it, I have to write it?

    Thank you.

    I fixed it.  I unplugged the router and the modem, plugged them back in and click on the reset button on the router and the laptop and printer now talk to each other once more.

    There is a problem with this laptop.  Before even I had a wireless printer, I have everything reset completely to the laptop if there is a power failure (but not to the modem in stanby mode).

    My second question is always true since I have to reinstall Windows 7.  Once that I have reinstall the printer do I need to re-register it?

    Thank you.

    Yay for me!

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    What exactly happens when you try to transfer data between the phone and the computer?
    Check out the following link to contact support Nokia
    Hope this information helps.
  • How do I log in to Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer?

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    CreatePDF Desktop printer has been removed. Please visit for more information.

  • Office jet pro 8600 more: Office jet pro 8600 not available in wired networks and wireless

    Have a 8600 JO Plus (CM750A) (N911G), he worked on the wired connection with a static IP address. Then one day she stopped communicating on the cable network. Don't reset to the default values, but still no connection, no activity lights on the connection on the printer's ethernet port. Configure to use the wireless connection. He worked for a while, and then he stopped too much work, could not see it on the wireless network. Reset to the factory settings, yet could not set the wireless connection. She see the SSID of the wireless and allow to enter the password, but would not connect to the wireless network. Now cable and wireless connectivity will not work. I think that the network adapter is broken. What is the OPINION of the Committee of the network so I can order a new one? Connected to USB at the moment and may have a printing station. So OK for now but need a new Board of Directors network. Or any other suggestions on how to connect to wired or wireless. I set factory defaults may times and set a static wired network IP address (which does not stick).

    Hey @John-G1,.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you are looking for a replacement of the network card for your Officejet 8600 Plus e-All-In-One Printer. It is not a replaceable part. However, if you contact HP support by clicking on this link you can discuss options based on your printer warranty.

    If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. If phone support is able to provide you with any resolution, click on accept solution. The two icons are located below this post.

  • I have aLEXMARK PRO707, which operats wireless. Wish to connect the scanner to my computer to print and I don't know how to do it. HELP PLEASE

    My computer is an ACER Travelmate 3270.

    The COPIER, LEXMARK PRINTER, SCANNER, COPIER is connected to the computer (wireless).

    Printing is not a problem.

    I would like to connect the LEXMARK to ACER for ANALYSIS and I donot know how to do.

    The LEXMARK is the ACER COMPUTER reading and ask the set up to be.

    Can anyone HELP in this regard.


    This should help or contact the support technique printer because Microsoft is the manufacturer of your printer.

  • do I need a wireless router to print Jet Office 6700

    I'm working on site with no internet connection, I need a wireless router to print Jet Office 6700? I don't have a USB cable.


    You get two options: using direct wireless (which isn't reliable) to buy a USB cable for about 10 euros. If you want to use direct wireless, use the following configuration:

    Kind regards.

  • How to two-way radios with Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 or Wireless mouse 5000

    I have two transceivers, working with the keyboard and the other with the mouse (I've trashed, in each case, one of the pair).  I want to pair the 5000 Microsoft keyboard and mouse to perform a transceiver.

    Hello, Marshall,

    Connecting a Microsoft's Bluetooth device

    Connect a keyboard using a transmitter/receiver Microsoft Bluetooth with First Connect

    Some models of Bluetooth keyboards include transceivers with buttons on them to make it easier to pair the device to the computer.

    1. Connect the Microsoft Bluetooth transmitter into a USB port.
    2. Press and hold the Connect button on the USB transceiver for five seconds. The Microsoft Connection Wizard appears.
    3. Follow the instructions in the wizard to connect to your device.


    1. Start IntelliType Pro.
    2. Make sure you have selected the Bluetooth keyboard that uses your First Connect transceiver.
    3. Click the Wireless tab, and then click connect .
    4. Follow the instructions in the wizard to connect to your device.

    Connect a Bluetooth without First Connect keyboard

    The Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth and the Bluetooth keyboard elite have no First Connect buttons on their radios. For more information on pairing of these keyboards for your computer, see the Bluetooth connection Guide or the documentation that came with your Bluetooth program.

    Connect a keyboard without a Microsoft Bluetooth transceiver

    If your computer is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, you can use to connect your keyboard without using a Microsoft USB transceiver.


    If you connect with a non Microsoft Bluetooth TRANSCEIVER, some advanced features of the IntelliType Pro software may not work. The IntelliType Pro software is designed to work with the Microsoft Bluetooth software. Toshiba Bluetooth software is known to work in most cases. Other software Bluetooth may work but is not supported.

    1. On your computer, open the Bluetooth program. The Bluetooth program is generally in Control Panel or the Start menu.
    2. Press and hold the button connection on the bottom of the keyboard. If your device is equipped with a battery indicator light, it flashes red/green to indicate that the device is discoverable.
    3. In the program of Bluetooth, use the option to add a new device.
      The exact verbiage may vary slightly between versions and Bluetooth programs.
    4. Follow the instructions. If you are prompted to set up a password, leave the program chooses a password for you.

    Opening the Bluetooth program

    There are several versions of Bluetooth programs that help you to connect your device to your wireless Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. See the documentation provided with your computer or contact the computer manufacturer for more information on how to use their program.


    If your computer cannot detect a Bluetooth transceiver, Bluetooth software is not available in the Windows menus.

    Microsoft Hardware how - to of
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    Recently, I try to connect my MS 1000 Wireless Optical Desktop to my thinkpad x 200 running Windows XP prof. When I conect the receiver 2.1 to the x 200 usb port Wireless Optical Desktop, the device is not recognized. I tried in vain to get the drivers of your site. All I can find is the drivers Intellipoint and Intellitype which does not contribute to the current situation. Please notify.

    XP forums:

    Link above is for XP Forums.

    There is a list of the different Forums XP to the link above to help you.

    You get the help you need there.

    Here is the Vista Forums.

    See you soon

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How to connect a USB modem fax when the phone line is connected to a HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus 4 - all - in-one?

    So I have a HP Office Jet Pro 8600 Plus (4-all-in-one) that I normally use to fax documents for commercial purposes. I became more and more tired for the first printing of documents directly from my computer to be faxed to another office. It is a waste of paper, ink and time. For this reason, I would like to set up a fax modem so I can use Windows Fax & Scan on my Gateway with Windows 7 computer so that I can directly fax documents from my computer to the recipient fax. The only question is, I have a phone line that I use for my fax and which is directly connected to the fax machine, but I understand a Faxmodem USB also plug into a phone line as well. How can I configure the USB fax modem without compromising the current telephone line attached to my fax machine? Do I need a splitter? I can still use my fax machine to receive faxes and fax all paper document not found in my computer (for ex. documents I received by mail).

    It is always profitable read the documentation provided with the device.  If you had, you would know that the software provided with it will allow you to fax documents directly from your computer without printing it and scanning first.  Download the software (and the user's guide - page 63- here.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 N911A: fax wireless

    I need to be able to SEND faxes.  Is it possible to configure my Fax on my Wireless HP Officejet Pro 8600 model N911A?

    Welcome to the community of HP @BARBEO,

    I understand that you are looking to set up your HP Officejet Pro 8600 fax functionality. I'll be happy to help you.

    It is possible to configure your HP Officejet Pro 8600 to fax, however, fax can be used through your wireless network, so the printer will be connected with a telephone cord. Below, I've posted a link to a document that has some instructions on how to configure the functionality of your HP Officejet Pro 8600 fax. Please try all the steps in order and get back to me with the results.

    HP Officejet Pro 251dw, 276dw, and printers of the 8600 series - set up the all-in-one to send and receive faxes

    If it helps, will testify of my answer by pressing the 'thumbs up' below, or click on the button "Accept as Solution" if I helped you reach a solution.

    I hope this helps and have a nice day.

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