How to connect an lvdt and cell to usb 6008

Please help me iam do not know how to choose a daq card. looking for a lost lt but iam.

I want to measure the force and displacement at the same time a bench test of suspension and I wanted to use or usb6008 because of my budget for the project.

can I use this daq card to measure these parameters?

answer please... Thanks in advance.


Hi Sylvia,.

To be able to determine or not with a box NI USB-6008 would be appropriate for your application, it would be useful to get a little more information on measures you can take. If possible you would be able to provide the range of voltage, you intend to measure with your instruments and sampling rate, you need?

I also noticed in the subject line you use an LVDT, will you also production for this tension with the 6008 or this will be done separately?

To give you some setting in context, the NI USB-6008 case does not really simultaneous readings at every moment, but will be replacing rapdily between channels, to give effectively simultaneous samples. As this unit has a sampling rate of 10 kech. / s, and you use 2 channels, the sampling rate effective for each entry would be 5 kech. / s.

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    It should work.


  • How stable is the long term outputs analog USB-6008?

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    Is there any information available?

    Thank you.

    The precision specification takes into account the evolution both because of the temperature and duration (stable).  Thus, for the period of a year that we guarantee these specifications, which list you is correct.  However, apart from the period of one year since the calibration, this specification may be is more inaccurate.

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